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Power Management [solved]


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Where do I stop power management closing down the monitor(s)? I have as far as I know turned off all power management in KDE, BIOS. I have been pestered with this since 2010.1

As I have LCD monitors I have not used power management for quite some time. The annoying part is when watching video and the screen always blacks out at the vital point. :furious3:

I know this is a newbie question, but I'm not a newbie. Getting older, and the memory is not what it was. Help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Could not think about anything else then changing events through "Power Management" in "System Settings".

By editing profiles one should be able to effect settings for monitor-handling.

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Hi Ho Silver...............Surfer. :D


Have you tried entering .....Configure your Desktop......System Settings........Advanced...........Power Management.......Edit Profiles.......Actions......"When the system is idle for more than.." change the bar to "Do nothing".

Then select .....Screen and then remove the X in the "Enable display power management".


I hope that solves your problem.


Cheers. John.

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If Johns suggestion doesn't work a good trick is in Power Management:


Under Settings and Profile Disable Let PowerDevil manage screen powersaving.


Under Profile Assignment. When the power adaptor is plugged in. Set it to Presentation mode.





See if that helps, it does for me.

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Thank you for the suggestions, most of which I had already tried.

I have now disabled all the possible options in the section that John suggests and will wait to see if that works.

I will have a look at the link that daniewicz has posted.


Thanks again.

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daniewicz, have you gone through the other suggestions on this thread?


Yes I have.


It is only a minor annoyance as this is a desktop computer and I do not watch movies on it. I prefer to watch movies on my laptop and it is working fine B)

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