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  1. Without the plugin, you have to use x11 output when Compiz is in use. With the plugin, you can use xv, supposedly. I don't generally run Compiz on my system, and I don't play much video on it either (I use my HTPC for that). I've watched a bit lately, but not with Compiz turned on. Try using the plugin above, and xv output. Does that help?
  2. I'm not sure the 'installed' view works with the repository filters. I'm not quite sure what the situation on your system is, it's hard to tell from here...if you're worried about the /backports repos you may want to remove them completely.
  3. some stuff doesn't get rebuilt for each release. It's not a problem so long as it still works.
  4. I still really don't get what exactly the problem is, what the scenario that causes it is, whether it's general or specific to your system. Have you filed a bug on it yet?
  5. dcovn: I'm not sure it'd help. um, can you try loading rndis_host , cdc_ether and usbnet modules manually and see if they seem to do anything? sjaddow: that's the one from /backports , you got it installed somehow. I sent 0.11.1-2mdv to /backports yesterday, that fixes it, though if you already fixed it manually by copying the config file, that's fine.
  6. Yeah, it's not like there's ever any problem with the English in our publicity :P Congrats to the Ubuntu guys on the new release.
  7. sjaddow: Hmm. Crud. Can you do: rpm -q sync-engine and give me the result? Thanks. dcovn: looks like nothing's getting loaded for the device now. Uh - is it definitely a Windows Mobile 5+ device? We don't have anything for WM 2003 and earlier yet. If it's a WM2003 or earlier device, un-blacklist ipaq, and...er...if you read French, follow this... http://www.frlinux.net/?section=portables&article=214 I'd like to get it going as nicely as WM5+ stuff does, but I don't have an old-skool test device :\
  8. It's new for 2008 Spring. Based on the feedback so far I might suggest changing it for 2009...
  9. ah. I bet I've got it. You guys have /backports repositories enabled. I dropped too much of a patch from the 0.11.1 package that went to backports. I'll fix it. Thanks.
  10. dcovn: the ipaq module is getting in the way. I was thinking of messing with the hardware detection tables to fix that before release, but I hadn't actually seen anyone run into it yet...now I have :\ You need to blacklist the ipaq module. Edit /etc/modprobe.conf and add this line: blacklist ipaq then restart. sjaddow: well, yes, but there's no reason you should need to do that. I don't understand why it's looking in the wrong place. Let me see if I can figure it out...
  11. dcovn: are you on 2008 Spring? it's looking for the config file in the wrong place, but that should not happen in 2008 Spring, it's patched to fix that problem. dolphin: the character set issues in KDE are a Kontact issue, I have a bug filed on it. Nothing intrinsically to do with synce / opensync, Kontact just doesn't handle this very well. It works fine in Evolution.
  12. as jkerr says, that's the exact bug. I'm trying to get it looked at urgently. What do you need the KDE display tool for? There's probably another way to do whatever it is you want, fortunately.
  13. ian: basically the reason for using UUIDs is indeed in case dynamically connected drives screw with the enumeration. it is indeed possible on some systems for an external USB or SATA drive to change the enumeration. It also occasionally happens that a change in a *driver* causes it, so you do a kernel update and suddenly all your drives change around. Lots of fun, that.
  14. Because, I suspect, Digikam is futzing with it. Here's the sledgehammer solution: uninstall Digikam. Does that make it work?
  15. For the first one, you can pipe it through 'sort' to get it in alphabetical order: rpm -qa | sort > ~/rpm-list.txt
  16. It enables digital output, via the SP/DIF jack on your card. Most cards can't output over the analog jacks and digital at the same time, so there's a mixer setting that flips between the two. :)
  17. the beta driver is in Cooker already, and the detection tables updated. however, as I noted, we won't backport it to stable releases; we only backport stable releases of NVIDIA, not beta ones. :)
  18. neddie: see, that's suspicious: if it were being treated as a mass storage device, nothing would be talking to you about a 'camera', because nothing would *know* it was a camera. a mass storage device is a mass storage device; the OS has no idea whether it's a camera, phone, memory stick, hard disk drive, or humorously shaped chicken with a Flash chip in its head. a mass storage device is a mass storage device. so something in KDE is trying to access your camera via camera protocols, not mass storage, and this seems to be what's throwing it all out of shape. it would be interesting if you could test simply booting to a console - no X running at all - plugging the camera in, seeing if it showed up as /dev/sdX , and mounting it manually. I'd bet a small amount that that might work, in which case we'd have a handle on where the problem is.
  19. that just looks like a bug in the code of the driver itself. We should file a bug on dkms-qc-usb-messenger so the maintainer can look into it...
  20. Remove dkms-nvidia71xx . and dkms-nvidia96xx , but isn't that the driver you need?
  21. This new version, and updated detection list for the new cards it supports, is in Cooker already. It probably won't be backported to 2008 and 2008 Spring, though; we usually only backport stable releases of NVIDIA.
  22. hmmm. That is strange, then. So remind me what exactly happens when you connect it to 2008 Spring?
  23. As I said, that's not a 'problem' per se. The current stable proprietary driver from NVIDIA simply does not support this card. I know about this, so I set 2008 Spring to detect all the 9xxx cards I have IDs for, and make it not offer the proprietary driver as an option for them. I wanted to know if that was working. The fact that the proprietary driver doesn't work with the card is not a bug as far as we (Mandriva) are concerned, that's up to NVIDIA. As soon as they ship a stable release of the driver that *does* work with the card, we'll push it as a backport for 2008 and 2008 Spring.
  24. Are you sure it's actually a USB mass storage camera? As far as I'm aware most problems are with cameras that *don't* use mass storage mode.
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