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  1. Can't you just go into the KDE preferences/settings for keyboard shortcuts, and remove/change the offending combination ? I had a similar thing years ago while using GTK Radiant, and that's what I did. That was KDE3 of course, I guess it should be the same or similar with KDE4, don't know, I haven't been able to bring myself to use it for long enough yet, it's still to lacking for me.
  2. I had a strange thing with firefox the other day, all my history disappeared, got some similarish entries instead of where the history bar should have been, I started FF in safe mode, shut it down, then restarted FF normally and all was fine? give it a shot, can't hurt. Add -safe-mode to the end of your command. Try creating a new user profile and see if that user has the same problem. Add -profilemanager to the end of your command, then create a new user etc. None of your extensions are playing up? you could try disabling them one at a time and see. [edit]Or what medo said will accomplish the same :)
  3. You could try out other distro's via VirtualBox, just set that up on your MDV installation, and away you go, easy as, no mess, give it a try. It's in the repos, or you can get it from the VirtualBox site, where you can get either the open or closed source version/edition. http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/VirtualBox Yes, Debian(Stable) is a bit old package wise etc, but it is the trade off for it's stability. You could try the testing branch 'squeeze' or the unstable branch 'sid' for a more cutting edge experience, despite the 'testing' and 'instable' tags, they are surprisingly well, stable, in my experience anyway.
  4. I'm using the live KDE now, it's very good, feels quite snappy, can't wait to get this installed, hmmm, maybe I should call in sick tomorrow
  5. Debian is just a class act, sure, it may not be cutting edge (stable), and in fact already behind the times at release, but it is a good stable OS, and IMO, a credit to Linux. I'll be installing this weekend, and messing around with a couple of the live cd's in the mean time.
  6. Whether or not you have installed the nvidia proprietary driver, I don't know, but you certainly do not have it set up to use. If you notice the section in the xorg.conf file you posted above, it says, Section "Device" Identifier "device1" VendorName "nVidia Corporation" BoardName "NVIDIA GeForce 3 - GeForce 4 (96xx)" Driver "nv" Option "DPMS" Notice where it says Driver "nv" That means you are using the free driver, not the nvidia/proprietary driver, and hence you will not have any 3d acceleration available to you. You best bet is to follow the advice given above about setting up your repositories, and installing the nvidia dkms stuff. If you cant find it in your MCC/software installer thingy, then you don't have all/the correct repo's set up.
  7. Scarecrow, you are, as you know, quite correct, and I have been under the wrong assumption for many years. Thank you for leading me to see my error, I feel all deflated, and saddened that I have lived with the belief of this lie for so long. Now when I think about it, how silly it was, I would argue black and blue with anyone who suggested that you could simply burn .mp3 files to a CD, and have them play in regular CD players (although today you can play mp3's in CD players, at least I hope you can :unsure: ) but would insist that there has to first be a conversion done, whether you know it or not. Why did I not think the same for .wav files?, I know why, I am a buffoon !!
  8. I have been investigating out of interest myself, and, the conclusion that I have come to is along the lines of, (these CD's I am refering to were all created back in my Windows days) that even though I was under the assumption that I was burning .wav files to the CD, then, playing them in my CD player, windows, or the program I was using, was converting the .wav's unbeknown to me, in a similar fashion as to what happens when you create an audio cd from mp3's. I twigged to this as I tried under Linux to burn .wav files to a CD just to check, when I added the .wav tracks to the cd project, k3b automatically selected 'Audio CD', so I thought, hmmm, maybe windows was converting the .wav files without my knowledge, and I only 'thought' that I was actually burning the .wav's directly to the CD. Now I must go around to my brothers house, and use his Windows PC and burn some .wav files to a CD, to see what gives, but I think it is as I now suspect. [Edit] and as I see you have explained above, which is I think similar to what I now assume. Another long held belief bits the dust, don't you just hate that I will return
  9. As I said, I've done it many times, so there is nothing anyone could possibly say that can change that. Period. [Edit] Oh, and just for kicks, I dug up a couple of the CD's which I created buy burning .wav files to, inserted it into my Pioneer stereo system, and am now happily listening them, I guess my CD player must not be from Earth ;) [/Edit] [Edit2]I find that perhaps my CD player isn't the only thing not of this Earth, I am a buffoon !! As the Scarecrow says, you CAN NOT just burn .wav files to a CD, and have it play in a regular CD player,[/Edit2]
  10. You most certainly can [Edit] NOT [/Edit] just burn a CD with .wav files on it, and have it play in ordinary CD players, I've done it many times. [Edit] I have done it many times, but alas, I have never actually done it, I have been mistaken all these years, I am a buffoon !! [/Edit] And you need the 'MAD' decoder plug in thingy for burning an audio CD from .mp3 files with K3B. Here's what you get pop up in Ubuntu when you fire up K3b
  11. jagwah

    Penumbra: Overture

    hmmm, that's a shame, both the demo and the full game run smooth as silk for me, and start up is only a couple of seconds in both Mandriva and Ubuntu, the longest part is clicking the mouse 3 or 4 times to get past the splash screens :) . Very nice game, well worth the price of admission. Can't wait for parts 2 and 3.
  12. Or just set up the repo's for PLF (or whatever), and just select it via MCC.
  13. jagwah

    Penumbra: Overture

    Yeah, The Linux version of Penumbra Overture has been released. You can get the demo and try it out first if you like, and haven't already. So come on all you Playfull Penguins, if you can, and you like this type of gaming action, go out and buy it, and help Linux gaming, it's the only real way to send a message to Game Developers/Publishers/Distributors, and maybe get more support for Linux gaming. Have at it !! http://penumbra-overture.com/ oh yeah . . . , I beat AI
  14. There is if you happen to have a 64bit PC . . . Then there's the new modifiers, new scripts, Subsurface scattering, etc, etc, etc, . . . . . . . oh, and of course, all the bug fixes. I always find that with things like this (and most things I guess), the latest and greatest is always the best way to go. I always just grab the latest from the Blender site, it's just a matter of extracting the archive, making a shortcut, clicking the shortcut, and away you go. When the next version comes out, just delete the contents of your Blender folder, and extract the new one there, and keep on truckin'. [Edit] Oh, and for the original poster, if you just extract the archive you downloaded from the Blender site keeping the directory structure, then make a shortcut pointing to the file, blender, which is inside the folder you just extracted, you should be able to just double click the resulting shortcut and Blender will launch. Add, -w, to the end of the command in the shortcut to have it run in windowed mode.
  15. jagwah

    urpmi locked? [solved]

    Make sure you don't have 2 instances of urpmi open at the same time. Whether it be via console/CLI, MCC, or going through the online update process. If you you have 2 or more of these operating at the same time you will get a message about it being locked.
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