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  1. I just bought the new Sam 'n' Max for Wii. yaaaaay, Sam 'n' Max.
  2. ...but in this particular case, it didn't do anything bad. You won't suffer any problems as a result of removing the packages you did, don't worry. The problems with --auto-orphans happen when the task-kde4 or task-gnome packages somehow get removed (usually as a consequence of you removing some KDE or GNOME app you don't want). This causes most of the KDE / GNOME packages to become orphans, because they were installed as dependencies of the task package, and now the task package is gone. We will be shipping updates to alleviate this issue. But for now, yes, just don't run --auto-orphans unless you're very confident you really don't need the packages it lists any more.
  3. silver: to be honest it's just my experience - from quite a long time back - and is based on no recorded evidence whatsoever; I may have been imagining the whole thing, or screwed it up myself somehow. But still, I never use test, I just write the options I want and then 'test' it by running it. :)
  4. adamw

    SMC2635W driver

    You generally shouldn't start out by trying to install a driver like that. It may come to that in the end but there's easier avenues to explore first. :) Have you tried just running the Mandriva network card configuration tool - it's called drakconnect, and you can find it in the Mandriva Control Center on the Network tab, labelled something like "Add a new interface"? Just run that and follow it through and see where that gets you. If you can't get it going, post back with some details about exactly what happens when you use that tool. Thanks!
  5. aussie: all the ldetect-lst entry does is cause that to get done to startup.conf automatically. So, let me get this straight: you have the correct stuff in startup.conf , but it doesn't actually kick in? The buttons only start working if you manually run imwheel after X is done starting?
  6. Are you basing this on the fact that kde4's kpowersave doesn't suspend when you close the lid? if so, that's a known bug in kpowersave, not anything wrong with your ACPI. You might want to try it with guidance-power-manager.
  7. john: ah, I guess I asked you and added it already before. Adding it to 2008.1 would require an official update for ldetect-lst which I am frankly too lazy to go through all the requesting rigmarole just to fix a single mouse model, plus it wouldn't kick in unless you updated ldetect-lst and then re-configured your mouse, after installing 2008.1. Plus there isn't even an ldetect-lst updates branch for 2008.1 yet so I'd have to create that too. Beer is a wonderful substance that makes me much less lazy when it is provided to me for free, entirely by-the-by. ;) brodie: that's not one I'm familiar with, but you could possibly try selecting different keyboard models in drakkeyboard - try all the Logitech ones? The change should take effect on-the-fly, I don't think you have to log out / log in or reboot for it to kick in.
  8. adamw

    Video codecs

    neddie: due to the way mplayer works, it itself has to be expressly built with support for the patent-affected stuff. there are quite a lot of packages with both MDV and PLF versions available; stuff where patent-affected bits can be enabled or disabled at compile time. The version in MDV repos will have it disabled, the version in PLF repos will have it enabled.
  9. if you get errors on the upgrade, re-run the urpmi --auto-update command, and don't stop until it's entirely completed. If it keeps cycling the same error over and over again, try and figure out how to fix it (and report it); if you can't, post here. The graphical upgrade procedure will be enabled again in a few days: we've basically fixed all the bugs in it now (we hope...), but we want to let all the mirrors sync up with the fixed packages before we re-enable the option.
  10. plus, I don't trust the Test option. Sometimes it doesn't work even when X will in fact work in practice.
  11. Right, that should do it. We don't bother rebuilding the binary packages for DKMS-handled drivers for the testing kernels, so you need to have the kernel -devel package installed so they can be compiled from source at boot time. If you just install the appropriate kernel -devel package and reboot it should all be taken care of.
  12. ...also featuring 3G support in networkmanager and DKMS for external modules. Welcome to 2004, guys! OK, OK, that's my only cheap shot, I promise. :)
  13. the kernel folks are, I believe, planning a migration path of ext3 -> ext4 -> btrfs.
  14. er, possibly I should change that Errata, I forgot Beagle had so many dependencies. Try just removing 'beagle', and see if that's sufficient to resolve the problem. I believe it ought to be.
  15. jethro: yes. Kernels install in parallel: installing it won't remove your current kernel.
  16. I'd used four of them before, but as YinYeti says, it's a useful post for the others :) Thanks.
  17. adamw

    Video codecs

    right - for mplayer, as well as the appropriate libs, you have to install the mplayer from PLF.
  18. Right. It's not in PLF any more. You only need to add the official Mandriva repositories, then re-configure the card, and say "Yes" when asked if you want to use proprietary drivers.
  19. Edit /etc/X11/imwheel/startup.conf and make the appropriate change there. If you need to do this, please send me the USB ID of your mouse - it can be added to the list so it's handled in this way automatically for future releases. 'lsusb' will give you the USB ID.
  20. adamw

    Video codecs

    The best way to be sure of what you need is to try playing the video with mplayer at a console: mplayer (filename) at the console it will give you (along with a lot of other stuff) detailed information on exactly what audio and video codec are used in the file. That will let us figure out what package you need to install.
  21. Please try with kernel- from the /main/testing repository. It fixes quite a lot of this kind of issue, it may well fix it for you. Remember to install the matching -devel package for whichever flavor of the kernel you install.
  22. scoonma: you can do it the next day and we won't hate you, we promise. :)
  23. Mandriva is co-ordinating an international Install Fest for the new Mandriva Linux 2009 release, on November 22nd, 2008. If you are involved with a LUG or other community group and would be interested in running a local event as part of the Install Fest, Mandriva will provide professionally pressed One CDs and other material. Visit the Wiki page for details of how to organize an event in your area, and for a list of already confirmed events, if you'd like to see if there's one in your local area!
  24. Remove task-kde4 , and then do urpme --auto-orphan .
  25. I think it may need ndiswrapper :\. Sounds like maybe there's a bug in the driver. It would be interesting to run wpa_cli as root while it's trying to connect, and see what it says is going on (it's an interactive interface to wpa_supplicant, it will print out some status messages on what wpa_supplicant is doing).
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