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  1. R U defiantly decided on mldonkey? I would recommend edonkey more. I had better results anyway, plus those building this network they both use try to find ways to ban mldonkey users. Anyway, I am not sure if those two are compatible, especially seeing the filenames are totally different. Wouldn't hurt to try edonkey too, and see if it will pick up on your partial files. Or try running both at same time, at least till the partials complete. You can download the client and core controller (use the c controller) here:http://www.edonkey2000.com/downloads.html
  2. Yep... just what VeeDubb said. MDK 9.1 install put an icon on the KDE desktop that I just clicked on and it automatically configured my scanner and away I went scanning with Xsane.
  3. Cool, this is all fixed now. So it was exactly as pmpatrick said in first response... plus I was on right track with harddrive not communicating right --- anyway onto the sound problem. First thing to check there is to make sure your sound proggies/mixers are not muted. I think the default setups have them all muted. Next thing to do is get that keyboard checked out. Seems to be typing all the wrong letters.... :wink: just joking. I kind of like that style... very readable, despite the mixed up hacker's lingo appearance. ...and if the sound is still a problem later, I would be sure to start its own thread. good luck
  4. Got the picture all cleared up now using a combo of your fixes. which xf86config or which xf86cfg (both were there) returned /usr/X11R6/bin/xf86config So upon inspecting this folder, I found several options I could try. knoppix xserver=XF86_S3V vga=normal did the trick for my S3 ViRGE GX (385) card. thanks again :D
  5. There should be posts all over this board, try the search above. And did you see this thread, currently only 10 below yours?http://www.mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?t=5219 cannonfodder posted something there ID'ing a 01 error relating to invalid disk command... maybe new motherboard just ain't communicating with harddrive as previous one? Might want to try running diskdrake, harddrake (or whatever it is that replaced kudzo) after getting it to boot to a command line. PS: I am still a newbie and am just trying help you to get you back up quickly, seeing I really don't know the answers here.
  6. thanks, just gotta figure out the right boot option for my card now. I was trying these from the faq, but I was trying from a terminal... didn't know the boot prompt was there till now. (it just auto booted before) knoppix xmodule=vesa or knoppix xmodule=fbdev added: I'll try bvc's suggestion too (we posted same time here)
  7. I am venturing into my first other distro... knoppix 3.2... :) I booted on my other system, but after seeing the display was a bit out of whack, I realized the old video card I have in there only ever ran on XFree 3.3.6 and the old s3v server. In Mandrake I could run XFdrake to fix this, but is there a way I could I fix this running a knoppix CD that says it has XFree86 4.3? tia
  8. OK, this has been bugging me. There is a button on gkrellm that when pressed it starts a timer. It is situated between the eth0 and memory gauges. What would I be timing with it? How much porn I can download per minute (ppm)? Do I need to set a qualifying time for the big race? :?:
  9. OK, just tried it here... I typed in one sentence ran it and it worked... correcting one mispelled word. Typed in a second sentence and the spellchecker just quickly flashed on and off the screen without doing anything. I am running version 3.1-31 mdk of kdenetwork with MDK 9.1 Could be a work in progress yet, but time to look for a MDK update for this anyway.
  10. spellcheck... do people actually use this feature? :wink: seriously, I don't know what the problem could be, but I thought I would mention I think another rpm might be involved here and maybe a link was broken in the upgrade (is it aspell or something?).
  11. I am not sure if you would be able to access your local files when it asks if you want to update during the install, but yes, might as well start downloading them now, there is a ton of updates. Here's a list anon made: http://www.mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php...p?p=39177#39177 I would at least grab the mandrake tools/rpms, such as urpmi, drakconf, etc. first and be prepared to work out any bugs that may happen. You would have the CD/files ready to go if you find yourself left at the command line. Once you get 9.1 running smooth it should be well worth it.
  12. I agree with paleo to install the j2re1.4.1 from sun.com site and then just change/ add a couple of symlinks: I forget where I found the instructions, but here's the short version (terminal/command line): cd /usr/bin rm java javac jar ln -s /usr/java/j2re1.4.1/bin/java java DONE Now, in order to be able to use Java in browsers, such as Mozilla, Galeon, and so forth, you must complete these additional steps: cd /usr/lib/mozilla-1.3/plugins/ (or with latest mozilla /usr/lib/mozilla-1.3.1/plugins/) If you got the J2RE, use this command: ln -s /usr/java/j2re1.4.1_01/plugin/i386/ns610/libjavaplugin_oji.so libjavaplugin_oji.so Didn't even have to edit that profile file as in previous versions to point system to java. Be sure to check your browser is set for the right plug-in folders and that you scan for the new plug-ins. Doing it this way your folder remains the same "/usr/lib/mozilla-1.3/plugins" I had done this before upgrading to mozilla 1.3.1 and it automatically changed these links for me. (lucky me for once) I think realplayer, mplayer, and whatever, are probally in other plug-in folders and were not affected.
  13. This sounds most likely a bad burn. I think most hangs during stage 2 are caused by bad cds. Should use a quality blank (NO fancy colored ones) and burn at about 50 % of capability of burner. I probally would try to download the ISO once again to get a passing MD5 check. If the hardware is a problem, the hangs and freezes usually seem to occer more on boot up of a new system. Just my observations here.
  14. Def wierd. It kind of looks like a moiré pattern that you would get from scanning newsprint or a textured paper. Or I also seen this when a scanner begins to die. But it don't do this with Windows/Adobe. Maybe something to do with the way it is connected? Parallel, USB, USB2? I know there's been some USB problems with 9.1 Maybe the transfer is like skipping a beat and causing those lines. Also same results with xsane or kooka, so lets rule that out for now and look more at the scanner driver or whatever exactly plugs into the kernel. Just some guesses til we come up with something better.
  15. Might also want to check out things like harddrive speed, dma transfer modes, and the ide cables... could be a hang up along there somewhere, not? Although I also would not expect too much of a difference going from 64 meg to 96.
  16. I would like to question why you have to settle for 8.1 and 3.3.6? What is your graffics card? Something like my older S3 trio card never did want to work within the normal install. I needed to select the XFree 3.3.6 and then manually select the old s3v server to get it to work, minus any 3d accelleration it had. I am guessing also, that mandrake's newer tools, being based on newer libraries, will conflict with older 8.1 libraries. A lot was changed from 9.0 to 9.1. Another note, I think alot of the sources have been experience some downtime or something, cause I had trouble connecting for updates recently, but same URL's will work later. I would double check your hardware and see if maybe a clean 9.1 install would be a better way to update these apps.
  17. Here's what I was hoping for with the gimp. This is from photoshop's crop tool. Notice I can input a "fixed" target size. This way I can play with the cropping (while it retains its aspect ratio) till I get something acceptable and it will come out the perfect size, say 4x6 inches. The gimp's crop tools, don't allow this, and you have to guess at the final aspect ratio (like 3x5 is same as 6x10). You will most likely end up with too much/too little at the tops and bottoms or much/too little at the left and right borders. This is hard to explain and much better to show in person.
  18. Probably a ram problem, just as your handle sez. see this: http://www.mandrakelinux.com/en/errata.php3
  19. scoopy


    Looks like tyme is on to something. Something you have tried to setup before is most likely the culprit. I would make sure previous attempts at a server are cleaned out (and not running). And what is this bind address of and why does it want port 21? Another idea is to use webmin... I was playing with this proftp-anonymous server setup last night and hosed my server (no biggie, nothing to lose at this time), but webmin gave me an easy way to rewrite the config files, etc., to get it back up and running.
  20. scoopy


    [root@dp-5003 root]# service proftpd start Starting proftpd: [ OK ] [root@dp-5003 root]# service proftpd stop Shutting down proftpd: [FAILED] [root@dp-5003 root]# service proftpd stop First thing I would try (because of above) is to uninstall and then reinstall. Don't think thats the Linux thing to do, but it fixes things like this for me sometimes. I would recommend using the rpm on MDK's disks too (if this is for a MDK setup). Second, your network seems fine from this end. I connected to your "TEST PAGE". To this networking rookie, I would doublecheck that port 21 is open... either in your firewall, or router. Thirdly, what kind of goodies are you gonna offer? Maybe we can trade accounts?
  21. What your looking for doesn't seem possible with gimp 1.2, but I agree it is a neccessary feature. I use photoshop's crop tool to perform this function and I can set it to resize the photo to, for example, 4x6 inches at 200 dpi and I can then move the cropping around to my liking before pressing the crop button to give me a perfect 4 x 6 crop without any distortion. Hopefully this will be added soon. But in meantime, I found this handy guide to "grokking the gimp" while searching: http://gimp-savvy.com/BOOK/index.html
  22. How bout using "dumb terminals" where patrons only have access to a moniter and keyboard? Setup one server that only you have complete access to and employees/special customers would be able to log in for special access rights. Walk-ins could have only "guest" access. I think I have seen articles posted on doing this, but I don't remember where. As for your job --- I would draw up a business plan, get all ideas together, plan your finances, etc, while keeping the job and then just go for it. Devote your full attention to it and leave the real job. Don't do as I did not do 10 years ago. I had the opportunity to open a local business but, money was hold up for me. I decided to wait until the money situation was better, but in the mean time, someone else came along and opened a similiar business and today they are doing quite well. Today I am still at my real job, but "deeper in the hole." The kicker is that they wanted to hire me for freelance work recently.
  23. With my small home network I have noticed the webpages I work on and served by Apache test fine at the or localhost address on the machine with Apache. If I want to view them on my other machine on my network, I must use the address as opposed to my actual IP number of 68.82.xx.xxx, which works from machines outside of my local network. I also run without a firewall installed on either machine, but my router performs that function (, and I must forward any needed ports to the address. Also, if the network is using any proxy, that could change the way you access it. I hope this gives some insight to the problem.
  24. I didn't see the main MySQL or PHP files listed as installed, so I thought we should check if these are installed or not? (Notice difference between MySQL and mysql) Here's my list of packages I installed to get a php-nuke site working: [scoopy@localhost scoopy]$ rpm -qa | grep MySQL MySQL-4.0.11a-5mdk MySQL-common-4.0.11a-5mdk MySQL-client-4.0.11a-5mdk [scoopy@localhost scoopy]$ rpm -qa | grep mysql libmysql12-4.0.11a-5mdk apache2-mod_auth_mysql-2.0.44_1.11-2mdk php-mysql-4.3.0-2mdk [scoopy@localhost scoopy]$ rpm -qa | grep php php-ini-4.3.0-1mdk php-pear-4.3.0-3mdk php-cli-4.3.1-11mdk apache2-mod_php-2.0.44_4.3.1-2mdk php-xmlrpc-4.3.0-2mdk libphp_common430-430-11mdk php-mysql-4.3.0-2mdk php-xml-4.3.0-2mdk I may have a few extra "php" files there, but I am thinking the php-ini package may be one you may need (and to set up).
  25. I don't think this is gonna be possible, but then I suk with the gimp. I would think one scan qualifies as one image/file, regardless and would have to be separated manually. Thinking in my photoshop ways, you would have to use the select tool and copy/paste into new image (which works with gimp too). Then again, this is Linux and we do have people like aru :D
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