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  1. Now thats asking for trouble. I bet windows will constantly throw errors at you when trying to read anything other then a Fat or NTFS partition. Even if you do make the linux install on a Fat partition it will more then likely be extreamly unstable and I would never trust M$ to make changes to a linux drive. Heck ect2 formating is better than a FAT partition and its unstable. Why not make a Fat partition that you use for both OS's? I do this and everything is just fine.
  2. Pzatch

    how to

    I think its another one asking for a way to get around the Admin account password.
  3. Did you buy them from Mandrake?
  4. Before burning the ISO run a md5sum on the file to see if you got it correctly and completely error free. http://www.irnis.net/gloss/md5sum.shtml This site might help with that. This will only verify the download and not the burn. The burn could still be bad because of bad media faulty cd drive or burner. But it will eliminate at least one possibility.
  5. Sorry about the missunderstanding. Could you discibe your network setup please.
  6. Try it. If it doesn't just change everything back.
  7. I'm guessing your using a cable modem to access the net. The cable modem takes some time to "hand shake" with the ISP and get a number to pass to you via DHCP. If you turn on the pc at the same time you turn on the modem try turning on the modem first then waiting 15 to 20 seconds then turning on the PC. This might give it time to connect fully then your boot message will clear up. I leave my cable modem on all the time. I used to have the same problem as you but now the pc always find the net at boot.
  8. Have you checked out the VIA website they might have a few hints there. They seem quite Linux friendly.
  9. Did you verify the downloads? Burn the disks at the slowest speed possible. Since it gets to the Finding packages part it must be a problem reading the disk at that point.
  10. It should have come in as an ISO file. Using something like Nero you burn the ISO 'as an Image' or the burn ISO option. This automaicly makes a bootable disk from the ISO.
  11. If nothings wrong with the hardware your running then don't worry about it. But I like to build my own machines and I like having the chance to pick and then maybe change out my video and sound cards. Sometimes one just works better with a motherboard and setup than any another. I also like the idea that if one goes out I can switch it out with out worrying about it conflicting with whats left over on the motherboard. Its getting harder and harder to find MB's without sound, modem, ethernet, video and 6+ USB ports. I also still like to use the old PS2 ports for my mouse and keyboard. I can't see needing a high speed USB2 connection for them yet. I can't type at onehundred MB's per second yet.
  12. Untill that avatar came along I had no idea birds had bellybuttons.
  13. Mandrake does have 10.0 Official ISO's out now. You could also use PCLinux ( I think thats it) and do a hard drive install. Its basicly the line Mandrake move ISO fixed so it can install to a hard drive. Just one ISO to download first and install then you can add anything else you want after.
  14. You have to get in first before you can show them the way. Kind of a vicious cycle.
  15. What hardware are you running and why can't you do a normal cd install or an install off your local hard drive?
  16. Either you didn't get the correct kernel source for the kernel your running or you didn't edit the config file correctly.
  17. Have you installed the Nvidia drivers? If you try to start the game from the command line what error output does it show you? It could be something as simple as permitions.
  18. jjthebear Just for a shot. Have you updated everything? Mine ran slow as snails racing untill I did the total update available to me. Since then stable and running fine.
  19. If your just looking for a peice of paper I would get one of those M$ ones. You have to take into account the user base. Other than that anything network related.
  20. I can right click on the task bar and due most of that stuff.
  21. That is WAY WAY WAY over the top. I finaly get to wack Mo!!!!!
  22. Using the first Mandrake install disk in resque mode you should be able to deinstall and reinstall the boot loader. Give that a try first.
  23. An audio cd and a data cd are totaly different animals and are not read in the same way. There are apps to read the tracks on an audio cd and print out the track names and times. Try using an audio app like Grip. Linux in general can't read an audio cd. There is nothing wrong with your system. Its normal.
  24. Fahd See if Nero alows the option 'overburn' That might be the problem. Though I've never really heard of Nero miss reading an ISO size. Make sure you mdk5sum the downloads to make sure they are correct and true.
  25. If you can try using the LAN connection instead of the cable connection.
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