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    Huewei E220

    The problem with the Huawei is in its versatile design :P The device is actually two devices - a USB modem and a storage device that contains drivers and other software. If you look in your sd device listings, you will probably notice an additional storage device - that is the Huawei. So the problem with Linux is it only detects the storage element, but not the modem. The idea is that in Windows you plug it in, load the driver off the storage and then it detects the modem. Nice theory, but not too great for Linux. Apparently if you update the firmware it will fix the problem. You will need a Windows installation to do it in though. Check out the provider that gave you the modem's website for the latest firmware. The Huawei site is useless as this is a total OEM piece of hardware.
  2. Coolio. Thanks Iph. The problem with all the other distros is that it is nearly impossible to find out how their kernels are compiled without trying the distro. I don't have time to download 5 - 10 different distros and try each one.
  3. Just shell access is fine. I'll grab the Arch CD now. BTW iph: doesn't the Arch Live CD have HFS+ in the kernel? If anyone knows that answer to that, it should be you :P
  4. I'm looking for a boot CD / USB distribution, but one that has kernel support for HFS+ (the Apple filesystem). 2.6 kernels have a module that offers support for the Apple Filesystem that works really well, but I'm looking for something like Bootable Business Card or another toolbox distribution that has this support compiled into its kernel (or, I guess, available as a module, at least). Any ideas?
  5. Yeah, at one point we were getting so many people asking which laptop they should buy that I thought it would be a good idea to pin this thread to deal with them all in the right place. I guess it may not have been the best decision, in hindsight.
  6. I've never liked SuSe in general, but the SLES server has been picking up in popularity. I do think it will grow the enterprise market, which is awesome.
  7. Everything you could possibly need to know, and a list of what to buy, over here.
  8. Another vote for Freshmeat - always nice to go through the lists and discover new OS software. I also like Sourceforge for going through projects and seeing what's being done. And then for Linux / Unix / OSS news and interesting bits of info, Digg has a dedicated Linux / Unix section which is always full of good stuff.
  9. Easiest way to configure a DHCP server is to use Webmin. Just a few clicks and you're off. If you need a dedicated routing solution, also check out Smoothwall - it's a dedicated distro for this kind of thing. Otherwise go to your nearest computer / electronics shop and pick up a cheap router ;)
  10. And that's why I use Nvidia :P
  11. :( Well, at least he can now run Windows on a Mac :P
  12. http://www.phoronix.com/?page=news_item&px=NTk5MQ Since its predecessors had native Linux ports (and, imho, two of the most solid Linux clients to date, for games) it was unlikely that UT3 wouldn't be available natively, but now we know for sure I was at a Midway event three weeks ago and saw the game - it looks awesome. Unfortunately I didn't get to play, but the graphics blew me away and I'm looking forward to trying this title out in Linux.
  13. Might find the answer with other Gateway models under Linux. Arch seems to be an option for that chipset. Will probably find that rolling your own kernel under Mandriva (or any other distro) is your best bet. It's not as difficult as it sounds :)
  14. Yes, without saying so - no attribution to the source = atrocious reporting.
  15. Did I say that the news surrounding Xandros wasn't accurate? No - I said it was badly reported; no quotes, etc. That's their modus operandi - sometimes they get the news right, mostly they get it wrong - but they ALWAYS report it atrociously. Without supporting quotes and the like all you are doing is speculating... correctly or not.
  16. More classic reporting from the Register - complete speculation with no quotes or substantiation. When is someone going to close that site down?
  17. To share the modem connection you should be able to use Internet Connection Sharing in Windows Me (this is without a doubt the worst Windows ever, but the sharing does work). Do you want to share the modem while booted into Linux on that box too? Do you have to have Me on that machine? As for sharing the documents folders there are many options to explore - but what have you tried so far? A little more information on how far you have gotten will help :) Do you have a router or just a switch? Do you want to share the documents of both users in all four operating systems installations? Or create a central document store somewhere?
  18. Don't worry, I know exactly what EVE is. I have friends playing it and I've seen it plenty. I'm more interested in just seeing what it's like for myself. ;)
  19. I've heard Eve is pretty good, but I've avoided it due to the lack of Unix version. Might try it now.
  20. SoulSe

    Printer problem

    If the device has an Ethernet port and HP's print server on board (sorry, don't have time to look it up right now) then you can plug the printer straight into the router and access it via the network, which is the best route to go. Otherwise, HP does have a driver for the printer for Linux, which you will need irrespective of how the printer is connected. Using the official driver will yield the best results. There are also instructions on the HP site for installing the driver. So step 1 is head over to www.hp.com and look up your printer ;)
  21. SoulSe

    Printer problem

    Check this out. Are you using the Linux driver from HP? How are you connecting to the printer? Through your router? Is your firewall up?
  22. You don't need to install deb packages in Mandriva. Mandriva uses RPM packages and includes a powerful package manager called urpmi. urpmi can be accessed from the Mandriva Control Centre or from the command line. If you look around these forums and use google, you will find tons of information on how to use it. In the Mandriva repositories you will find a plethora of available rpm packages and just about any open source linux software you want will be in them. There is really no reason to use debs. But before you can make full use of urpmi, you must configure your repositories. The easiest way to do this is by using our Easy Urpmi facility. And of course, if you can't figure it out we are here to help :) Welcome to the board!
  23. Yeah, the Apple site says 4999 - but I know the Mac version is around $500, so it must be a typo on Apple's side.
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