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    mouse as UPS LE 2005

    OK, still not working right. I tried a new install to see if I could get it working that way and again it worked fine off the first boot and then never again. I noticed in the messages sent at the first boot that it failed near the start on usb subsystem (or something like that) and then subsequent boots this works... Any ideas? Leo
  2. Leo

    mouse as UPS LE 2005

    OK, I'm trying a slightly different tack with this now, since it seems to work without being mentioned in the xorg.conf file. If I try cat /dev/hiddev1 (when the mouse is not working) there is no output from either moving or clicking the mouse, however once I start a new X session (or attempt an abortive X session) then cat /dev/hiddev1 starts showing output in response to the mouse moving. Could it be that either udev or hotplug are not working as they ought to (i.e. the device is not being started correctly at initila boot and is only being recognised when X is restarted). Any ideas? Thanks Leo edit: I checked my usb.usermap file and it did not contain the graphics tablet so I added it with usbhid as the module to load. I restarted hotplug and the mouse started to work (although still not at initial boot ). Would it be reasonable to assume that the tablet is not being seen by hotplug at boot (for some reason as yet unknown?) could udev help with this or should udev run after hotplug?
  3. Leo

    mouse as UPS LE 2005

    OK, a few comments to catch up on... AussieJohn: Thanks, I hadn't thought of bios settings. I checked the bios and there were two usb type settings one enabled already and the other for a usb keyboard (disabled) I made sure both were enabled (just to be sure) but still get the same problem, there was no settng for a usb mouse that I could see adamw: yes I kind of figured this out yesterday after you asked me for the log file and I was trying to work out why it could not load usbhid, I found the X modules but could not see anything suitable (I tried the wacom module just in case :D ). You are right though, maybe I should leave it alone if it works and concentrate on why it doesn't work first time. Maybe I will google this again and see if anything crops up that points me in the right direction. VeeDubb: If I had the cash (or even the credit :D ) I would probably go out and get another make but it's not really an option. What is really puzzling me is that it works fine in 10.1 (and slackware) without any messing also that it worked fine from the initial install (could harddrake running at boot because I forgot to turn it off for the first boot, have caused something to change?). Thank you all for your help so far (I'm a stubborn bastard so won't let this lie until it works). Leo
  4. Leo

    mouse as UPS LE 2005

    OK, I have found that I do not need to shutdown X completely to get the mouse to work, I can just start a new x session $ startx -- :1 and this seems to kick the mouse into action, when I return to the original session it continues to work. adamw: the attached is my Xorg.0.log file from after the second session, the only difference between it and the original (when the mouse is not working) is the last two lines edited highlights of the file are: as follows **) |-->Input Device "Mouse2" (==) |-->Input Device "<default pointer>" (WW) The core pointer device wasn't specified explicitly in the layout. Using the default mouse configuration. [...] (II) LoadModule: "usbhid" (WW) Warning, couldn't open module usbhid (II) UnloadModule: "usbhid" (EE) Failed to load module "usbhid" (module does not exist, 0) (II) LoadModule: "mouse" (II) Loading /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/input/mouse_drv.o (II) Module mouse: vendor="X.Org Foundation" compiled for 6.8.2, module version = 1.0.0 Module class: X.Org XInput Driver ABI class: X.Org XInput driver, version 0.4 [...] (EE) No Input driver matching `usbhid' (WW) <default pointer>: No Device specified, looking for one... (II) <default pointer>: Setting Device option to "/dev/mouse" (--) <default pointer>: Device: "/dev/mouse" (==) <default pointer>: Protocol: "Auto" (**) Option "CorePointer" (**) <default pointer>: Core Pointer (==) <default pointer>: Emulate3Buttons, Emulate3Timeout: 50 (==) <default pointer>: Buttons: 3 (II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "<default pointer>" (type: MOUSE) (II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Keyboard1" (type: KEYBOARD) (--) <default pointer>: PnP-detected protocol: "ExplorerPS/2" (II) <default pointer>: ps2EnableDataReporting: succeeded [this is the end of the first log file the next two lines get added when the second session is started] (II) Open APM successful (II) <default pointer>: ps2EnableDataReporting: succeeded I have attached the entire log file in case I have missed anything that may be useful the usbhid module seems to be the one that makes the graphics tablet work so I added it into my xorg.conf file in the devices section for the graphics tablet but as you can see X seems unable to load it (could this be because it is already loaded?) Thanks Leo edit: OK so the board didn't let me attach the file, if you need it let me know and I will post it.
  5. Leo

    mouse as UPS LE 2005

    Veedub, I think I saw something about this on this board when I originally searched for a solution and so I put usbmouse in my blacklist file. Sorry I forgot to mention this. Leo
  6. Leo

    mouse as UPS LE 2005

    Adamw thanks for that, I saw something about a bug but was not sure what it was. Mousedrake does not recognise the device at all, I tried various types (generic, ps/2, usb) the only thing that seems to work is shutting down X and restarting. I am wondering whether there is something happening at start up that means that the driver is not being loaded in time? Leo
  7. I have installed LE 2005 and am having mouse problems. I use a genius graphics tablet with a mouse and pen (usb connection) but when I start up I just get the mouse pointer which cannot be moved (it worked fine straight after the install). I checked the xorg.conf file and pointed it to the correct device and it seemed to work however when I reboot I get exactly the same problem (if I quit X and restart it with startx without touching anything it works fine) I looked in Harddrake which tells me that the graphics tablet and a connected joypad (usb) are UPS devices and will not accept that they are not. I have installed all updates but the problem persists, any ideas?
  8. How about giving your ordinary user account permission to run the commands using sudo?
  9. I have been mucking about with my udev rules files Slackware 10.0 installation (with very useful tips here) and noticed that a script is run (make_nodes.sh or something similar) that creates cdrom and dvd symbolic links to the last cd device found. This overwrites any symbolic links to devices created by udev with the same names which is really irritating. I commented out the relevant section of the script but was wondering why it is there in the first place and whether there is a better way of getting around this. Leo
  10. I thought this was quite positive, with the obvious exception of the comment which seemed like something my 7 year old would say when told to do something he didn't want to. I also liked the articles introduction about the scope being (my emphasis). I read it as a MS control thing but also an admission that people are going to be using other software and that if they do not provide this functionality they (MS) risk losing out completely. Leo
  11. how about 'disk-a-driva', 'menu-a-driva', 'driva-connecta' go for a more encompassing euro feel...
  12. Welcome to the board. It looks as though there may be some issues with ACPI (power management functionality) on your notebook. I believe that CONFIG_ACPI_DEBUG is a kernel setting and it would be nice to avoid it for the time being. What are your settings for your LILO entries? we are looking for something along the lines of ACPI=on that we can switch to ACPI=off just to stop it attempting to start it. I am sure that others will have comments to make on this as well so hang on in there... Leo
  13. thats going to take a lot of plastic bottles, maybe we should all start saving up our empty drinks bottles for the Iphitus Island appeal (do you think Blue Peter would help? They built Tracey Island once)
  14. Leo

    USB disconnect

    Could it be that the mouse is timing out, I was mucking about with the kernel the other day and noticed an option to disable/enable usb timeouts. I don't remember if it was in the kernel itself or a feature of udev but it may be worth exploring.
  15. Because they would never let this sort of thing happen? sorry, couldn't resist.
  16. Leo

    Grub or LILO

    I use Grub mainly because I couldn't get lilo to work on my machine when I installed MDK 9.0 and grub just worked. However I have come to appreciate the ease with which it can be altered and the ability to amend boot options at start up Leo
  17. Leo

    Internet access

    The path is probably /usr/src/linux if you are running a newly installed Mandrake and have not recompiled your kernel.
  18. But what is to stop them taking the concept of tabbed bowsing, building their own code to implement it and then patenting tabbed browsing?
  19. ... I am thinking from this that you need a different modem (try an external serial modem as they almost always work. Leo
  20. Leo

    hardware issue

    A little more information would be useful however the obvious thing to check is that your sound is not set to mute (if you are using ALSA, try alsa-mixer from the command line to check) Leo
  21. I use kppp however wvdial may be what you are after as an alternative. I have set up a ppp-on style connection for my slackware system an will post the scripts when I get back home tonight. Leo /etc/ppp/options # General configuration options for PPPD: lock defaultroute noipdefault modem /dev/ttyS0 115200 crtscts # Uncomment the line below for more verbose error reporting: debug # If you have a default route already, pppd may require the other side # to authenticate itself, which most ISPs will not do. To work around this, # uncomment the line below. Note that this may have negative side effects # on system security if you allow PPP dialins. See the docs in /usr/doc/ppp* # for more information. noauth usepeerdns passive asyncmap 0 name "[login name]" /etc/ppp/pppscript TIMEOUT 60 ABORT ERROR ABORT BUSY ABORT "NO CARRIER" ABORT "NO DIALTONE" "" "AT&FH0" OK "atdt[ISP Phone number]" TIMEOUT 75 CONNECT does this help?
  22. IBM specs for your machine suggest it is an 85 key keyboard which ought to narrow down your list of layouts (although this sounds odd) but my guess is what you already seem to know, you need to find the correct layout. Leo
  23. Leo

    CDROM problem

    have you looked in mtab to see what it reckons is currently mounted? You could also try umount /mnt/cdrom and then attempt to remount silly question I know, but there is a CD to read in cdrom2 isn't there (I've done this before)? I am not sure if I am answering the right question here but when you shutdown the shutdown script unmounts all mounted volumes and unless they are marked as auto in your /etc/fstab they will not be remounted at startup (you would also need a CD in the drive to successfully mount the drive, this is not a good idea :D ) Any use?
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