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  1. Yeah, I've given up for now, just too complicated. Thanks for your input.
  2. Hi thiru, couple possibilities. Firslty, make sure you restart X if you find the plugins aren't enabled yet. Usually you don't need to, but I've found on several occasions particular plugins wouldn't work until I restarted the X server. Seemingly no rhyme or reason to it, I think this may be a bug in Compiz-Fusion. Otherwise, some plugins require a certain class of graphics card. For instance, I can't run the water plugin on my computer because my graphics card isn't powerful enough, while I can run most other plugins. This also may have something to do with some of your problems. Other than that, browse through the wiki entry above. Cheers!
  3. Anyone able to get bluetooth working in 2008.1? It was working in 2008.0, though headset support was still crap, now I can't seem to connect my nokia E65 phone at all... Keep being asked for a passcode on my phone, and entering it does nothing. Have tried the default "1234" listed in /etc/bluetooth/pin, tried changing it to "0000", and tried changing the value to both "oooo" and "1234" in /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf Frustrated. Anyone able to help with this?
  4. Actually, it was Cairo-Dock that was disastrous under kde... even though it looked really cool. Also relies on Compiz-Fusion, or some other compositing solution installed to actually work. Previously I don't think Avant Windows Navigator has not been in the Mandriva repos, though now it is there in full glory. Found and installed it for 2008, kde. It sucks. Can only be used as a dock on the bottom of the screen, and wouldn't let me install any additional programs. Gave up and will uninstall it. I think gnome would work beautifully with it, but I don't recommend using it with kde. Can anyone tell me if 2008.1 works better in kde with AWN? Is it designed for gnome or xfce? Good luck.
  5. I had supreme issues with Avant Windows Navigator using kde, it really sucked. Very buggy with 2008, slow, and generally difficult. Looks cool though... In 2008.1 avant windows navigator is being toted as a dockbar solution, so I guess that build is better, though I haven't tried it yet. It was originally designed for gnome. Haven't had great success with kde for dockbars. I use wbar, and though fast it's not perfect. Good luck.
  6. Problem solved. Thanks Scarecrow. No idea why I've suddenly needed to do that, perhaps it's something at my server end that's changed. Was also able to get into my file manager through siteground's cpanel, and found it much easier to begin with. Sorted now. Thanks. ~Mitchell
  7. Hi people, major issue here with konqueror. Am starting to think it's probably somehting really simple, and that makes it even more frustrating. I've been using konqueror to log into my ftp account on my siteground server. While not the best ftp client, it IS able to copy and paste files, which for some reason isn't supported in Filezilla, the main ftp client I use. Anyway, has worked fine up until, today. Usually I enter my site details, and am asked for a username and password. Then I am logged in as the main user, and can see all my files. Now when I go to my site I'm no longer asked for a password, and am automatically logged in as an anonymous user, only able to see my "pub" files. Filezilla logs in perfectly, all my files are still there, but I can't cpoy anything within my server... need to make a backup of an extensive list of files and directories, which I really don't want to donwload to my computer, then upload again. Anyone able to shed some light on this? Thanks! ~Mitchell
  8. I agree, but think it would be hard to stop. Free software is free software... how can you classify one thing as free, and not something else? There has been a huge movement for open-source software... is it feasible to imagine as large a one for stopping military use? It's a nice thought, but still...
  9. Hi folks, same problem also, happened not long ago. Check my last post below for info of what solved it last time. Am about to do it again, will let you know how it works. ~Mitchell https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtop...p;hl=virtualbox
  10. Hi people, question about opening windows in kde. I've just put my panel bar at the top of my screen, and when I open a window which isn't maximised, the panel covers them. I can get around this most of the time, but it's a hassle. How do I configure the windows so that unminimized windows open in the centre of the sreen? Have looked in the control centre for kde and can't find anything... Also, due to problems with the kde window decorator I'm using the gtk window decorator. Do I need to configure something in this? Thanks. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  11. Just letting people know this is now solved. Problem was my hardware; I was using a Voip enabled modem (Zyxel Pristige 2000 series) and trying to run a softphone through it... very difficult. Apparently this is a common problem. Now I'm using a netgear adsl 2+ enabled modem with NO voip support, with a TAV Netgear Voip adapter plugged into it. My phone plugs into the Voip adapter, which plugs into my modem. My computer is only plugged into the modem. No hassles at all. Twinkle works fine, and so does my other voip account.
  12. Hi darkscot, there is hope. I've had similar problems, and looking into it have found this to be a well-known bug. I had looked to switching to Emerald, but at that point it hadn't become available for Compiz 0.6.0, which I updated to from the Mandy backports to fix some video issues. MUCH better luck with this latest version, though nothing solved with the kde-window-decorator, unfortunately. Basically the same issues as you. Could be any program, anytime, and some caused it more than others. The final straw was when I installed wbar from source as a dockbar solution, and Compiz-fusion crashed on every startup. I found this irritating and virtually unworkable. While I started out using Mandriva 2007.1 with Gnome, after switching to kde I haven't looked back. I think gnome is a great desktop, but for my uses I much prefer kde. I also found that gnome appears to be a close second in Mandriva in terms of support, and that after switching to kde my whole system has run much much smoother. Back to the windows decorator crashing. The best solution I've yet to find is to use the gtk-window-decorator instead. The kde control panel won't support it, and there are a few less options (marginal, in my opinion), but it's solved my problems. I'm still using kde, and loving it. While I run a laptop without compiz-fusion, very happily, using compiz has changed the way I work. It's put alot of fun into the workday. I'm assuming in your post you're talking about compiz-fusion and not compiz, which are different projects. Have a look at this link it will take you through using the gtk-window-decorator instead of kde. https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=46514 Good luck matey, ~Mitchell
  13. Hi matey, glad it sorted out. You now officially know more than me about booting from windows...lol. Couple things to try for your games. Firstly, wine can be a great solution, as mentioned above. I don't use it myself. Secondly, Virtualbox works beautifully to run Windows XP IN Linux. To run at full speed needs at least 1Gb of Ram, otherwise it's dead slow. Haven't found any loss of functionality doing this, and have found Windows has gained a few options... being able to be totally restored to a previous time in case of viruses, being able to be backed up completely. If I ever had to go back to MS Windows, so long as I have enough Ram to run it at full speed, I would do so under Linux. Lastly, have a look at games under Linux. There is quite alot, and you might find some awesome replacement, and new games, you never knew existed. CHeers.
  14. Hi Jake, welcome to Mandriva Users Board. I doubt you've lost XP, however did you know there is an import tool included with Mandriva to import all your old settings and documents into Mandriva? Apart from getting XP to boot again, this could be a great opportunity to give it a try. Anyway, probably not what you wanted to hear...lol. Which version of Mandriva are you using? I'm guessing you likely installed Mandriva 2008.0 with KDE. If I'm mistaken let us know, as there are different ways for different versions. Go into the menu button on your panel bar, and navigate (should be under Tools>System Tools) to 'Configure Your Computer'. This will pop up a box which asks for your root password. Enter your root password, then the Mandriva Control Centre (MCC) will open. Click on the 'Boot' menu at the bottom of the left hand screen. Under 'Configure Boot Steps' click on 'Set Up Boot System'. Leave the first page as is and click 'Next'. You should now be on a page which tells you what your boot options are. This is where you need to add Windows XP. Click 'Add', and in the next window that springs up, choose 'Other OS (Windows...)'. Choose the partition which Windows XP is operating from in the drop down menu, and click 'Ok'. Now when you start your Computer you will see the grub bootloader, with windows included. If you want Windows XP to boot automatically by default when grub times out, in the last menu you would tick 'default'. You can also change the name of Windows XP (default is set to 'windows') in grub by editing the 'label' entry from the last window. You now should have a dual-booting operating system... Hope this helps. If you need to find which partition Windows XP is on, go to the MCC again, click on 'Local disks''Manage disk partitions', and a screen will pop up which shows you a graphical version of your partition allocations. A box will also pop up telling you to back up your partitions, with the options 'continue' and 'Exit'. A word of advice: don't play around with these until you know EXACTLY what you are doing, as it would be easy to erase all your data. find your Windows XP partition, discover where it's mounted, and get out of there. You'll see an entry for your Windows Partition which will say 'mount point:' and under that: 'Device:' So if it said: 'Mount Point: /mnt/windows' 'Device: hda2', your windows is located on '/dev/hda2 /mnt/windows'. Lastly, if your Xp partition being 'hidden' will make no difference at bootup, and is probably a good thing, until you learn more of what you are doing. I'd consider getting your box to boot up both Mandriva and Windows, then playing around with Mandriva alot more until you figure out what you're doing. EIther that, or take the plunge, import all your old data into Mandriva, delete Windows XP, and fast track Mandriva...lol. Good luck matey.
  15. You may have issues logging in as another user under compiz-fusion, this is a known bug. Actually, if you don't have issues you will make many people happy by telling us how you did it. Currently if you start another xsession (meaning xwindows session, this is the name for the graphical environment when you log in) on top of an existing one under compiz-fusion you will likely loose your windows decoration (no borders around windows, unable to move them after they open, no graphical/and or multiple desktop switching, etc) until you log back into your original xsession. Highly irritating. So to answer your question it's unlikely you can have multiple functional sessions using compiz-fusion. There is no problem I'm aware of with sessions run outside of a 3D desktop environment. To start one graphically under kde, go to the start menu, then to 'switch user'. There is an option for locking the current session and starting a new one, or starting a new session. I've found this problem irratating, as I have 3 seperate user accounts on my computer, but the bottom line for me is that I'd rather use compiz-fusion, so I put up with it, and log out of each account before starting a new session. I hope this issue is fixed in future releases of Compiz-fusion. My understanding is that this is one of the harder things to fix. Good luck.
  16. Thanks Scarecrow, that seems clearer now. Had a look at Filezilla 3 and will give it a try shortly. Will let you know how I go. Ta. ~Mitchell
  17. Hi Antkeane, did you sort out your problem in the end? Sorry I've been out of touch. Let us know. ~Mitchell
  18. Hey folks, just a bump. Anyone got any guesses? If you're not familiar with how Mondo works, how would I do the same thing from the commandline? Any simple commands to add date/time etc to a file when it's created? Thanks.
  19. Mitchell

    Please Help, Newb

    Hey matey, the first step is to tell us what system you're running. I.e. Mandriva 2008.0, 2007, 2006, they can all be quite different. I've got some experience with 2007.1 and 2008.0, however there's alot more knowledgeable people out there. Firstly, to install an rpm package, if you are in Mandriva 2007 or 2008, right click on it and click on 'software installer'. This will prompt you for a root password, which you then have to give. No idea if that package will work for you or not.. good luck.
  20. Thanks folks. Just checked that speedtest site, I like it and have used it many times before. My download speed is 9811 kb/s, and upload is 680 kb/s. So you're right, given that speed, the max I could upload is at 85 K/s. Just did some more checks on my upload and download from my webserver, and found some interesting things. Firslty, I'm regularly hitting 80-94Kb/s as a top speed, but every 10 seconds or so the connection either stalls and drops back to 2KB/s, or stops. What would cause this, and is it normal? This is all checked from my personal desktop, while when I use my business user account it seems to be much slower, usually 6-7KB/s and stalling every few seconds. Also, am just realizing I'm testing this Sunday Morning in Australia, which would be Saturday afternoon in the US, where siteground is based. Usually when I try to use ftp from my other user on this computer it's during the week here, and in the States also. According to them this isn't an issue, but could network congestion at their end contribute to this? Thanks again.
  21. Hi folks, while I've a fast connection (10mbps), and can download from various ftp sites quickly, I can't upload anything to my webserver faster than 60 kbps. What gives? Had the server's service department do some checks, and they said everything is fine at their end. What would cause such a slow speed? I'm using Mandriva 2008.0, and have tried both konqueror, and the commandline ftp interface. Still the same. Have disabled my firewall with no effect. Furstrating, as my server (siteground) has given me 750 Gb of space, and I can't access more than a few meg at a time.. thanks. ~Mitchell
  22. Hi folks, I've got a Mondo question. I've created a bash file under '/usr/local/sbin' called 'mondo.complete', which backs up my entire system using mondoarchive when I run it. Here it is: ------------- #!/bin/bash echo "Mondoing Complete System" mount /dev/hdb5 /archive/backups mondoarchive -OV -p complete.backup -i -s 80g -I / -E /archive/backups -N -d /archive/backups/mondo/complete -9 -F -G -S /archive/backups/mondo/scratch -T /archive/backups/mondo/temp umount /dev/hdb5 ------------ My question is this: I want the prefix ( -p complete.backup) to recognise the date of when it's created. I.e., when I run this command it would save the iso as /archive/backups/mondo/complete/complete_19-1-08_1.iso Currently when I run this command it overwrites the current iso, or I need to edit this bash script to put the correct date in (tedious). Anyone got any hints on this? Have found setting the diff option is the same problem. Thanks! ~Mitchell [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  23. I agree with the above, there is almost always a better open source version of propriety software, however, if you need that windows program, I'd consider running windows xp through virtualbox. You will need at least 1gb of Ram for it to run at normal speed, or 512 mb if you don't mind it being super slow. Excellent solution. If I ever had to go back to Microsoft, this is definitely what I'd do. ~Mitchell
  24. Love the theme there, clean, functional, and very groovy. I haven't posted here before, so I'm probably adding too many shots. Basically this desktop's panel and dockbar are hidden most of the time. Panel autohides, and dockbar (wbar) is run when I need it. Cheers! ~Mitchell
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