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  1. I haven't played with JuK much, but I really do enjoy amaroK. Though I can't kick the habit of using XMMS, I always click it before or instead of amaroK most of the time.
  2. I love Mozilla Firefox v.9! It works great & fast on my mdk10 box but like many others have said the default theme is UGLY!
  3. Don't know if it has all the options you're looking for but it's very similar to Irfanview IMO and supports a ton of formats: XNView It's free and the Linux version works great.
  4. The Simpsons "Springfield" public beta map for Enemy Territory - released!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now before I post links to the information on where to d/l this map, I have some questions: 1) Have you played this map yet? If so, how do you like it? 2) How well does this map perform on your system? 3) How well does this map perform on-line with other players? Many of us have been waiting for this map to be released since.. I don't know.. the beginning of this year or around the end of last year.. and while this is only a public beta at least it's something!! :) I think it's wicked cool! :) I'm not the author of this map nor did I have anything to do with making it but I think it's awesome so I'd like to discuss it here. Okay now here are the links: Announcement thread on the Splashdamage.com forums Other announcement thread from the large discussion on this map. Map author's homepage (download page) (direct file download) ** Be sure to read the readme file included in the RAR download file before trying this out. Here's an important part from the readme for those who are too lazy to read it: "This map needs more resources than the original Enemy Territory maps. So you have to give the game more RAM. Otherwise you get the "hunc_allocate failed at xxxxx" error. So start the game, open the console" "type "/set com_hunkmegs 90" and press enter. After restarting the game and it should work. If you still get the error, try higher numbers than "90". (quote taken from the README file by Maggumaster included with the public beta map) Check out these screenshots: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 I don't know who took those screenshots but I'm going to take some myself and post links to them soon so even those who may not play Enemy Territory may be inspired to install it. :) Edit: and of course once you extract the .rar archive you should copy the .pk3 file to your etwolf/etmain/ directory for the map (for it to load) when you host a game and select the map to try it yourself in single player mode or if you notice someone else online running it and join their game.
  5. Why are you using hotmail in the first place when IMO there are better free alternatives? I suggest you try Spymac which offers 1 GB free e-mail and you can set up Kontact or Evolution or whatever you want to send/receive e-mail with with your Spymac e-mail address.
  6. As I'm posting this it seems that The Simpsons map for Enemy Territory is in beta testing. I can't wait for it to go public! Here's the thread about it with the author of the map and some cool screenshots! What do you all think of the screenshots? Do many of you play Enemy Territory? Will you play this map once its released?
  7. Skype for Linux - closed beta test announced 05/16/04 Looks like you have to be a member of the Skype discussion forums, but registration is free I believe and I'm sure they could use some skilled Linux users. :) Check out the announcement here from the user terminus who is part of the Skype Staff. Note: Yes I know people have been using the Windows version of Skype in wine and/or wineX but it would be nice to have a version of Skype for Linux now wouldn't it?
  8. How about this one: Xnview IMO Xnview is a wonderful free image viewer.
  9. I was told in #WineX on freenode IRC to do the following after downloading WineX via CVS: ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-X --enable-opengl --enable-pthreads and so on with the make commands and it works wonderfully.
  10. How about rpms for bleeding edge new versions of Fluxbox? Yes, I know an old version is available via urpmi, but c'mon. :) Note: if this post is annoying because it mentions a popular program rather than something which may be obscure and thus doesn't fit to the requested parameters of guidelines within the inital post to this thread, feel free to delete this post. :)
  11. Well.. I think we just need to be more creative on how to introduce Linux to desktop computer users.. For example... I was browsing through my local library's online catalog the other day and I thought to myself: "There are plenty of books on Linux available to checkout and one or two even come with very old versions of RedHat CD-ROMs, well why don't they have Linux distro CDs to check out?" What if people were to donate to their local libraries Linux distros on CDrs (the distros that are given freely from the authors of said distros and give you permission freely distribute them) so there would be a source of Linux distros freely available for checkout at local libraries? True people can get the free Linux distros via the net, but some people don't know enough about Linux or how to burn ISOs, etc. and this would be an easy way to spread the word about Linux, bringing it into more homes at local levels. I know I thought it was cool when I checked out one book about Linux at a library and it had a RedHat CD inside (only one cd and it was a VERY old version) but I can only imagine what some people would think of Linux if they checked such a thing out, decided to install an ancient version, become frustrated, and think that's the way all Linux versions/distros are! If this is possible, what do people think about this idea? To add to this idea on getting Linux on the desktop, there are many more ideas that are possible. If you work directly with the public, how about talking the idea over with your boss about you giving away free copies of a Linux distro to the customers? Offering some on a desk or end of a checkout or if you work somewhere where you bag items customers buy, dropping one CD into each person's bag? What about organizing a free Linux distro CD giveaway 1 per person in front of a popular local building? Get permissionf from the owners first and then setup a cool looking display and pass the CDs out! There are TONS of ideas. The problem is that when ideas such as this are posted, many people reply with their reasons why idea X,Y,Z, WON'T work instead of trying it or mentioning it to others who WOULD try such an idea. The glass is half full people, let's discuss it that way, with a positive vibe! :) Popular commercial operating system(s) have money to back their product and promote it. While not an operating system, look how AOL got so well known with the mailing of CDs tactic. While that's crossing the line IMO to spam-by-mail territory, think of the ways people at a grassroots level could do things. You don't HAVE to go as far as to arrange an install fest (though that's cool to do) simply giving the CDs away, being PRESENT IN PUBLIC with LINUX related information, pictures, and freebies is what is going to work to get the word out. If every Linux user dedicated a small portion of their time to any number of the above ideas or similar, think of how even more well known Linux would be. If you reply to this, please be positive. No negative replies on "why idea X,Y,Z, wouldn't or won't work" I like positive posts! :)
  12. "DOOM III This Summer" says the /. article and the related news link. Heh. I thought DNF was going to be out before Doom III? Oh well. :) Who is excited about this? I've never been a big Doom fan, but the fact that there's a Linux client gets me worked up. Woot - I hope more companies start releasing Linux clients for their games.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Both the Kmix and ALSA mixer are working well with my speakers so I guess that's that for now. :) There's a Creative sblive mixer for Linux? Do you know where by any chance? I went to Creative's website but they didn't have any downloads available for Linux.
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