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    Adding On!

    If your running KDE or other graphical desktop, look for /Configuration/Packaging/Software Sources Manager. Fire that up and you should be able to click on the add button to add your other two CDs which will add the packages contained on them to your database of available rpms for installation.
  2. Need a push in right direction here. My goal is to create a php-nuke website, currently hosted in my local Linux box. Installed via RPM are: apache 1.3.26-6.1mdk (+ common, conf, manual, and modules) php 4.2.3-1mdk (+common) MySQL 3.23.52-1.3mdk (+client) webmin 0.990-6mdk Installed by untarring in new folder under /var/www/html: php-nuke 6.0 What I was sortof expecting here was to have somekind of site that I could open up in a browser and begin to configure/design, but what I get is a page of cryptic php code at index.php or admin.php, etc. Apache runs and produces its default page at localhost (or MySQL is up and running [root@localhost /]# service mysql status mysqld (pid 2809) is running... 2808 (pid 2807) is running... As per the instructions that came with PHP-Nuke, I would edit the config.php file to suit my needs and then it should automatically create the needed database and to set up a superuser or admin. Here is the default config, which seems to me to be correct: $dbhost = "localhost"; $dbuname = "root"; $dbpass = ""; $dbname = "nuke"; $prefix = "nuke"; $user_prefix = "nuke"; $dbtype = "MySQL"; What do I need to do to get this admin.php page running correctly (I prefer not to tackle that manuel method of setup)?
  3. Thanks DragonMage. I had downloaded the -23 version from the site you had posted, not even given it any thought that there may have been two brand new versions out there. I then went to the Penn State mirror and grabbed the -24 version. So now I am ready to "ezroll" when somebody seconds the good news. And I am in no hurry to rush into this, I have lived with it this long - without really knowing about the problem, since I did't use my cd drive too much in Linux.
  4. Cool ez, I look forward to your report. And seeing DragonMage had a favorable report so quickly, I grabbed my copies before the rush and am ready to roll. One thing tho, I noticed there was no kernel-headers, which along with kernel-source, are installed here. Was this renamed or am I confused again?
  5. Just caught this news myself at: http://www.pclinuxonline.com/modules.php?n...rticle&sid=4414 Was wondering if this may be the solution to the problem I ran into last night. You push the button to eject the cd, but you don't get the chance to grab the cd because it is sucked right back in? And is it as easy to install as rolf suggested there? (rpm ivh kernel and then reinstall your video and audio rpm's and then just tidy up your boot config.) Any other brave souls out there ready to test drive this and let us more timid ones know if supermount is really fixed and that it works? thanks
  6. Is it just sluggish on bootup? I think Mandrake is known to be a bit slow booting up. Otherwise your's should run at least as good as a 300+ pentium. Also, if something in your box has not been set up properly, or is not configured right, this would slow down the start up process even more. Watch those "OK's" or "Failed" notes flash by as it boots. Look into any of the failed messages to get things running smoother. just my "noobie" thoughts here.
  7. Thanks MottS, we got edonkey installed and running now. I think this is the one I had set out to install in the first place, but somehow I ended up with mldonkey instead. I did like the fact that mldonkey would connect with most of the sharing networks out there and multi-source the downloads. Hopefully the edonkey will satisfy my tastes in downloads, cause it looks cool so far. Oh and the exact message I had seen referenced mldonkey and not the edonkey.
  8. Been running mldonkey a bit now with some success, but a couple problems need to be solved. If I let mldonkey run overnight I will find my connection has dropped and I must reset my cable modem and router to get it back. A reboot does not fix my connection. The donkey also hogs up all my bandwidth on my 2 puter network. With other p2p apps, I usually can surf on the 2 puters at the same time it is uploading at 12.5 K/s (I am capped at 128 upstream). With the donkey, I can't, even tho I have it set to an 8000 bps up. Is there anything I can try to remedy this? I was also wondering why there are many servers that state "No Donkey" (Maybe this has something to do with the problems) Thanks,
  9. scoopy


    file.mpg.001 file.mpg.oo2 looks like they may belong to a playlist for some app. I am not familiar with those. Pan can sort the headers in alphabetical order to make things easier to find --- it will not join the rar files that are attached. Pan only assembles the parts to each header that includes an attachment. Untill I find a Linux app for this, I must use windows and WinRAR 3.1 to join these files.
  10. scoopy


    Wasn't sure exactly what you have tried to download, but here's my thoughts. (I'm using Pan 0.13.0 in MDK 9.0) Not only will you need all the parts of the attachment, which Pan collects and assembles for you, you will then need to be sure and collect all the parts of the file you want. You should be seeing a green puzzle icon on the subject line if all the parts are there for the attachment. If not, you get a red puzzle piece which means you ain't getting that attachment unless you get lucky and it propagates into your newsserver or they repost it. Larger files (usually over 5 MB) are split up farther usually with WinRAR (a windows archive app) and these attachments will have a .rar or .r00 extension - which you will need to collect more of the attachments. You can make it easier to find these by clicking on where it says "Subject" making it then say "+Subject" to sort by Subject line. You don't need the par files that are normally there, but supposedly you should be able to fix a missing part with these.
  11. I am just recovering from a very similar problem. If your friend is a KDE desktop user, he may want to check out my thread. I got several different fatal servor errors, including the fonts one. Seems it wasn't XFree, but a KDE problem. http://www.mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?t=1483
  12. Woo Hoo! Back in business. But Holy cheese and crackers, I'd have twice as much grey hair now if I wasn't pulling some out along the way. The solution was to urpme kdebase (along with its depends) and then reinstall after booting into failsafe mode. Normal rpm -i and -e would tell me "everything already installed" or "kde is not installed." I now have my kde restored as I had left if (with all the widgets and thingys as I had them). Prior to this I tried starting window managers and such from root's command line, such as kdm, gdm, kdestart, fvwm, gnomestart, but if anything did start, it would crash immediately. I then installed Xtart, which got me into gnome and probably cleared up some of the mess with the login problems. One last minor glitch: If I try to start userdrake, it reports "Cannot lock user lib, file /etc/ptmp or /etc/gtmp exist" What am I supposed to do here? Delete, edit, lock or unlock it? (Login window is back to its normal 2 users on a blue background) Thanx again
  13. Yes chalex20, you are correct, I am trying to fire up KDE (or gnome) through Lilo's graphic login. I get the "Welcome to localhost" login (with a black background instead) and with the additional 20 users I never added. Yes also, I have been confusing a KDE crash with X. That would explain then why XFdrake tests fine and also config-4 file is OK then. This would also explain why it would happen after being in KDE's control center ( It always seems strange things happen after nosing around there, ever since my beginning with LM 8.0 ) I will try some other window managers or reinstall/upgrade KDE. Thanx for pointing me in the right direction.
  14. Who Me? Not this time. Yeh, sometimes I do ask for trouble, but not this time. And Shhhh! I don't want my girl to find out about these affairs :lol: This is why I am concerned, since I didn't ask for it. Things were going too smooth till this. Seriously, I have tried XFdrake, XFdrake with the --expert, manual edit of XF86Config-4 file by swapping nvidia with nv and vice versa and also commenting out Load glx line. I tried swapping that file with the .old version. I tried vim -r XF86Config-4 as command line prompted me that I had an open version of the swap file (or something like that). (all as root) No backups are available, other than the .old files and everything seems to be detected as it should but still no X
  15. My install of Mandy 9 went fine about three months ago, and Nvidia driver update went glitch free about 2 weeks ago, but on a recent cold boot I find I now have 20 more users at the login window (such as adm, bin, and daemon) and nothing will get X up and running anymore (at least not more than a few seconds before it crashes again). I've tried various things to get XFree86 to run, but nothing is working. I end up with various fatal server errors. I wasn't trying to install anything or upgrade anything lately and glx gears were churning out a nice 600 plus frames per second during the previous weeks. (My current projects involved mplayer and mencoder or poking around kde's control center looking for preferences I could set) Looks like I will be doing a fresh install, but my concern at the moment is why this may have happened? Any ideas?
  16. scoopy

    No Sound In Mplayer

    I couldn't find any shortcut keys. I did find a way to configure your right click mouse button in KDE. If your not getting any kind of choices no matter where you right-click, go to K -> Control Center (not MCC) Select "LookNFeel" and then Desktop. Right button -> Desktop Menu. Maybe there are other ways to do this? (another note: "gmplayer" to start with gui)
  17. scoopy

    No Sound In Mplayer

    Have we tried right clicken the window or player and choosing preferences? Pop-up window will offer many choices to select for audio and video drivers. Maybe something other than oss is selected there.
  18. Fuzzy makes sense to me. Linux can read from NTFS but writing to any NTFS partitions is risky biz so we don't want setup to attempt this. I would leave w2k as it is on your master drive and install linux on your slave. You will be able to select which OS starts by default after its all set up -or- you could select the other during startup. Later on you can move things around with Partition Magic if you so choose. If you try Partition Magic ---My choice would be to keep the NTFS on first/primary partition with rest as FAT32 in extended partition of master. The slave can be all for Linux. This way the FAT32 partition could be used for storing and sharing files with either OS.
  19. OK, I rested a bit and things are becoming clearer. I figured out the 3-pass encoding, which seems to produce decent picture quality and gives be a bitrate to encode at to fit on either a 650, 700, or 800 meg CD. It also seems that I didn't need as high a bitrate as I first thought being the source was probally encoded under a 800 bitrate to begin with. Here's the commands I am trying out at the moment. mencoder movie.mpg -ovc frameno -o frameno.avi -oac mp3lame -lameopts cbr=96:ratio=80 mencoder movie.mpg -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vpass=1:vhq:vbitrate=766 -oac copy -o movie.avi mencoder movie.mpg -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vpass=:vhq:vbitrate=766 -oac copy -o movie.avi Any other suggestions still would be appreciated. Meanwhile I gotta try squeezing 800 megs on my 700 meg CD sometime soon. (CD-XA, mode2?)
  20. hi aldo, I got that message --- in English "everything already installed (is this supposed to happen?) --- I thought it was cute, it was certainly much nicer than other messages out there in "nix" world. While I was trying to figure out mencoder this weekend I am sure it yelled at me at least once to RTFM. To try and answer your questions: I would go to a command line / terminal and type in command (as root) rpm --rebuilddb If that don't work, I would remove the sources in rpmdrake and then put them back in and see if that helps any. You will also want to read up at these pages for options with installing and unstalling RPMs: http://www.mandrakeuser.org/docs/basics/brpm2.html http://www.mandrakeuser.org/docs/basics/brpm4.html
  21. First let me share. I finally was able to do something in Linux that I could not do in Windows. I converted a 1.2 gig mpeg to DivX without crashing. Yeah! Now here's my question. Using mencoder - I ended up with a 800 meg file after using the lavc codec (mpeg4) at 800 k/s default setting and cutting the sound down to 64 kb with mp3lame codec. This is still a bit too large for a 700 MB CD. Are there any options I could add to compress a bit more, without sacraficing picture quality? I've searched and searched and taxed my brain noodles to its limit getting this far in figuring all those dependencies and command line syntax stuff that go with getting mplayer and mencoder up and running. Thanks,
  22. Just began toying with mencoder myself over the weekend and had a bit of success after running into same problem. Don't know if this will do the trick for you, but its worth a try. Try removing the 2 and more_options as see if you get any results. mencoder dishwalla.wmv -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vpass=1 -oac copy -o movie.avi If you get the same result, try removing :vpass=1
  23. COOL ! It's nice to see you get some recognition for a great site. I have added it to my bookmarks a while ago. Hope someday I am able to contribute something, but for now, I got too much to learn yet. Good luck with Tuxgames.
  24. Just a little something to think about while we dig into this further. If it is a drive overlay thing - my problem with it came as I began to rebuild my system piece by piece. I don't remember, but I probally copied the original harddrive to another along the line, then reformatted, but the EZ bios stayed and cause problems later on. You would know you have this as it states EZ bios starting or something like that as you first boot up in one of those text messages that flash by. I don't know about the floppy seek or not being important here, but I would try leaving it plugged in (as long as it is not smoking or something)
  25. First things first. Have we checked the things mentioned with similiar problems mentioned in this forum already. Such as checking the md5sums, burning at 4x or slower, etc?
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