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  1. What does that mean? I'm kinda new to this...
  2. I used CrossOver and got it to work. Now I have a new question, how do I set it so I can print to OneNote?
  3. For anybody who is reading this, I resolved the problem. The problem is not because the filenames are in Hebrew (they aren't) but because (I think) of the Autorun.inf file on the disc. What I did was deleted the Hebrew install of Office 12 from the .cxoffie folder, and copied over the English install that I had on my Windows partition. That worked.
  4. Thanks, that worked. Sorta. My install disc is in Hebrew, and I have an English MUI disc that (when run in Windows) converts the Office interface to English. But, when I put it in my drive, it doesn't rcognize any files on the disc! For some reason Linux doesn't read the disc. It can read the disc label, but claims there are no files on the disc! Even in a terminal! I think it is because the filenames might be in Hebrew. I noticed that Linux does not recognize Hebrew file names, even if the locale is set to Hebrew/Israel. So, uh, what to do?
  5. I read the Wiki on winehq, but I can't install Office 2007! I have a Hebrew installation cd, and when I try to run it I get an error message, all in blocks! My linux supports Hebrew, I even set the system language to be Hebrew, but it still didn't work. I am using Mandriva 2009 and Wine 1.19.
  6. That might be complicated. My installation DVD is in a foreign language, and might not run properly in WINE. When I installed on Windows, I used the installation DVD, and then used another disc to turn it into and English interface.
  7. I have a legal copy of Microsoft Office 2007, and would really like to be able to use OneNote in Linux. I have a dual boot system with Mandriva 2009 and Vista. (The Vista, alas, came first). All of my documents and such are stored on the Vista partition, and I access them freely from Mandriva. I noted that the WinHQ claims that OneNote works with Wine 1.14 (my version). How do I set it up? I have never used Wine before, and don't know what to do. Can I use the installed version on my other partition? Or do I need to install it again? Thanks. [moved from Software by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]
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