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  1. Well I`m back and it work just fine I can log on Win XP pro or 98 and Mandrake 10.0. So next 1 or so week I try to hook up Nikon 5700 on Mandrake10.0. Thank you for any one to try to help. Mandrake-User
  2. So in 7 min. I will reformat my 120gb HD and reinstall my win98 and my Mandrake10.0,but then I will playing araound with Mandrake ,win98 and winXP pro. See you
  3. What stands for port 139 and port 1. Port 1 stands for firewall? port 139 stands for?
  4. Well I have few ? it is,I know that I have to partition for the any one for Linux OS but how many Partition do need for partition?. Is three partition good enough?. So I try to install in a old setup and when I get to root password I enter my password,plus one extra,after that I click next. You know what I get I try to install everything,but there is somethink wrong can any one help me please. It was few months that I installed fresh again on my harddrive.But at that time till now I use windows,now I get sick and tired with security on windows and right now it is time to change to linux OS system because it is for sure 100% secure then the windows and I need know big hand from your gentleman to setup my system on Mandrake 10.0. Thank you. Mandrake-user
  5. but it was about 1-3 hours and try every think,so I will install it from begenning. Well thank you for your time and help from every one. P.S So I do have my boot floppy disk that cut my time a little. :D
  6. Well I didn`t tell you about that I use where I got the Mandrake 10.0,I got from LXF53D AND I have to make a boot floppy-disk so then I can boot my dvd lxf53D to install MD 10.0. But I can still press F1 key,type rescue but anyway I will tryand I will know and see if it`s work`s. I will let you know in few minutes :o
  7. Is it possible to regain my mandrake 10.0?,because my winxp left me so I have to reinstall from fresh the winXP pro. My MD 10.0 is in different harddrive so there must be getting back my old MD 10.0 is there? Thank for your time, Mandrake-user
  8. I boot my floppy and dvd disk LFX 53D I got no broplem to install MD 10.0,but when I go KDE I see two cd Icon. I thing one Icon may is cd and other cd1. Let say DVD=cd1 could any one explain me to change cd1 to DVD and after that I will get ready to use more Mandrake then windows I like to set up for got. That is the Q. for CD & DVD. I have few more Q. Thank you gentleman for your extra time for me. MD-user :unsure:
  9. 95% of dell laptop will not work with Mandrake or other linux,I hope you have luck with yours. [copy of preceding post removed by spinynorman - please use 'add reply' button]
  10. Well don`t forgot the other end (your friend) should have Skype installed,so then you can talk each other.
  11. So your saying Suse is better then Mandrake? :unsure: Mandrake-user,
  12. Can someone tell me which one to day is the best labtop around for any linux systems? Thank you for your time and help. Mandrake-user
  13. Well the price of the monitor is bet. US$1000.00-3500 for 21" lcd monitor that what i`m looking for. Tnx for your time and help. Mandrake-user
  14. I`m looking around and found bet.20 and 22" monitor sony is the best to get now what you say about it? Thank you MDuser [moved from Tips & Tricks by spinynorman]
  15. mousematt Is mdk easy to use then suse? Ciao Mandrake-user
  16. What is the different suse 9.1 and mdk 10.0. Ciao Mandrake-user
  17. veryodd Mdk 10 is working very well,I just let you know. B)
  18. I fund something that mybe be the problems,may someone can help me from there. Model: \x{200E}DVD-ROM ATAPIModel DVD-106S 012 Vendor: \x{200E}Pioneer Bus: \x{200E}ide Drive capacity: \x{200E}DVD Channel: \x{200E}secondary New devfs device: \x{200E}/dev/ide/host0/bus1/target1/lun0/cd Old device file: \x{200E}/dev/hdd Media class: \x{200E}cdrom Hdd is my dvd Mount point: /mnt/hdd Device: hdd Type: auto Options: user,iocharset+iso8859-1,codepage=850,noauto,ro,exec Ciao mandrake-user
  19. I try to install games,office ..... from Mandrake 10.0 from linux format dvd 53. But how can I regonice my DVD player on Mandrake 10.0? Thank you spinynorman I hope you can help me more about that.
  20. Well if it`s not for that side,please redirect to other forum thank`s. 1.) I click on install software in KDE 3.2 2.)I type my root password 3.) I select installation packages 4.) After that I finished those selection and click on install,something went wrong it tells me ******************************************************************* * Please insert the medium named " linux Format DVD 53 (cdrom1)" on device * * [/dev/cdrom] * * OK CANCEL * ******************************************************************* 5.)I click OK it doesn`t install it what`s going on? Thank gentleman for understanding and help. Ciao Mandrake-user [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  21. I have a few problems :huh: It tells me 2nd. It ask me :huh: Please insert medium named " linux Format DVD 41A (cdrom)" on device (/dev/scd0) What can I do to change so it will recon. my dvd player I have a pioneer dvd-rom,if you need more info I try to get more info for you. I use MD 9.1 Thank you for your cooperation
  22. B) Hohoho Not everybody and kmc77 special the people is new on linux they have hard time to figure out all the new stuff on linux.I have a family member he just started not long time ago he get few exp. and he told me that winlows is junkif you know linux very well it could be a powerfull OS,he told me if you know linux like anon is piece of cake. For sure Anon.... has 1 or 2 problems that he can figure out what is going on but some people they can`t figure out and they ask some one. :D Have nice day. Mandrake-user
  23. Well my modem is dialing up but I will look into
  24. Could you gentleman tell me where can I get the 10.0 CE or 10.0 OE. Thank you Mandrake-user
  25. Hi everyone!! I need little help,I use USROBOTICS dial up modem external.Well I can see it is connecting,but what can`t the browsing on the net. What is it wrong,I know it is some thing wrong. Oooh I`m using 9.2 mandrake. Thank you for your big help. :woops: Mnadrake-user
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