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  1. All the other documentation and what I had previously said 'update_source'. Why the difference? Will it help if I add '--update' to the urpmi.addmedia command line? I'm not in Linux right now or I'd try this out for myself.
  2. It doesn't seem to work properly - I have 'update_source' in there now using the same settings as I entered for 'main', but it still insists on checking the mirrors list, and when I pick one it complains that 'update_source' already exists. Then it tells me the list of updates is empty, which I'm pretty sure is wrong because the last time this all worked for me, there was at least one big update I'd not installed (kernel source, I seem to recall).
  3. I can't find any such thread. It's also not really practical for me to leave it installing every single update in one go. I really need to be able to see what's available and choose, because I don't have that kind of bandwidth. Is this possible? I don't mind the idea of updating it to OE (not sure how I 'set my version' however) but I really need to be able to do this in stages for it to be practical.
  4. I run the Update utility, it gets to 'Please wait, updating media...', then it brings up a box saying "It's impossible to retrieve the list of new packages (etc)". I remove the current update_source, then run the Update util again. It brings up a list of update_source mirrors, I try the next one, I get the exact same error. For every mirror. I have no problem accessing the internet in any other way. Http, ftp, curl, wget, instant messengers all appear to be working fine. I can't see any obvious clues in /var/log as to what's going on. I'm using 10CE.
  5. /etc/fstab: relevant lines: //archangel/Documents /mnt/archangel/documents smbfs username=k 0 0 //archangel/My\040Music /mnt/archangel/music smbfs username=k 0 0 username is 'k' and no password is supplied. I don't have access to the XP box at the moment but I'm 99% sure that there's been no special configuration done on it except perhaps allowing the guest account. This username/password combination works fine from this computer when connecting from Win98 (on my other partition). All my configuration I did from the Mandrake Control Center... which I think uses embedded diskdrake actually (at least, that's what shows up on ps ax).
  6. Symptoms seem to have stopped now... 100s of MB of updates later! Whatever it was, it appears to have been fixed with the latest version of all the KDE stuff available on the update sites.
  7. These are SMB shares on someone else's system. The underlying filesystem should be irrelevant.
  8. I don't know what updates are installed. It was doing this before I installed any; it just happens to be doing it permanently now. I have a nvidia geforce2 mx200 gfx card, on a Sis chipset, with various other things... I really don't think this is a hardware issue. I don't know what else to say. I can't even look back at what you posted because I'm posting this on Lynx, not my favourite of browsers. I don't know how to upgrade only KDE. I don't recall KDE having its own separate section whenever I've installed Mandrake.
  9. Konqueror's stopped working. I've no idea why. Yesterday, it would hang like this on occasion. Now, it does it all the time. If I click the 'web browser' button then it doesn't open at all. If I click the 'Home' menu item, then after a delay of about 8 or 9 seconds it opens up the file manager view. I then type in a URL and upon pressing enter, the app hangs... and so does all of the KDE desktop. This is pretty unacceptable and looks way too much like MS Windows to me. Needless to say I am very angry that one app is bringing the whole desktop down. This is exactly what I came to Linux to avoid. But anyway... How can I uninstall Konqueror and replace it with a fixed version? The package manager has no entry with 'konq' in the name. Right now the system is pretty much useless to me since I can't do anything without a web browser and file manager. The only thing I've changed since before is that I've started doing some updates with the Mandrake Update tool. Surely all these are well tested...
  10. Kylotan

    MDK 10. CE

    I've had KDE lock up after a Konquerer fault on occasion, although restarting X seemed to fix things. I don't have any of the updates installed though, do you?
  11. Firefox on Windows has not crashed or locked up once with me using it for 3 months. Konqueror on Mandrake 10 has frozen up entirely 3 or 4 times in the last 3 days alone. My vote is therefore with any Mozilla derivative, although I'm sure my experience is a little unusual.
  12. Ok, I've no idea what the real problem is here so I'll just throw out some symptoms and hope that someone understands. I'm running 10CE, on a network with a WinXP machine that has 2 shared directories. I've set them up in the samba mounts part of the Control Center to be mounted automatically with unique names in /mnt . 1) when it attempts to mount them at boot time, it appears to hang. It waits over 2 minutes doing this. I press ctrl-c/d/z/etc to no avail. Eventually it seems to give up, spews a lot of error messages at me, then boots into KDE before I get to read them. Maybe it's something to do with it claiming that it fails to bring up eth0, even though the networking obviously works. Anyway, I would really like to not have this 2 minute wait during boot time. Nothing in /var/log/ seems to show these messages so I can't tell you what they are. If I remove the mount points from the Control Centre then this step seems to be skipped. 2) Despite this apparent failure, /var/log/user.log seems to indicate that diskdrake manages to mount at least one of these directories ok, but makes no mention of the other one. This is confirmed by what I see when I browse the mount points in Konqueror - one of the directories contains what I would expect it to contain, while the other remains empty when there should be documents there. 3) returning to control centre -> samba mount points, it shows the correct mount points for both shares, but makes the 'mount' button available for both, as if neither were mounted, when at least one of them clearly is. If I then click the mount button for the share I know is not mounted, it brings up a little diskdrake window saying it's mounting it. This freezes up and I have to close Control Centre. HOWEVER, the mounting was successful and I can now browse that share. 4) when mounted I do not have write access to these shares, whereas under Windows 98 I would have write access. So, what I want is: - ideally, these 2 directories mounted at boot time - no ridiculous delay while waiting for this - no inconsistency between what is actually mounted and what control centre thinks is mounted - write access would be nice too. Any clues?
  13. Problem solved. Christoff, look here: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/sh...7743#post907743 Good luck!
  14. Ok, I did a plain install (rather than upgrade) and came out with the same results, pretty much. It claims that it fails to bring up eth0, but I can access the internet through it fine using ping, lynx, etc. However I still can't install the Nvidia drivers as it claims it can't connect to download.nvidia.com or whichever site it is, in order to download a new file to work with the 2.6 kernel. It mentions that it might be able to compile one for me if I have the kernel headers installed, but I don't, and I don't know how to install them without being able to get into KDE and use the package manager there. Can someone give me a hint on how to either get hold of that precompiled file to let the nvidia driver work on this version? Or which rpm I need to install in order to let it compile one for itself? If I can't fix this I'm pretty much Linux-less for the foreseeable future.
  15. :unsure: How? By putting in a cd with 10 CE, and choosing upgrade. What's the problem here?
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