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  1. I dropped linux because I couldn't play WoW. Now that I know I can play Mandriva will get installed ASAP!!! Thanks for the info guys.
  2. Yes. I do have a /usr/src/linux
  3. I've installed it via the console and by double clicking and KDE says it's installed, but the console does not when I type rpm -q. Is there something I'm missing?
  4. Most of my contacts use MSN, so while I hate using it, I have to go with what everybody else is. Otherwise I have an empty messenger.
  5. The rpm I was refering to was for the kernel source. The Nvidia driver is the .run file.
  6. Hmmm. I just re-installed 9.2 and I'm having a hell of a time getting my drivers to install. I d/l the source and just double clicked it while logged in as root. But when I log out of X and try to run the driver .run file it says that I have an invalid source header and won't install them. It worked on a previous install just fine. I got the correct source RPM for my kernel. 2.4.22-10. Any ideas why it's not working?
  7. Is the stock Gaim that comes with 9.2 set up for the new MSN protacal? Also, I thought Gaim only did AOL? Guess I was wrong. I've been using AMSN and it's been working fine, but I'd like to be able to use AOL and Yahoo! also. Kind of miss Trillian.
  8. Sounds like you have a bad burn. That happend to me once. Re-burn the images with Nero (file - burn image) and that should fix it.
  9. Mandrake 9.2 doesn't come with the kernel source. Don't know why, but it doesn't. Just do a Google search for "Mandrake 9.2 kernel source" and you'll find it. It'll be an RPM. D/l it, install it and you are set.
  10. Nice. It's nice to see people taking they're rights back. M$ products should not be forced down your throat. When I buy a laptop, I want the laptop, not the OS. I can get around the desktop issue because I build my own, and those of my friends and family. But you can't do this with laptops. These OEM's need to offer more choices.
  11. They just made themselves look real bad. They are portraying themselves as the underdog. Fighting the machienes, "the man". They are admiting that Linux is a HUGE threat. Think about this, There are only 2 divisoins of M$ that actually make money. They're MSN web crap and they're software end. MSN only makes a few points profit. The software end makes over 400% profit. Shows you that they're charging an arm and a leg for they're software and don't need to. With Linux taking the market the way that it is, M$ could be in real trouble. If they loose they're software end they don't have a leg to stand on. Remember Longhorn is costing M$ almost half of they're spendable cash. If that tanks, they still have a lot of money, but less then they fell comfortable with. This Matrix thing is a cheap attempt at making Bill and the rest of M$ look "hip". The only thing it did was make them look sad. They should spend the money it took to make that flick and better they're code. For the record, I predic that M$ will loose a LOT more market share and within 10 years release a Linux Distro bundled with M$ Office for Linux. This will be the only way they can attempt to make money.
  12. I've only been using Linux full time for about a month. I started with KDE because it was easy to use. But load times where a bit long (AMD XP2600, 512 meg PC3200) and odd things would make my system freeze. So I did a fresh re-install of 9.2 and tried Gnome. I like it. It pushes you to learn your Linux. I liked making links in KDE because it was easy. In gnome I have to do the code. But I need that in this stage of my education. Gnome loads much faster and I'm happy with some of the little things. Mapping keys is easier, pressing ctrl tab in Opera cycles the tabs, in KDE it would cycle my desktops. I do miss some of the eyecandy though. SuperKaramba was killer. If anybody has any links to pearl or python aps that run in your desktop, that would be much appreciated.
  13. I have. They gave BF1942 4 stars but nobody can get it to work.
  14. Are you using Point2Play? I've been using it for a while, but could only get a few games to work well. What games have you gotten to run?
  15. Is it easy to set up and use? Wine is great, but it has 100 page manuel and is a pain to get configed.
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