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Kernel panic on startup

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(I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum for this, but. . .) I'm getting a kernel panic and freeze when Mandriva 2010 first begins. The Grub screen comes up and then when booting begins things freeze. There is a reference to a "panic" in the onscreen boot msgs. When I restart, things seem to boot just fine, though sometimes the panic recurs. This behaviour is rather consistent: initial panic followed by successful boot. Once started, Mandriva seems to run without any problems.


I am still rather new to linux. I'm running 2010, using Gnome, on an HP NC2400 laptop. I don't really know how to address this problem. Is there a boot log some place that might tell me what is happening? Are there tests I can run? What causes kernel panics anyway?

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You can check /var/log/messages after starting your computer. Also check dmesg for any abnormalities.


A panic can occur for numerous reasons, even something as simple as being unable to mount your / partition for some misconfigured reason can cause it.


We will need much more info though to help you with this, as kernel panic doesn't give us much to go by.

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It sounds like "speedboot"

The first boot fails so it's disabled but the next boot succeeds so it's re-enabled.

Try a search on how to disable it.

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