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  1. Well mine is pretty dull but that's the way I like it! Good ol' fluxbox. December Screenshot
  2. Entirely off topic, but have you heard about dcraw, GoWator? The official site: www.cybercom.net/~dcoffin/dcraw/ <-- seems to be down right now. http://www.galacticslacker.com/Linux_RAW.shtml
  3. Ah that's great bvc. A welcome addition.
  4. Hehe, right you are. IE and Word (Office 2000) under cxoffice and photoshop under wine, with an ugly window decoration and gtk theme. Obviously the themes are mismatched, as in the real XP you can't get the XP window decs with the classic windows colors. I ought to edit it to make it a bit more convincing.
  5. I need to fix the themage: Windows?
  6. LukeK

    Grub or LILO

    Apology accepted. Thanks for correcting it.
  7. LukeK

    Grub or LILO

    Ok, how about we try to be reasonable about this and keep this on topic? ON topic yet again: I definitely do remember times when lilo has given me the ever so frustrating 99 99 99 99.... error and required reloading, even after I had loaded it properly before rebooting. That ticked me off, but I won't deny the idea of it being my fault. :shrug: Anyways, I don't think there's anything wrong with lilo really, I think a good amount of people prefer it. And that is what linux is all about, preference. Nice to have multiple options for a bootloader.
  8. LukeK

    Grub or LILO

    ON topic: I've used lilo ever since installing mandrake in 2003. I've never been a huge fan of lilo, but generally it does it's job fairly well. Right now I'm in the process of installing grub.
  9. cymru, I think the link Ohms posted will help greatly. It gives very detailed instructions on how to get linux to detect and use your card properly. Take a look through that thread and see if that helps.
  10. I voted to this poll in a general manner. I couldn't care less about running the programs that were mentioned as root. Generally though I think root should be given the power to do whatever it wants, regardless of how dangerous it could be. Stupidity earns its own reward.
  11. On the topic of Linux gaming, a short article came out today. Might be worth a read, though it's probably nothing new for the folks here. http://www.cooltechzone.com/index.php?opti...id=984&Itemid=0
  12. tymark's exactly right: If you want things to change then you get out there and make a fuss. Moaning and groaning about the current state of affairs gets you nowhere. Nobody's saying that linux is on the level of windows for gaming, bvc, geez. Personally, I'd say being able to play Quake 3, Doom 3, Unreal Tournament 2k3/2k4, Neverwinter Nights (and bzflag of course hehe) is a fine start. Unreal Tournament is a perfect example of how things can and should be. They cater to their main market, which is obviously windows users, but there on the 3rd disc for the linux users is the installation script.
  13. Well the thread has been revived, so I went ahead and added my avatar to this forum. Just a big ol' smile.
  14. Artificial -- I've been meaning to ask you. According to your December nominated screenie: You have horizontally aligned panels autohiding the left side of your screen. How did you pull this off? With my setup of Gnome 2.8 it will only autohide horizontally aligned panels if they're at the top or bottom.
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