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  1. Did you remove all references to the old kernel source? The nvidia driver installer has trouble telling which source you want to use and for me at least recompiled using the old kernel source.
  2. Make sure you turn off the integrated card in the bios and try again with the nvidia card. No need to reinstall mandrake.
  3. Pzatch

    Random freezing

    You probably should have this question moved to its own thread. But... How are you adding the software? Some ways work better than others. I'm assuming since you have a supplier you are not allowed to switch out parts on the comp. Like memory or cables or even drives. it could be anything since during the install memory is used a lot more than normall. The same with everything really. Adding software also tends to task a system more than normal. But since you said that you have had a running system installed and up once but never again my first guess is a bad burn. If it can install fine on another system then I would guess the cdrom drive next. It could be getting flaky reads. After that I would try memory chips. The video card itself shouldn't have much if anything to do with getting an install of some sort to work. It could even be a buggy I/O port like the IDE chanel for the hard drive. I tend to recycle some older equipment into working PC's for my home and I run into a lot of flacky stuff hardware wise. Cdrom drive that work fine on a M$windows system but would just never work well in any linux. Memory that gets me a working windows system but bugs out on linux. Even had a MB do it also. Though I have got hard drives that would never work in M$ to work fine in linux with a little creative partitioning around the bad areas. Though now I have the means and money to just throw out anything that is buggy in linux because it eventually wil totaly tank in M$windows within a year.
  4. If you extracted the ISO before burning you'll have to go back and redownload it since extracting it in windows strips the boot information from the ISO. Exactly what errors do you get when you do get it to start loading linux.
  5. The US military is rapidly moving to linux in all new computer systems in the field. The Stryker weapons vehicle uses Linux. And now after failed testing with the M$ OS, Linux was chosen for the Land Warrior system. What was funny was M$ would crash the system in less than an hour of continuos use and kill the battery in less than 3 hours. 6 guys proposed and rewrote a linux system for it and the first day in the field it never failed and ran for 6 hours on the same batteries. It also integrated all the needed systems faster than that other OS, which never got everything working at once in over two years of testing. M$ was told they lost the contract that week. http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/land-warrior.htm http://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/article.cfm?Id=1238
  6. I believe this might help from the commandline terminal: mkisofs --help A little complex at first but get it to work once and your home free.
  7. Pzatch

    Changing AGP speed

    Just a wild guess but does your bios have an AGP setting?
  8. Pzatch


    I use RoadRunner and get nothing on that email account. Heck I never even look at it. The last time I tried I had forgot the password and had to call to get it. And it is true. When you say linux to them they just pass you on to the people who know. They don't even question if you still use windows. But the nice lady asked if linux ran well on RR and I told her it was just peachy. But no I had no span in that email box. I've had the same netscape email for 6 years and thats the one I use now. I don't get anything strange, just the normal bulk mail stuff from places I've signed up for. Like here. Less than 4 a day from them. I laugh at my friends who use windows and need to delete scores of junk each day.
  9. What app are you trying use? I just installed RealPlayer from Reals website and everything works fine. The BBC is pretty good about using RP.
  10. The last time I got all my Mandrake problems worked out they up and issued a newer version on me. In my drive for more eye candy and just plain curiosity I installed it. Well Man10 has fewer bugs thankfully and a bit more eyecandy so for me things are going well. But thanks to you guys now I notice my monitor doesn't shut off before I hit the off button. Dang now I HAVE to try and fix it!!! :D
  11. http://urpmi.org/easyurpmi/index.php Using this you should be able update and install. If things are correct on your computer then double clicking the rpm file should start the install. If not then check in the MCC under software.
  12. Pzatch

    Can't run tuxracer

    Can you run anything else thats OpenGL? Like GLXgears or some other game? I know at one point after installing the Nvidia drivers for some odd reason I no longer had permition to use the GLX library. It was able to run as root but not user.
  13. I personally like having many different ways to doing things in Linux. If everyone did it the same way we woould be just like M$ except with different eyecandy. It also places one more level of difficulty for the hacker. He can't just assume I'm running things the same as everyone else. He has to actually get better than a typical script kiddie. In the end the best shall remain and the stuff that doesn't get better falls away. How many distros are out there and exactly how many will be supported or updated in five years? very few compaired to how many there are.
  14. Wow! Just downloaded and installed. 15 minutes and the things running fine. Nice graphical configuration to. Its nice to have that back and better than before.
  15. My Nvidia 2 card is presently pushing my monitor to 1900+X1400+. Everything runs just fine and still fast enough for me.
  16. I have some Gnome apps in my system also. They run just fine while I'm in KDE. In fact some are better than their KDE counterparts so I'm keeping them. It just means a bigger system and not nessessaraly a slower system.
  17. Check the cd in a different machine. Maybe you burned it to fast, at to high of a speed. Sometimes that causes trouble. Maybe the cd drive is getting flacky. If your overclocked turn it back down untill the install is finished. At this point in your endevour all I can say is its either a bad burn, bad download or bad hardware.
  18. I beleive a normal and basic Mandrake desktop install comes with the firewall installed and on. Just set very low allowing almost everything in and out. I've never needed it to be set any higher than that for my desktop. For anything alse though I would start to narrow access down a bit. FTP server, HTML server, router or email system as an example. Just like in windows. In linux the hacker must first find you and want to get in. Its my desktop, why would he do it in the first place. Then he has to get in. Not real easy but has been possible. You can always set the fire wall higher. Then he needs Admin access for he can't make changes without being admin. Not real easy but it has happened. Then he needs to do his dirty work and get out. Unless he's a genius I would notice him and more than likely find out what he did. None of this has yet to be proven to be doable from a simple virus or hitting a link on a webpage. He has to actually do it live. The few viri that have cropped up have been secured very quickly, we're talking days at most here. Normally any security problems that do pop up are noticed first by the pro programers and they themselves tell you how to secure the system until an official update is issued. Normaly you just turn off the app/service, change apps/services to something similar, turnup the firewall/ block that port or at most revert to an earlier kernel if its something in the kernel. Fixable in just a few minutes unless your running a truely tweaked out kernel with no possible reversion. Uptimes of years are not unheard of. And thats with doing running updates. My system has NEVER crashed, ok MAYBE once but that was before I knew how to kill a running program. Though I have killed it out of stupidity and off course an app will freeze up sometimes. But just turn off the app and keep going. Since I'm a noob also and don't know one tenth what the others do I'm sure they can offer a better and more complete answer. Or at least correct and teach me. I think everyone here is a noob. Or at least no one here is willing to say they are a guru. I just don't think they want the responsability and the crown. When will I ever learn to keep posts short?
  19. http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2...AgreementPR.asp http://www.sun.com/smi/Press/sunflash/2004...20040402.3.html http://www.crn.com/sections/breakingnews/d...icleId=22102766 http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1617822,00.asp Sun is now supporting M$java and visa-versa. Every company was looking to make a 3d desktop and guess who got it working before anyone? At least the programer got what he wanted and convinced Sun to open source LookingGlass to linux. The guy made it in his spare time!!! Dang! Since its writen in SunJava I bet M$ will be using it for longhorn. The open source comunity will save them millions in development. But at least we'll have it first.
  20. You know ever since longbone was anounced as going to have a 3d desktop I was a little suspect of M$ pulling it off on time. maybe thats part of why it was put off so long. Then Sun anounced Progect Looking Glass and amasingly M$ soon came to an agreement with them and anounced they would be working together. HMMMMM?? I'm just glad Sun has decided to keep Looking Glass an an opensource or at least publicly available. But I bet its final implimentation will not be out untill longbone is ready. That way linux doesn't get another legup on M$ and makes theirs look stupid and old. Take it as just one more reason to stay with linux. M$ as normal can't compete on the level and needs to make "deals" in order to even keep looking good. All M$ needs is one good security hole in Longbone and corporations will run away instead of walking like they are. This really is the last chance they have of staying on top and if the eye candy isn't any better than what they have now one will notice the "new" os longhorn. Linux is ahead of the curve and I hope everyone keeps working to keep it that way.
  21. Of all the things. I didn't notice my scanner didn't work untill this post. I have the same one. Tried all morning to get it to work. Now right after running this command ( modprobe usb-uhci ) it works. Even after a reboot. Go figure.
  22. http://www.sane-project.org/README.linux Sorry it seems I have forgot how to comprend what I read. To many pints last night I guess. It was only one really.
  23. What app are you using to listen to your cd's?
  24. No real need to have the security up any higher than standard. I've never had a problem in 2 years. But hang in there. in about 3 months you'll have a hang of things and keep asking for help right here at this forum.
  25. The new kernel has SCSi not installed into the kernel. The old one did. You need to add SCSI as a module to get the mustec scanners to work again. Why SCSI was removed I'll never know know but the problem is mentioned on the Sane web site.
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