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  1. Nice wallpaper of Kanna bi no Mikoto :P where did you found it ? Well, here is my new desktop with a self made wallpaper :D The icon theme are a lot of OSX icons that I made a theme of.... the Metacity is Panther and the base MacOSX GTK2 theme
  2. nice wallpaper, It makes me think of a Anime version of the movie TRON :)
  3. Maybe adding some Neon lights between the space of the map icons, something like NEONMILK would be really nice :D.
  4. The Green version is really nice :D B)
  5. Nice theme, bu is it possible to make a light green version ?
  6. My Fedora Box :P Running Gnome 2,8 with the enormous great and clean theme MILK (I mixed 2.0 and 2.1) And well I really proud of it. No more KDE for a long time to me. The Icon theme is Xi-Gnome. Nominated Screenshot
  7. I've installed it without any problems, I noticed the firewire bug and that wasn't any problem since it was selected as eth01 and my Realtek is Eth0. But overall it runs much better than 10.0 . The problem I had with the Sound in Xmms is all over. The only thing i noticed that isn't correct is that K3b miscalculates the availble space on a CDR. This is only a graphical bug because it complains if you get over the 700mb. And it says when your burning that the space is 751 mb, when its really 700 mb. But I didn't found any other bugs or things that aren't correct. I use it now and it really is a great release all the problems I had with 10.0 are gone :D And i can listen to music without any problem.I'm pretty suprised with this release because with version 10.0 I was founding 9.2 more stable than 10.0 but now i'm thinking that this is one of the most stable CE releases in the mandrake history. Mandrake has really done a great job with this release. And i'm looking forward to the Official edition :D
  8. I use Kaffeine, has everything I need, Nice GUI. It's fast and plays the most know formatsand It uses Xine as base for the player.
  9. Is there a option to select the transperancy level for the icons, there (in the advanched tab) is an option to use transpecancy but I do not see any option to adjust the level of it :S
  10. The Shadows are looking real nice :P The only thing I dislike about it are the shadows on the top of every window. That makes it look real unrealistic :( The shadows on my OSX are looking real good, if someone knows how te remove these, then these are perfect just like on OSX :P My new desktop with own made wallpaper from Kiddy Grade :P
  11. Hmm... winblows has its good sides, the huge program compactability. So you can use a dual boot as a option ;)
  12. For Winny i've also tried to get it to run under Linux but i didn;t get to work either, so i say search for some japanese BT sites or stay on your Winblows box :P
  13. and then updating Xorg with an RPM isn't a big problem anymore ?
  14. Are there coming Mandrake RPM's of this release ? And can i install them with URPMI ?
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