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  1. Okay... I didn't manage with the tablet, but I guess it's not that important considering that I don't use it to do any actual work and am pretty bad in drawing/graphics... But the "my-wireless-keyboard-receiver-thinks-he-is-a-joystick" is pissing me off. It really disturbs playing games that use a joystick, and especially those that lack the option to not use a joystick. For example in Trackmania Nations Forever (via Wine, works pretty good) the car turns right at race start unless you quickly hit some key on the keyboard. It's annoying because holding a key doesn't work and it always manages to turn a little bit and giving the opponent a headstart, which really does matter on more difficult tracks. So, is there any way to make the receiver realize that it is *not* a joystick? Or to remap it to js1 from js0, so that my actual joystick could be used as js0 (some games only use js0 even if other joysticks are available)?
  2. Thanks for the reply, I've been busy for a few days and haven't had the time to try. I followed the instructions, but now the area where the pen is usable is limited to 1/4 of the size of the tablet... and drawing still doesn't work. I guess I did something wrong, but I don't know what.
  3. Hello there. I'd need some help with my Aiptek 12000U tablet. I have the driver installed (I guess it's installed by default?), but I have no idea how to configure it. The pen works, I can point it and the cursor follows happily. But when I try to press it against the tablet to draw, nothing happens. I can't click with it, though I can use it to move the cursor and then click on the mouse button. But of course this is too difficult and there is no pressure detection, so it defies the point. I think the configuration is just off, but any tutorials I find with Google are way outdated. I haven't managed to get them to work. It seems I have to manually edit xorg.conf; can someone give me instructions for doing this correctly? Thank you. Then another, smaller problem. Mandriva detects my wireless keyboard and mouse adapter as a joystick: K Control Center says "Microsft Microsoft Wireless Desktop Receiver 3.1A (/dev/js0)". The pointer is way off, in the upper left corner. This causes problems with wine, and I can't use my actual joystick as it's js1 and most games seem to use js0. Is there any way to disable joystick or to switch the adapter to js1 from js0? Thanks. [moved from Hardware by spinynorman]
  4. You should also add Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor to the list :) http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=arti...games&num=1
  5. Well, I heard from a new Fedora 8 user that he was having trouble with audio after switching from Ubuntu to Fedora, and had had no problems before the switch. He said that sound would work pretty randomly, he opens an audio player, sound works, closes it and after he opens it again, sound doesn't work. Uhm, would that mean that openSUSE and RedHat RPM:s would be compatible with Mandriva...? Anyway, can't wait to try out the new release in April... Mandriva just keeps getting better.
  6. Well, if it gives you nothing that must mean you have none installed, which is exactly what you want at this point... But I ran out of ideas :/
  7. All seems to be fine there... Are you sure you have uninstalled all of the fglrx packages with the package manager or urpme...? They might be messing up your new driver install. Mine didn't work with them installed, at least.
  8. I'd like to see xorg.conf too... I don't know if I can find anything interesting there, but curious :P
  9. Yup: I had the exactly same problem. Try removing the kernel-source package and installing kernel-desktop-devel package, or reinstalling it if already exists. That's what I did and finally got it working that way.
  10. Could you post your /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log file here? It can tell a lot about what's wrong.
  11. Now I'm very pissed. I finally had it working with 8.42.3 in October, but there was a funny thing yesterday: Mandriva Update told me there is a kernel update available, and I installed it. There was also a new release of fglrx yesterday, ATI Catalyst Linux 7.11. After installing the kernel I rebooted and tried to install the new ATI driver. But oh no: /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log said the kernel source include file versions were AGAIN mismatched compared to the kernel! I thought it could be a problem with the new driver, so I tried to install 8.42 again. It said the same thing. Also, the kernel-devel packages say they should be enough to build 3rd party drivers against the kernel, but without the kernel source package it complains there is no kernel module build environment! The kernel update obviously messed up the build enviroment again. So... I'd like some instructions to bypass this problem once more. EDIT: ROFL. I re-installed kernel-desktop-devel package for my kernel, which solved the module build environment thing, but still had no direct rendering. But then I did something unheard of: sudo aticonfig --initial and rebooted. Ta-da: everything works. Problem solved :D
  12. Or you could run winecfg from Konsole/Terminal, choose tab "Drives" and change the drive letter from there... it might be an easier way :P And I love Mandriva too. :D EDIT: Just noticed my cdrom drive was set D: by default...
  13. Ok now I messed up bad. On the Phoronix forums other people had the same problem, and one said that it was a conflict with older modules. So I removed the fglrx packages, and accidentally removed the dkms package too. Now I can't boot (well it boots, but then it just goes black, all of it. can't even use ctrl+alt+f1 or anything... stays black), and I need to be able to boot to safe mode, without X. But there has never been a safe mode option in my GRUB, I don't know why. So I need instructions how to set the kernel parameters (or whatever they were called) so that it boots to safe mode... so that I can urpmi the dkms package. EDIT: now I got it working, just all packages out and install, but there is one bug that is making desktop use very painful. Logging out produces the ****ING annoying black screen with nothing to be done. And this happens EVERY time I log out. That is, every time I shut down the X server. This is a bug listed on the release notes, but there it says it might happen 'sometimes'... and this happens on no other distro... that is, the earlier versions did this too on Mandriva, but I had no problem with any other distro.
  14. Well, now there's some progress: 8.42.3 installs (using the kernel, not, because got 2 Gb RAM now), but running glxinfo I get direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose) Works no differently with the test kernel... And in addition to that, after trying out the test kernel I now always get some kernel module build errors on nvidia drivers and such... though I wouldn't be using them anyway... and the build attempts take long, increasing boot time noticeably.
  15. Actually when I still used Ubuntu 7.04 I had 8.41.7 installed, and it wasn't that unstable and it made an incredible performance boost with fixing Goole Earth and Call of Duty Multiplayer. Neither of those worked with 8.40.4. Nope, doesn't work, when setting my card to HD 2300 or later and pressing test it complains I have an incompatible kernel module (even without any other versions or packages of fglrx installed). Neither does that work, that's what I've been trying all the time. I just used the 8.41.7 installer to debug (fglrx-install.log told me what's actually wrong). If I uninstall all the fglrx packages, run the drakx11, let it install the packages, then it does work when trying "test" but when I log out and back in again, it gives me a segmentation fault on startup of any 3D-accelerated application... and OpenOffice doesn't work either. It gets a SIGSEGV with the backtrace seeming to have something to do with display stuff. Is the updated kernel package already out...? If not when will it be released...? And as I did run make mrproper following the instructions of some old article talking about configuring kernel source (which I just can't find anymore :D), what should I do? Thanks for replying.
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