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  1. sok i found it in : /etc/httpd/conf/httpd2.conf
  2. the file services in /etc tell you what runs on what port. (default anyway) anyone know where to change apache to run on port 5100 instead of port 80 is? i changed the port in services but there must be an apache file over riding it.
  3. Must be 18 years or older and a valid resident of the U.S. to be eligible. By submitting your email address, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of this offer. :(
  4. Drake


    um could someone add me to their kopete just so i know its working properly. You dont have to keep me on there but knowing its fine is good enough : drake@magiknights.com thanks
  5. yup well your method works Aru. The only 'problem' as such was that things like all the applications that somehow use a path to your old directories need to be reconfigured eg if you have selected a background and altered your startup file to remember the background you have to tell it your background is now elsewhere, and firefox configuration for telling it where to download files has to be changed. Wasnt much of a problem for me as i hadnt configured much specific to my folders.
  6. so i dont need to run the gdesklets manager then? i just use the startup file or terminal to display them?
  7. hm ok well ive installed gdesklets in gnome but when i try to run the shell i get ISensor: ITime: .3/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/__init__.py:90: GtkDeprecationWarning: gtk.mainloop is deprecated, use gtk.main instead self.warn(message, DeprecationWarning) any ideas? thanks [moved from Installing Mandrake by spinynorman]
  8. sorry.............but you hijacked my thread
  9. im going to install the gcc compiler tonight. im right in saying i just have to use terminal : urpmi gcc and that will install everything i need? no need to mess with install manager in mcc?
  10. ok found 2 solutions : http://fluxbox.org/fbdesk/ http://idesk.sourceforge.net/about.html had to goto another linux distro site to find them. Hope that helps other people
  11. thanks, i did try it earlier but it was down. tis there now :) seems the site for ikaro (icon tutorials) is closed.....
  12. Is it possible to place my desktop background in the top right corner? if so how? (im using fluxbox newest version) thanks :D
  13. um i want to change my login name (not make a new one) to something else. In user admin i can do this but is it safe to do so? would i just change my login name? and leave the home directory as it is? or do i change both and the system renames everything? thanks [moved from Installing Mandrake by spinynorman]
  14. heya ok ive got along way customising my own fluxbox. But how do i put icons on the desktop for easy access? using the right click menus all well and good (and terminal) but some icons would be nice. As yet ive yet to find the solution can anyone thanks
  15. hm well it seems the command in 'How To' section to make it remember doesnt work. not for me anyhow :( edit : oops apologies it does :)
  16. ok i got fluxbox on using the how to guide, and installed a new theme. i can use the command to place the background in, but i cant find the init file to edit so i can make the background permament. how do i get to it? ive looked everywhere that i can think? :(
  17. thanks guys :) well what i was thinking.......i really really like this theme http://themes.freshmeat.net/projects/necro_blue1/ BUT my worry is that it would not be suitable for programming ie looking at rows and rows of code and thinking without getting a bad head. SO what i thought was - get that installed, and then fiddle with the fonts/some colours to get it to my liking. ?
  18. Heya ok well what i mean is that there is so many alternatives to what desktop i should use : kde/gnome/fluxbox etc and then theres the customisation. My plan is to use a theme and then when i am more confident on what im doing , to either customise heavily or attemp at making my own from a base. So, basically im after ideas of a theme i can download/install - it has to be a theme that is useful for a programmer (html/asp/php/mysql/c++ etc) - what i mean by that is it needs to look sharp/crisp. Im not bothered about a flashy background, just something good on the eye as programming takes alot of concentration. The transparency ability indeed add to the programming look. (please dont think complete cyborg,space as a theme :P ) can anyone suggest a theme and its location? chances are i will go for a fluxbox enviromnent as ive checked out what it can do and im most impressed! Not that the others arnt good, they are, just my preference. thanks [moved from Talk-Talk by spinynorman]
  19. great, thanks guys, gonna have some fun testing out those :-)
  20. OK on windows ive started to learn c++, so......what would you suggest i use to edit/compile programs in mdk ? Please bear in mind i like a good GUI/debugger, if possible. thanks :D
  21. thanks aRTee gotta figure how i get to choose between kde and gnome now :)
  22. sorry, ive only ever used partition magic (its well worth it) but no doubt there are free ones out there, google is your best bet, or bit torrent.
  23. partition magic would do it (from windows) - just use it to delete the windows partition.
  24. ..........and then i can look into which servers i will be using, spamming (err sorry) posting in the network section :) everything went well :-) rebooted and says i have mandrakelinux 10.1 woot thanks everyone who helped
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