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  1. In Nautilus (GNOME), it would be: Right-click the file -> Properties -> Permissions -> Check "Executable" checkboxes Or, in a terminal, type in: chmod a+x rpmfix Assuming you named the script "rpmfix". Otherwise, just replace that with whatever you named it. Cheers,
  2. Well... not really, but... To start your speedtouch connection again, you could type in (as root[1]): /etc/init.d/speedtouch start or: service speedtouch start However, I have noticed that, sometimes, the only way to get it working again is to enter (again as root[1]): service speedtouch reload or: adsl-connect ... as the firmware can be loaded only once per boot session. The above commands will only try to connect an already firmware-loaded modem... ;) But... sometimes not even that seems to work, and the only solution then is to reboot the machine! :sad: NOTES: [1] To become the root user, type in: su - You will be prompted for the password. Enter root's password and press the ENTER key. You are now logged in as root, which means you have access to everything in your system! Be careful with this! To logout of the root session, type: exit You are now again a normal user with normal privileges.
  3. Glad you sorted that one out fcm1912! Yes, you are right, that FAQ kind of leaves that out, doesn't it? And yes, you're two times right: typing "vi speedtouchconf.sh" (without the quotes) will edit that file. Another way to do it would be: 1. Type in "vi" in the command line; 2. Type in ":r speedtouchconf.sh". Of course, either way we are assuming you are already inside the directory where the speedtouchconf.sh is located. If not, and for both cases, you would have to type in the path to it before it. E.g.: "/temp/speedtouchconf/speedtouchconf.sh". Cheers,
  4. Hi fcm1912 and welcome to the board! To edit the speedtouchconf.sh file (or any other file) check the following link (it's a topic from this board's FAQ forum ;) ): http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=4473 Now, about the error you got, that doesn't actually seem related to the non-editing of that file. That would rather be something like: "No USB bus found" (check post number 3 on this topic's first page...). So, I'm not so sure what your problem is. I don't actually see how that message could show up or what it means in this particular context. When do you get that message? Not while speedtouchconf.sh is still executing, is it? I mean, you did say you went through the whole lets-eat-gary's procedure... Successfully I presume... If you ran the speedtouchconf.sh script successfully and it didn't complain that it couldn't find the firmware, then it did load the one you mentioned and it is the correct one for your modem (unless the file is corrupted or something - you might try and download it again). So, in short, I assume you get that error after you rebooted. Can you specify exactly when? I'm not sure I can help, but I can try, and maybe someone else can if you provide more info... Cheers,
  5. I used his rpms some time ago, back in the Mdk 9 series (or was it the 8 ones :unsure: ). They were impressive in means of Sound stuff I actually lost myself in the lots!!! And Thac helped me out through e-mail!!! B) I never actually thanked him 'cause I figured he'd have too much e-mail traffic on him already and mainly 'cause I can be quite thick sometimes... So, Thac, if you're reading this: BTW, I'd lost the link, so thank you too anon for posting it here...
  6. Yes, that's pretty much what I think. With a difference: I don't know if it's the modem that's technically still in use or a more general USB unounting problem. See, I have the modem connected to a "dedicated" port, and the other one (yes I have only 2) is connecting a hub where I plug all the rest (including the mouse)... I can see in /proc/bus/usb (the mountpoint it can't unmount) two directories: /proc/bus/usb/001 /proc/bus/usb/002 There's also a file named "devices" that tells me the modem is on 002. The obvious problem is it mounts the whole USB system as a single filesystem. Thus, I can't unomunt just part of it... Can I? :unsure: Anyway, this might be a bit longer to tweak, and I'll start another topic if I get to that.... But for now, all I wanted to know is if everyone/most have the same problem (a kind of weird speedtouchconf bug) or if it's just us pppoe wild-ass file editors that messed up something (even weirder in this case than in the former, for what I remember and little know...) So, it's really a very simple question: When shutting down the speedtouch service, do you get an error that it is impossible to unmount /proc/bus/usb or not? Thanks in advance,
  7. This method is for the Speedtouch USB modems. But I thought you had a PCI one...? :unsure: Now, about MY PROBLEM! Doesn't anyone else get that silly message on shutdown? I'm just trying to nail down the source of it...
  8. Hi again, I get an annoying message when trying to shut down the speedtouch service. Something in the likes of: Can't unmount /proc/bus/usb [FAILED] It doesn't seem to really hurt anything, it's just annoying... So, I was wandering: do any of you get any of this too, or is it just us, pppoe users/tweakers who get it (s0undt3ch gets it too)? Is there some workaround? Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi Steve, What you said earlier about XFree packages (they seem to need being reinstalled everytime) is valid for my glibc-devel and kernel-source packages as well. So, I changed a line in your script: if [[ $name != XFree* ]] Is now: if [[ $name != XFree* && $name != glibc-devel* && $name != kernel-source* ]] Now they don't bother me anymore... Just thought I'd let you know about it. Cheers
  10. You don't have to give it away. While most apps for Linux are free or under the GPL, there is some Linux apps and drivers which are not free. If its good enough and not too expensive people will buy it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I guess anon just gave the answer to your question, pbpersson. But I think I can still add a point or two to that. See, the more Windows users switch to Linux the more Linux developers can charge for their software (as of now they still have to do a bit of "show off" for free). Of course, this is a long term bet, but I think it's in sync with the current tendency. How "free" Linux will continue in this scenario (and how Microsoft and others will react / are reacting) is a source for an enormous debate! This is just a grain of salt in the ocean of this subject... ;) Now, for another grain of salt (maybe a bit more): Software Patents! "Giving away" sw patents is not at all the same as giving away software. Actually, the NON distinction between these two is one of the sw patents supporters tactics. With a sw patents you don't actually "patent" a piece of software, only the idea for it! Thus, you could actually patent an idea for any piece of software, and, instead of developing it yourself, wait for someone else to do it and then sue them for it!!! Yes, it's wacko, but that's basically what you can do with software patents.: an easy way to make easy money! And again, this is just a grain of salt in the grain of sal that is sw patents! Now, considering an european patent costs between 50000 and 150000 EURO, you'll agree this isn't a game that anyone can play... Specially if you actually want to develop software and need to put some resources into it... Hence, and if as said earlier IBM has no hidden agenda on this, I think they made a pretty positive move...
  11. Urgent action needed!!! http://wiki.ffii.org/Fish0501En
  12. You should ask that question on forum Networking or possibly on the Hardware one. Other than that, I can't really help... :(
  13. http://www.nosoftwarepatents.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=295
  14. Yes, many different interpretations are possible for this move from IBM. But, like you, I also consider it to be positive. SW Patents are present in the USA, Japan and other places maybe, and are being considered here in the EU. To take some already existing ones and making them "opensource" is kind of subverting the sw patents concept IMHO, and doing it out loud! The game is there, IBM played it as they thought best. At first glance, it looks to me as a statement against patents. If there is something else... I don't know...
  15. Hi everyone! As s0undt3ch said earlier, this script won't work on a PPPOE ADSL network like the one I'm connceted to (Portuguese SAPO). But thanks to s0undt3ch I got it working anyway. I'm posting here because speedtouchconf is still needed to make it work over PPPOE, though not sufficient. The basic procedure: 1. Configure the Mandrake connection, so it will install most of the necessary packages; 2. Run speedtouchconf... ;) 3. Edit some files, based on this webpage ( http://xmule.no.sapo.pt/mandrake-pt/ ) - this page is IN PORTUGUESE, but it's all about editing files, so you might figure it out anyway... If not (and it interests you), let me know and I'll try to do a quick translation. Oh! I almost forgot: Step 8 in telping's howto is wrong! It's not /usr/share/speedtouch/speedtouch.sh that should be edited, but rather /etc/init.d/speedtouch - same editing though: just add the text in red to that function... (again, thx to s0undt3ch ) Good luck!
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