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  1. A fast translation (I'm not a linguist, please excuse small inacuracies)Â : Yves. EDIT: I forgot to explain (but you probably understood): the words in [square brackets] are mine. They give some context where I thought the exact translation didn't quite give as much as the original, or try and explain where I was unsure how to translate.
  2. I've read an article not long ago about how OpenOffice Draw is usually forgotten even though it is almost a “Computer Assisted Publisher†(don't know the right accronym)(you know, as Calamus used to be back in the old days). Yves.
  3. The only disapointment I have is with mplayer. It is not multi-threaded unfortunately. I still use it though, as it is so powerfull. However, to get some profit from my dual-core, I simply run two mencoder processes at once :) (that is: I encode two TV recordings to Mpeg4 at once) Yves.
  4. My config isn't actually all that hard to setup. Let's review it point by point. — whatever IMAP-aware mail client (evolution, thunderbird, kmail…) ; Nothing special there. Just your usual mail client with an IMAP access. — postfix in Maildir mode for mail delivering, and for sending mail, and for some filtering and redirecting ; That's a bit more involved. The key post here is this one: https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?s=&...st&p=315105 Note that although the linked post (with the details) is about an issue I had, the configuration is OK, just Postfix (the software) had a problem, and it's solved now. Note also this interesting possibility: I use Postfix' “header_checks†file to build upon what Popfile concluded and act further. In my case, when Popfile says the mail is for both my wife and I, the mail is moved to a shared local user, hence to a shared local IMAP mailbox. — bincimap for accessing mail in the home directory's Maildir ; BincImap is the easiest part: You install it, it works! That's all! — fetchmail for fetching mail on external servers and storing them locally through postfix ; Your standard fetchmail config file, except that “USER at host ISP†gets replaced with something like “USER#ISP at host localhost†(I don't remember the exact syntax), due to the use of Popfile as a proxy. — popfile for automatic categorization of all incoming mails. Install Popfile, start it, and all else is done in a nice web GUI :) You define categories, and each time you receive mail, you review the classification and correct it when it's wrong. Popfile then does less and less classification errors. The rules are system-wide. However: — You can tell Popfile that Yves' SPAM goes in category “SpamForYvesâ€, and Iris' SPAM goes in category “SpamForIrisâ€, and in the long run, as Popfile does statistics on all words from the mail (both header and body), it will understand the rule and apply it by itself (mostly). — For special emails, you can short-circuit the statistics and define rules based on the sender, the receiver… and so on. Yves. (Edit: changed IHM —French— to GUI)
  5. There's a petition :) http://linuxfr.org/2008/12/02/24753.html Yves.
  6. Main menu > System > Preferences > Removable media > /Storage\ tab > [X] Mount removable media when inserted. Yves.
  7. I use Popfile: http://getpopfile.org/ It is present in the official repositories. When installed, you use it as a proxy to your POP accounts, ie: Fetchmail fetches mail on localhost (popfile), and popfile transmits all POP commands to the real servers. All mail going through popfile is analysed using statistics on words. You define categories, and popfile quite easily learns in what category a new mail should go in (you have to teach it). My complete mail solution is: — whatever IMAP-aware mail client (evolution, thunderbird, kmail…) ; — postfix in Maildir mode for mail delivering, and for sending mail, and for some filtering and redirecting ; — bincimap for accessing mail in the home directory's Maildir ; — fetchmail for fetching mail on external servers and storing them locally through postfix ; — popfile for automatic categorization of all incoming mails. Yves.
  8. In my opinion, the keys to user-friendlyness are: - hardware auto-configuration, - configuration wizards for “everything†else (firewall, backup, file-sharing…), ie: no CLI, - control center. As far as I'm aware, only Mandriva and Suse come close to this. Yves.
  9. I have no experience with subnotebooks, and next to none with KDE. However, it seems to me that DCOPserver isn't a process started at boot, but rather a X session process. So I wonder: does this error still hapen if you create a new user, and login with that user instead? If not, then probably something has gone wrong with your user's home directory. Yves.
  10. That's a real blunder, for sure! It is Adam, and no one else, who gave the Mandriva community the feeling that we were being listened to, and that our problems had a chance of being addressed. Adam is one of the few here able to help me solve the issues I have, and I see all the help he gives to countless other people; actually I can't imagine how he can enjoy a private life, dedicating so much work to Mandriva users as he does! I've used Mandrake since 1999, and never switched from Mandriva on my main PC. I saw the decline in Mandriva reputation some time ago and, again, it was Adam who made Mandriva look better to the lot of us, with his commitment to defending Mandriva against all fud, and helping people where problems did exist, all honestly with no exageration. He can be relied on, and believed. Adam, I hope you'll remain a Linux user (but really, could it be otherwise?), if not a Mandriva one… Shame on you, Mandriva! Yves.
  11. Or maybe mplayer-plugin isn't installed anymore. Yves.
  12. run this command instead then: dmesg | sed 's/YOUR IP ADDRESS/___.___.___.___/g; s/YOUR MAC ADDRESS/**.**.**.**.**/g' | tail -n 20 You'll have to put your real addresses in the command above, as they appear in the normal output of dmesg. Yves.
  13. In my recent experience, the ati driver is more stable than the fglrx one, and its performance is better too as long as you don't use a compositing window manager (I did not try games). However, this open-source driver becomes very slow with real transparency enabled (Metacity as a compositing window manager), and Hibernate does fail. Yves.
  14. I thought it was Ctrl+Q to stop scrolling, and then Ctrl+S to resume (or the reverse maybe)… Yves.
  15. Welcome on this board superdino :) And an additional special thank you from me! Your solution works! Yves. EDIT: I forgot to mention that: — this is on the Samsung laptop (I'll try the same with the Dell this evening), — this results in a working native mode (no need for Xgl).
  16. Another good option: use another DE (Gnome or XFCE for example) until the storm has gone away… Yves.
  17. I can't be sure for CrossOver, but regular Wine uses Cups I think. Probably CrossOver does the same. Yves.
  18. Yet another update, and still the same results… [yves@localhost ~]$ rpm -qa | grep -iE 'kernel|fgl|dkms' | sort dkms-2.0.19-11mdv2009.0 dkms-fglrx-8.542-1mdv2009.0 dkms-madwifi-0.9.4-3.r3835mdv2009.0 dkms-minimal-2.0.19-11mdv2009.0 fglrx-control-center-8.542-1mdv2009.0 fglrx-kernel- fglrx-kernel- fglrx-kernel-desktop-latest-8.522-1.20081121.3mdv2009.0 kernel-desktop- kernel-desktop- kernel-desktop-devel- kernel-desktop-devel- kernel-desktop-devel-latest- kernel-desktop-latest- kernel-firmware-2.6.27-2mnb2 kernel-headers-2.6.27-4mnb2 madwifi-kernel- madwifi-kernel- madwifi-kernel-desktop-latest-0.9.4-1.20081121.3.r3835mdv2009.0 x11-driver-video-fglrx-8.542-1mdv2009.0 [yves@localhost ~]$ su - root -c 'grep fglrx /var/log/messages' … Nov 24 10:08:27 localhost kernel: [fglrx] module loaded - fglrx 8.54.3 [Oct 3 2008] with 1 minors … Still three different versions showing! Yves.
  19. My issue with Mnemosyne is solved :) For some reason, I have to choose the XIM input method instead of SCIM… to enable SCIM! Well, anyway, I have SCIM working fine, and I'm happy :) (And I saw no problem with my French dvorak keyboard so far) Yves.
  20. I followed Ian's advice and it solved my issue. Thanks a lot Ian! Yves.
  21. I have successfully burnt CDs and DVDs on Windows in the past using Infra Recorder, the only fully open-source software I found at that time. Yves.
  22. A long time ago, I remember reading that Wine could use your Windows partition as a base instead of the .wine directory in your home folder. I don't know if it can still be done, I never tried. Anyways, following David Batson's advice should give you the best result since this application is reported to work in Wine. That way, even if you decide to get rid of your windows partition at some time (or reinstall it, as I've heard is done quite regularly by Windows users), your application will keep running fine from its fake Windows environment. Yves.
  23. What a shame… I suppose the same is true for Gnome then. Reading your question the first time I saw it, I hoped some answer would give a hint at the cure for this same problem on the Gnome side :( There are so many times when I just wish I could umount/mount the device using the panel. Instead of that, there are only options for playing or ejecting the media, and I end up opening a terminal and running the umount command the old way… Yves.
  24. A disk image is possible, but I won't be able to help you there. I've always be wary of such tools, wondering: “what if the partitions layout changes?â€, “what if the partitions sizes change?†and such… I always backup at the file-level (except CD/DVDs with DVDisaster). For your backup, you don't have to move your files, only copy them; this may be the cause of the errors you got. Yves.
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