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  1. Yeah. That seems to be the issue. I will have to wait. I will say Chrome/Chromium does indeed runs circles around Firefox and Opera on my 64bit system. Frankly it is not even close in terms of speed and stability(at least in Firefox's case).
  2. Thanks Greg. How about a 64bit repo?
  3. I just wished I could find a rpm repo for Chromium. I have a older rpm I found and it does work very well, but I can't find the newer releases.
  4. Is there a repo I can setup for Chromium? I have searched and have not seen much in terms of Mandriva. Thanks.
  5. Here is a screenshot. Look at the word "millions".
  6. rpm -qa | grep libfreetype libfreetype6-2.3.11-1mdv2010.0 libfreetype6-2.3.9-1.2mdv2009.1 How do you set font to default in Mandriva Gnome?
  7. I think I have it ok now after tweaking every app. The main problem I still see is coloration around letters like "a". I do not see this on my laptop(which 3 years old).
  8. My fonts look terrible after 2010 update. I have no problem with my laptop that updated last night, but my desktop looks terrible, no matter what I change. I have the same exact settings on both my laptop(looks great) and desktop. The resolution for my monitor is set correctly (1920 x 1080 24 inch screen). I'm not sure what else I can try. Any ideas besides reinstalling? Thanks. [moved from Software by Greg2]
  9. My firefox 3 crashes all the time. It is becoming unusable. This is a new install. All plugins disabled.
  10. It's hard to believe there is not a single reply. Nobody has ever had this problem?
  11. I know this is old, but should still apply. I just installed kdebase-4.2.4 to my Mandriva Gnome install. Almost none of the base KDE Apps shown up in Gnome Menu. I have to use the run tool. I am looking for Kcontrol to change the look of the few KDE apps I want to run in Gnome. I can't find it. I thought it was called Kcontrol. EDIT: For anyone looking kcontrol is now "systemsettings".
  12. Currently Mandriva sees my backup(2nd hard drive) as /backup which is good. However I want it to be mount under /mnt and not /media. How do I change this? There are no entries in /etc/fstab for this drive. I wan't to be able to see this drive mount when I boot in safe mode. Thanks.
  13. I was able to get Gnome back in the session manager. Unfortunatly Gnome loads but there are no panels, right clicking mose does nothing. Just the desktop wallpaper is there.
  14. I don't know what happened, but I lost the Gnome option in the login screen. The system now logs me into ICE. Gnome files are present. This happened right after I tried to reinstall Gnome Screensaver(wasn't working). I hate to have to install this all over again. I have a backup of my home dir if it helps.
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