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  1. If you want Control Center like MCC or YaST, I think there're only three distros you can choose now: Mandriva, PCLinuxOS(based on Mandriva), and SuSE. There were Conectiva and Lycoris which both had Control Centers, but also both acquired by Mandriva.:P SuSE 11.0 will have KDE4 by default, but it's not yet released. Currently it's at alpha3, and scheduled for release in June. PCLinuxOS does not have regular release schedule, the current release (2007) can be upgraded to KDE4. Mandriva 2008.1 has been released and uses KDE3.5.9 by default. You can install KDE4 in addition and it will not replace/upgrade your KDE3 if you already have it.
  2. Download a Mandriva One (live-cd) to backup any important data and files first. Then do a fresh install of Mandriva 2008 again. It should be faster this time. You may also use the One live cd to install Mandriva 2008.0 if you like. There's nothing wrong with your hardware. It's just there're too many differences between 10.1 and 2008.0, usually nobody would suggest you to upgrade normally from a distribution version so old. Especially when you have built and installed many softwares from source, which might break dependency. Upgrading also takes a lot of time than normal install. Installing Mandriva 2008.0 from One with my 24x combo drive only took less than 15 mins. If you have / and /home mounted at different partitions, you can just reinstall Mandriva without formatting /home and keep all personal data untouched. That's my way of "upgrading" Mandriva. ;) I've "upgraded" from 10.2->2006->2007->2007.1->2008 without too many problems.
  3. The One edition of Mandriva Linux 2008 uses a kernel build designed for compatibility with the widest possible range of systems, the kernel-desktop586 build. If you install One on a system with more than 880MB of RAM, not all of the RAM on the system will be detected and used. If you have more than 1GB of RAM, you will be able to gain the benefit of your extra memory by switching to the kernel-desktop kernel build. Once you have installed the necessary packages, you can simply restart your system. The new kernel build should be the default, and you should notice that this one recognizes all the memory your system contains. http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Releases/Mandr...to_880MB_of_RAM
  4. After several weeks of testing, new localized Mandriva One 2008.0 are now available on public mirrors! These images contains additionnal lang support: - One "extra-i18n" * Arabic (ar) * Bulgarian (bg) * Hebrew (he) * Hindi (hi) * Lithuanian (lt) * Dutch (nl) * Norwegian Nynorsk (nn) * Ukrainian (uk) * Uzbek (cyrillic) (uz) * Zulu (zu) - One "asia" * Indonesian (id) * Japanese (ja) * Korean (ko) * Malay (ms) * Chinese Simplified (zh_CN) * Chinese Traditional (zh_TW)
  5. If you want to emulate Win95/98/Me, use qemu, vmware player* or vmware server. Virtualbox does not support Win9x series. I would recommend vmware player as it's easier to use than the other two emulators. For emulating Win2000/XP or later, any of the emulators you can find should work. Vmware products now have experimental Direct3D support, and Virtualbox has seamless windows mode. *Use easyvmx to create new disk image and vmx file. http://www.easyvmx.com
  6. You should try install the dkms driver using urpmi or rpmdrake. Make sure you have non-free repository enabled, and run as root: urpmi dkms-nvidia Then setup your x server with drakx11.
  7. Yes, it works. Actually Cedega's Mandriva rpms work for LE2005* and later versions. So there's nothing you should worry about. *note: requires some rpms from Mandriva 2006.
  8. Hello, For Google Earth and codecs, the best way might be install them from PLF repositories, with rpmdrake or urpmi. You need to add plf repository to your software media first, e.g. easy urpmi: http://easyurpmi.zarb.org After you have the plf in your software media, you can install them from Mandriva Control Center, or using urpmi.
  9. No. You can only post on the club forums. That's what "Aluminium" membership is used for.
  10. Check if locales-fr and kde-i18n-fr are installed. btw, how did you install 2007? CD, DVD, or One? Problems like that usually won't happen if you selected your language during installation.
  11. If you have KDE, look for themes in http://kde-look.org. The theme you just downloaded are made for gdm, metacity, gtk2, compiz, not for KDE.
  12. The official 2007.0 tree are already mirrored: http://mirrors.kernel.org/mandrake/Mandrak...al/2007.0/i586/ To add your urpmi sources in a more easier way, just go to "configure your computer"->"software management"->"select from where software packages are downloaded". Make sure you're already connected to the internet, then click "add"->"distribution". You will be asked to select a nearest mirror, then the rpmdrake will automatically add the software repositories. Easyurpmi is another way to set urpmi sources, if you prefer console than GUI: http://easyurpmi.zarb.net If you add repositories and install softwares when using One as a Live-CD, those softwares and repositories data will be also installed onto your HD when you use the live-installer. You don't need to add the repositories twice.
  13. Some Linux distros feature a control center for configuring system settings, e.g. Mandriva(MCC), SUSE(YAST). However, there're also popular distros which does not have a control center of its own at all, e.g. *buntu, Fedora. What do you think about control centers? Talk about your thoughts.:) ps. Control centers of Linspire & Xandros are just KDE control center with little (or no) modifications. That doesn't count. :P Mandriva Control Center http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slidesho...42&slide=44 SUSE YaST Control Center http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slidesho...37&slide=43 Conectiva Control Center http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slidesho...00&slide=53 Lycoris Control Center http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slidesho...65&slide=38
  14. Hi, I found Lycoris update CDs here: http://ftp.nluug.nl/os/Linux/distr/lycoris/iso/ You might be able to use them to update your Lycoris...
  15. compiz-quinnstorm is in cooker contrib as well.:)
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