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  1. Usually the first step should be to check that you have the latest upgrades as there were a number of patches involving cdrecord and other low level system components.
  2. How do you enable/disable the onboard sound? Through the bios?
  3. Also, did you make sure you have all the latest upgrades to Mandrake 9.0?
  4. You could try altering the path whenever you run Opera so it points to the java 1.3 location rather than the newer 1.4. Can do this by making a script called opera.sh that alters the path, and then runs the opera runtime. Just an idea..
  5. Best to leave it read-only also. How did you do the Mandrake Install? In expert mode or just the default mode? How many linux partitions do you have? Do you have any extended partitions and if so, what kind are they? Linux extended or windows extended?
  6. If you have 2 hard drives then better to install win on one and linux on the other. Mainly because then you don't have to handle the differences between extended partition as defined by XP and Linux and also don't have to worry about XP disk utilities messing with Linux. But if you must do both on one, I would 1. Install XP into a primary. Just enough space to support it plus some. E.g. 4 gig. 2. Allocate the rest of the drive as an extended (using XP's disk utility or fdisk) 3. Install linux into the extended partitions. 4. Make a fat32 (vfat) partition for sharing.
  7. Read the whole thing, kinda interesting.. wonder what's in the license now?
  8. If he can integrate this with his IDE then it would be transparent and he can forget about it! Nice job aru :shock:
  9. Speaking of cross platform portability and preemptive multitasking, were you also looking at Java to do this? Also, wonder if you can make an inbetween script that checks your tty's and restores any missing one. A script that the IDE calls when it compiles? The script in turn would call the actual compilier and pass on the parameters. I'm assuming your IDE just calls a compilier and probably has a setup screen for it.
  10. Oh I see, but what if I have a popup that I need to use? The popup killer I was using in windows allowed a popup to show up and then I could ban it so it doesn't appear again. Or they hook up with a server list.
  11. Also you can go to ogle's website and follow the instructions on installing their software. It's a dvd player.. http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/groups/dvd/
  12. Cannonfodder

    file manager

    If you don't mind using a console to manage your files, then learn about console shell commands and setting up alias shortcuts.. e.g. I have a console command k that will clear the console screen and give me a full directory listing
  13. It could be a bad burn.. whether you expect it or not. I've read other postings in the past from users who bought a set that didn't work.
  14. Off the top of my head, I've heard that sendmail is difficult to configure vs postfix
  15. Gotta wonder why compiling is destroying your terminal devices though?
  16. hmmm I've been using opera for years, but no popup killer that I know of. Do you mean the new beta? Have to check out some of the other browsers, thanks to all who replied.
  17. In windows, I use popup killer to prevent porn and advertisement popups from cluttering my viewspace, is there a linux app that does the same thing? I was hunting around in freshmeat, but maybe I was using the wrong keywords as I didn't find anything.. ?
  18. Oh you are talking about the menu vs the menu bar. I thought you were talking about the bar. I don't know how to change the gnome menu :(
  19. The correct sequence would be to 1. fdisk /mbr or lilo -U to remove lilo as a bootloader. This helps the windows installer find the C: drive. 2. Boot off a windows 98 floppy and run format /s c: to format with system files. 3. Install windows 4. Use Mandrake's CD1 in rescue mode to reinstall lilo. Maybe you can backtrack?
  20. Cannonfodder

    LILO config

    Oh I see what you you mean by locked into win2k. You boot off the Mandrake CD1. 1. Hit F1 2. Type rescue 3. At the graphical menu, select console (I think?). It's the option to go to a console, terminal, or prompt. Not sure of the wording. 4. Type chroot /mnt Now you can cd /etc vi lilo.conf Let us know if you don't know how to use vi. Also, at the graphical menu, you can select "Reinstall Bootloader". It may solve your problem.
  21. I downloaded one of the mandrake iso images and it eventually balanced out at approx 65-70 KB/s. Using a cable modem and MD9 plus opera..
  22. Cannonfodder

    LILO config

    This is how lilo works.. Aru already said this but I'll summarize.. You make the text change to the /etc/lilo.conf file. When ready to try it, you must run the lilo program. It will read the /etc/lilo.conf file and process it. For information on lilo program, type man lilo To process your lilo.conf file but not apply it (just a test) lilo -vt To process lilo.conf and apply it lilo You can also use lilo -v This gives you more verbose messages. Just make sure your /etc/lilo.conf file has the right info. Here is my /etc/lilo.conf file..
  23. You can also get it from freshmeat.net. I too would wait 6 months and see where the market is. You are jumping in during the first price falling and may end up regretting it next summer :)
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