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  1. the eratta for 2008.1 suggests tha for slow web browsing that it may help todisable ipv6 by the following in etc/modprobe.conf: install ipv6 /bin/true. th question is shouldn't this be false instead of truez??? Mike [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  2. UPDATE: just looked atthe non-free/release page again all 2009.0 packages have bee removed, but there are still 4 rpms with 2007.0/1 version listed.. mike
  3. let me correct my self the dirctory is nonfree/release... ,sorry about that!
  4. here is an oddity while exploring for the new Nvidia driver I noticed som rpms with verins numers from 2007.0 to 12009.0 inthe dirctoy listing from the backport release diretory these are all drivers chch as the blues-firmware,atmel-firmware to the latest offerings for the ATI(fglrx) and Nvidia. is this just someones typo or what? this should have adam rolling over in bed a time or two. anyone hae an explanaton??? I might note that the new Nividia 173-08 add several new cards includin the 8400GS that i am running, per their website. Mike
  5. One more thought -- try selecting plug-and-play as the monitor type. That and the current graphics card driver (ati) worked for me on my Viewsonic VX2035wm display on 2007.1
  6. I see that there are two new gutenprint drivers released on June 7. the first is 5.0.1 which is stable, and 5.1.2 which is developmental. These also seem to add the Epson Claria ink printers along with the Canon iP series. So far, they mostly appear as tarballs.
  7. Likewise I just updated to cups-1.2.1-4 from the MDE repo and had a similar problem in that KDE apps could not find the cups server - saying that it was not there or misconfigured. After much hair pulling - removing the packages with nodeps and reinstalling cups, cups-common, and libcups2 the problem was still there. I did get it working by explicitly stating the SeverName in cupsd.conf and client.conf (located in /etc/cups/), also turned browsing off in cupsd.conf. This works - but it takes aabout 5 seconds for the printer to befound The printer is a Canon S-750 with turboprint
  8. Sorry AussieJohn, I thought I had given that info, shich is: chipset sata controller: on The sata drive is the only hard drive installed in the system. The mootherboard came out in 2004 with a SIS chipset consisting of a SIS655FX north bridge and a SIS964 south bridge (about the same as the SIS180 sata controller). Wish I unerstood just what is going on a little better, because, SUSE 10.1 and Fedora 5 final have no problems with their default install. (SUSE as normal basic filesystems and Fedora as a virtual filesystem - as in windows big boy os/s) I quick look shows no great difference in what they do in places like modules.preload or elsewhere. Thanks, Mike
  9. Aussie John - Thanks for the welcome! First, to scarecrow varios combos of no acpi and no apic have no effect, And artic, I believe the install media is good, as I recall I did check them when burned, and have done several installs without problems with both sets. The term easyboot does not ring a bell at the moment unless you're talking about the short form of post. At the moment I cannot run mkinitrd - it just displays the help screen (usage) . I did a chroot to the mounted / partition (sda1) and as root. I probabily try my rusty skill at recommpiling the kernel. I see that that there are several bugs reported on qa.mandriva.com -- most have no real resolution -- some people have succeeded by listing the saata driver in the modules.preload file, some have not --most have been closed from inactivity. It appears that the drive is not seen at all after the install. And Fedor sets the drive up as a logical volume (jbod I suspect) it appears. Will have to study up on that. Maybe I will need a second drive and setup a formal raid drive. The sata controller is part of the sis 964 south bridge
  10. UPDATE: Not sure waht is happening, but, I can now mount the partitions sda1 and sda6 with my working 2006.0 and see the files therein. Is this a case of the sata_sis module not loading soon enough - or be compiled into the kernel (ver 2.6.12smp - default with install)? Now that I can mount the partitions on the sata drive - might be worth taking a look and see what modules is being loaded when. Mike
  11. Since the other cups packages of the same version (1.2.1-3)went up on 23 June did we forget the libray to go with? Keep up the good work guys, well done!!!
  12. THanks for quick reply but I sent post befre I finished, new here. and the partitions consist of sda1 - /, swap, and sda6 - home
  13. Hardware: Asus P4S800D-X, WD1600JS HD, 2.4GHz P4 Occurs when installed from PowerPac PRo or DVD. Insstall procedds fine until reboot, where it hangs after the graphical lilo menu. When doing a failsafe boot selection there is a kernel Panic: Part of diplayed messages: Mounting tempfs on /dev Creating root device Mounting root file system on /dev/root Mount error 6 mounting ext3: flags default Mount error 6 mounting ext3: without option flags Mount error 6 mounting ext3: without any flag Initrd finisshed Free unused kernel memory: 296K freed Kernel Panic - not syncing: No init found ..... When trying to mount the partitions from my 2006.0 running from a pata drive it tells me that the drive is not ext2. Also, did a quick install of Fedora 5.0 on to the WD1600JS which works just fine. Bu t I didnt look aaat the fs tab or other details. This is a solo drive and not a raid install, but do I need something like fake raid or dmraid to make this work???
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