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  1. i lost my xine visualizations after doing a cold boot. i cant find them any where. if someone knows how to get it back, please help.
  2. rockybalboa it may not be a problem with FF. to be sure, please test it in other browsers. it could be your system is not resolving DNS properly, which could be related to /etc/hosts or the firewall (iptables). i have heard of mozilla having this problem. so checking both is a good idea.
  3. i've been using firefox and thunderbird for just a few days now. i absolutely love it. IE and OE dont hold a candle to it. the new opera has built into the browser the email client and a irc client. i could see opera giving firefox a run for its money (so to speak). i love how i can add search engines and other plugins into firefox and make it as powerfull as i want (believe me i have added almost every search engine out there). firefox could use some work on the themes though. i do enjoy the noia theme.
  4. so we eat the iso's? :o just messing with ya i have been waiting anxiously for these iso's and downloaded them yesterday. hopefully i'll get to install them today (we need a prayer emoticon) :prayer:
  5. some other good firewalls are: firestarter http://firestarter.sourceforge.net/ firestarter is a gui firewall. guarddog http://freshmeat.net/projects/guarddog/ guarddog is another gui firewall. arno's firewall http://rocky.molphys.leidenuniv.nl/ arno's firewall is an iptables script. ipkungfu http://www.linuxkungfu.org/ another iptables script.
  6. check with the mandrake security site. there is also a linux security site. http://www.mandrakesecure.net/en/advisories/ http://www.linuxsecurity.com/ both will keep you apprised of the security updates. you can verrify the patches there with your system by doing rpm -qa <filename>
  7. this will be a short tip, as its insanely simple. i am new to firefox, just downloaded it a few days ago. thought i'd add a few search engines to it. it was a no go. it wasnt until i pulled up konqueror and tried to save the plugin manually that i found out why. permissions. i quickly went to the /.../firefox/searchplugins dir and chmod 777 it. once that was done, it worked like a dream. just incase someone was having trouble with the search plugins like i was, i thought i'd share this. after all #mozillazine was no help.
  8. if its a usb drive, then its under /mnt. ps2 mice should automatically be detected and configured correctly. if not, then make sure you know your make and model of your mouse and select that in mousedrake. you will find your devices, however, located in /dev. some argue that using an editor is the best way. it is more precise. gui is easier though. basically mousedrake should take care of ya, if you select the make and model right. keep in mind to use the TEST feature first. and if worst comes to worst, you can always delete that configuration file and start over. reinstalling wont solve it. this isnt windows, dont think of it as windows. take it one step at a time, and take time to adjust and learn. there is an awfull lot to learn.
  9. ps aux displays the processes that are running. it is a command line tool. by using | (pipe) and grep (filter) you can narrow down the search of running processes, so that the command looks like ps aux | grep artsd if when you run ps aux | grep artsd you get an out put of username 4875 0.0 0.3 1832 624 pts/5 S 17:12 0:00 grep artsd then artsd is not running. it just displayed the search for artsd.
  10. kaicool, if you want help, dont come off like you did on John . we do this out of the kindness of our hearts. we dont charge for this. now on to your next question. lets not get confused here. the Asus A7n8x deluxe is a motherboard. it has an onboard sound card. aka, intergrated sound. your sound is http://usa.asus.com/prog/spec.asp?m=A7N8X%...Deluxe&langs=09 now since we've established this much, lets make sure your sound isnt muted. KAMix, KMix, QAMix, etc... any of these would work to unmute the sound. next check and make sure artsd is loaded. ps aux | grep artsd username 4875 0.0 0.3 1832 624 pts/5 S 17:12 0:00 grep artsd does not mean artsd is loaded. next time you wanna chew one of us out for assisting you, you wont get the help. :deal:
  11. more than likely your xfree86config file is totally corrupted. i have seen this before, since it has happened to me. what i had to do was delete the xfree86config file and use XFdrake to rebuild the file.
  12. i to have had an unpleasant experience with mandrakesoft. i was charged correctly, and i did get mandrake (eventually). so i understand what your saying. but we must always look at the facts. be objective. (with the exception of M$(kill M$!! down with M$!!)).
  13. ilottl glad to see you got the modem working. my post was more directed at the sound. often times /dev/dsp is softlinked with /dev/null. this is because of artsd. pull up shell and run ps aux | grep artsd if you see only username 435 0.0 0.3 1832 628 pts/6 S 08:15 0:00 grep artsd then artsd is NOT running. the proper output would be username 9632 0.0 0.3 11216 632 ? S May17 0:10 /opt/kde3/bin/artsd -F 10 -S 4096 -s 5 -m artsmessage -l 3 -f username 435 0.0 0.3 1832 628 pts/6 S 08:15 0:00 grep artsd notice how it listed both, the actualy service (more accurately called "daemon") and the search that was performed. again, if you DO NOT have artsd running, you can hit ALT-F2 (its just like the run box in windows) and type artsd. then check and make sure you are not muted. mandrake mutes the sound by default.
  14. jgutty i second tyme's and john's notion of you rereading this entire thread. my post will make this 27 posts in this thread. just a quick summry and a quote from the original post and from the q&a of mandrake club http://www.mandrakeclub.com/article.php?si...mode=nocomments so yes, you are mistaken and do owe an appology.
  15. i would bet you get a real quick BSOD. the error code is probably 0x0000000024. if so then the NTFS.DRV loaded twice on bootup. this is what happened to me, except i wasnt playing with the partitions. basically the NTFS filesystem is hosed. the only fix is fdisk and reinstall. before going that dramatical though, pull out the XP pro cd and go into the recovery console and see if the recovery console will read the windows partition. if it can, run chkdsk -r and -f. then run fixmbr. that might work (if your lucky). otherwise get a livecd and see if linux can read the filesystem.
  16. i have had this problem before. make sure artsd is loaded. in kde hit alt-f2 and type "artsd" (no quotes) and then hit enter. to check and see if artsd is loaded pull up shell (konsole) and type "ps aux | grep artsd" (no quotes). the sound is more likely associated with the modem than the video card. winmodems typically include the sound card or something like that. the modem isnt remembering to activate the driver on boot up. to activate the drive its "modprobe" whatever the module is. (for me it was modprobe pctel and modprob ptserial). a clean install probably will not help. its better to fix the problems you have.
  17. now thats just pathetic. but then when i heard linus wasnt the father of linux, i knew that was bogus. whats sad is the news bought this guys report as credible. thank you Andy Tanenbaum for setting the record straight officially.
  18. if you buy a windows OS for $99, thats all you get. just the OS. XP came with "word pad". no office. the "firewall" in XP, i wouldnt trust. the cd burning in XP doesnt do iso's. its a verry limited burner. no antivirus. just the OS. if you buy all this stuff, the prices add up and fast. cd burning software.....$50. macaffee or norton suites ......$100 (aproximately). firewall......$50. Microsoft Office......$500. linux on the other hand, includes all this standard. even on the download edition. the reason the packs are so expensive are a few reasons. 1) product support. 2) manuals. 3) comercial software (like vmware. granted vmware is a demo, but vmware runs $300). btw XP at $99 is XP home edition upgrade. the XP home edition full, is $199. the difference between the two? upgrade requires you to have a previous version of windows. if its on the harddrive, fine you can use that. but, what happens if you need to format and reinstall? the upgrade will ask for a previous version of windows and the manufacturers restore cd's wont work.
  19. kiacool i have had this problem before. although i was in mandrake at the time. X just did not want to restart. the problem turned out that some how my x configuration file got corrupted. i had to delete it, then run XFdrake. linux is cap sensitive.
  20. icestorm thats gonna have to do with configuring X. i believe in mandrake its XFdrake from the command line. do this after your video driver is installed. make sure you know your video card (every last detail), your monitor, and your mouse. it will let you test the configuration.
  21. LiquidZoo there are no 10.0 OE iso's on any mirror at this time. maybe if your a club member things might be different. that i dunno. http://www.mandrakelinux.com/en/ftp.php3 Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official for i586 and higher United States # ftp://carroll.cac.psu.edu/pub/linux/distr...icial/10.0/i586 (Pennsylvania) # ftp://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/distri...icial/10.0/i586 (North Carolina) notice there is no iso in this. the mandrake site only has the rpm's. you'd have to download the rpm's and make your own iso.
  22. i wouldnt at all be surpised if it was the video card. i have seen this happen before.
  23. IceStorm lilo can be particular about its labels. remember "KISS". try just naming it "windows" or "windowsxp" or windowsxppro". i wouldnt be at all surprised if it was something that simple.
  24. i used to have a contract with MSN (shudders at the memories). kppp worked fine. you DO NOT need the software to make it work, even in windows. all you need are the dial up numbers your goin to connect to.
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