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  1. I got rid of the problem. I deleted my user account which had the problem and created it again.
  2. Hello I have Mandriva 2009. I have KDE 4 and KDE 3.5.10. I use KDE 3.5.10 the most. Today, I started my computer and chose to use KDE 3 from the KDM. When KDE 3 started, I started Firefox 3. However, Firefox 3 started in a strange fullscreen mode, as seen in my attached screenshot. This problem happened again no matter how many times I started Firefox. Then logged out of KDE 3 and into KDE 4, and started Firefox there, but the same problem happened. Nothing similar happens when I start any other program. Please help me fix this problem. I'll be thankful for any help you can give me.
  3. Hello I'm using Mandriva 2009 KDE 4. Images, text files, pdf etc. get previewed in Dolphin and Konqueror, but not video files. Is there any way to make Dolphin and Konqueror preview video files ?
  4. Hello I'm using Mandriva 2009 KDE 4. I want to install MPlayerThumbs 1.1 so I can have video thumbnails in Dolphin and Konqueror. This is the webpage for MPayerThumbs: MPlayerThumbs I am trying to install version 1.1 for KDE 4. Unfortunately it only comes as a source file. I downloaded the source file but I dont understand the instructions the README file that comes with it. Please help me compile it, or if possible could someone please give me an RPM of it. I will be very thankful for your help.
  5. I followed the last posters advice and pSX worked. I went to Mandriva Control Center>Sound configuration, and I unchecked every option related to PulseAudio.
  6. Here is the error message: *** PULSEAUDIO: Unable to connect: Connection refused [src/linux/sound.cpp, line 582]: 'snd_pcm_open(&pcm_handle,dev->info->device_fname,SND_PCM_STREAM_PLAYBACK,0)' returned 'Connection refused' pSX: pcm_params.c:2259: snd_pcm_hw_refine: Assertion `pcm && params' failed. Aborted Please help me install pSX.
  7. Note: I own a Playstation 1 and I also own the games I want to play with the emulator. I'm using Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring. I want to run the playstation 1 emulator pSX. This emulator works perfectly on Windows. I went to the official website http://psxemulator.gazaxian.com/, and downloaded the latest Linux version tar file. I extracted the tar file, and put SCPH1001.bin ps1 bios image (this image worked perfectly on WIndows) in the bios folder of the emulator. I followed the instructions in the readme.txt file which came with the pSX emulator, including installing al the required packages. After doing this, I followed the instructions to open pSX, including making the binary executable. I ran the pSX binary from the terminal. A faint window frame appeared for a second, but nothing else happened. This emulator works perfect on WIndows. Please help me install this emulator. Please don't tell me to use another emulator. I only want to install this emulator. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  8. Hello I'm using Mandriva Spring 2008. I want to know how to make RPMdrake not delete the RPMs it downloads after it installs them. I need this so I don't have to download the RPMs again if I reinstall Mandriva. Please help me.
  9. Hello I downloaded and installed the mplayer win32 codecs from the link scarecrow gave me, but I still have the problem. Please help me solve my problem.
  10. Hello I tried scarecrow's suggestion, but it didn't work. This is what happens when I try to view my web page with an embedded .mov as well as an .avi video: In Konqueror: A black box is on the webpage which has controls on bottom of it, but the controls don't work. In Opera: A grey box is on the webpage, which does nothing. In Firefox 2: A grey box appears with a volume control of top of it, and sound comes but no video. In my backport version of Firefox 3: When I try to open my webpage which has an embedded video on it, Firefox 3 immediately closes by itself. When I open this same embedded video webpage on Mac and Windows, Quicktime handles the embedded video and everything works perfectly. This problem only seems to happen with normal video formats. When I embed Youtube videos onto my Webpages they work perfectly. Please help me get my embedded webpage videos working in my browsers (at least with Firefox). I really want to learn how to embed videos in my webpages.
  11. Hello all I'm using Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring. I have libquicktime and win32-codecs installed, and all my video players can play avi, mov, etc. I also have the vlc and mplayer browser plugins installed. I'm learning to make web pages. Right now I'm learning to embed videos in html. I'm using the first method on this page. On my Mac, when I embed video onto a page with this method, and open the page in Firefox or any other browser, it works perfectly and quicktime plays it. On my Mandriva, when I embed video onto a page with this method, and open it with Firefox or any other browser, the video doesn't work at all. The same videos work perfectly in my video players outside of browser. Please help me.
  12. Hello all, I made VLC play those DVDs with sound. Ok, this is what I did: After some Googling, I went to VLC's mandriva page. I already had the contrib and plf repos enabled. I installed all the packages it told me to install, except for libdvdplay0, which wasn't in the repos. Now those DVDs, as well as those DVD's disk images, play with sound perfectly. Goodbye.
  13. Hello all I use VLC to play most of my movies. It works fine with half of the DVDs I have. However, on some commercial dvds which have menus, and lots of subtitles, everything works except for the sound. When I use another media player to play these same DVDs, everything including the sound works perfectly. I have libdvdcss2 installed. I m using the version of VLC from the PLF repos. Please help me solve my problem.
  14. Hello I'm trying to install the official version of Firefox 3 for Linux from Mozilla's website. All the dependencies listed on Mozilla's website are installed. The Firefox.bin file is executable. But when I close all Firefox 2 windows and try launching Firefox 3, it doesn't work. Please help.
  15. Hello I am using Mandriva 2008 Spring KDE One. I want to know how to password protect and encrypt file archives, preferrably using the GUI. Ark doesn't seem to be able to do this. Please tell me how to do this. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
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