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  1. Well I guess I can mark this as solved. It had to do with the network login. There was an error in the nsswitch.conf file. Finally got it working again just after I made the post.
  2. So, I upgraded from 2008.1 to 2009.0 the day it came out. Things were great until I realized that no USB devices were recognized. Argh! I found out that my system was still using an old version of dbus. I upgraded dbus, libdbus, dbus-x11, etc. and got rid of every package that had a 2008.1 extension with that of the package with a 2009.0 extension. Viola, I could find my usb drives. Things were great for about a week and a half, then yesterday, I had to reboot my computer and system message bus won't start again. KDE is not finding my usb drives. What is wrong? Here is the error it gets during bootup: Starting System Message Bus: /bin/bash: line 1: 1930 segmentation fault dbus-daemon --system the number 1930 changes from time to time and seems to be a random 4-digit number between 1000 and 3000. Also, when the system gets to 'Starting Preload Daemon [OK]' it hangs for about 5 minutes before it will let me log in.
  3. I wish they would have put more effort into the upgrade process prior to calling it a 'release candidate'. Will people be able to upgrade to the final Mandriva 2009 without a hitch?
  4. upgrade to beryl and install emerald-themes, it has like 25 themes. Get rid of compiz and compiz-quinnstorm, it is old (2 months is a long time to me) and has way less options than beryl.
  5. Beryl 0.1.3 rpms are now in the contrib_backport databases. It's a decent upgrade, but the important thing is now you can get all of the packages easily using: urpmi beryl-core
  6. nice, I was having the same types of problems adding a printer in kde. I just went to localhost:631 in firefox and added a random printer. For some reason, after that everything worked in the printer control center.
  7. Thanks! Azureus works now that I downloaded it from sourceforge :)
  8. I'm glad someone else is getting this problem, I thought it was just my system. It seems like since I upgraded to mandriva 2007, azureus won't run. I have tried old versions of azureus as well and nothing will help. I have googled this problem and found not help either (just some web page in italian or something saying he has the same problem). I haven't found anything yet to get around this segmentation fault.
  9. How did you get it working? All I did was urpmi azureus and I get a segmentation fault. I have sun java, but it doesn't seem necessary for azureus to run. I have tried un-installing and re-installing it and keep getting segmentation fault at /usr/share/java-utils/java-functions: line 116
  10. Well I would like to say that I think the kde 3.5.5 rpms are excellent. I think you have done a great job and have noticed updates fairly regularly. I like that I can just start urpmi and come back with my system updated rather than going through the work to compile it myself. I also really like your theme, after upgrading to mandriva 2007, I was waiting for that theme once again. If I come up with any suggestions I will leave them on the board. Thanks!!!
  11. after updated the kdepim-suite, urpmi still wants to update libkdepim2-common and libkdepim2-index. It seems that libkdepim2-index isn't satisfied by your libkdepim2, but libkdepim2-common is. Also, for some reason since I updated the kdepim-suite that I lost my icons in the menu for kontact, kmail, etc. Even after removing and re-installing the packages, I had to manually put the icons in my menu. Anybody else have these problems?
  12. nevermind, I just got beryl working right :)
  13. I get a white screen too. Did you get xgl working with the new nvidia drivers? I also have the same problem with beryl, thought it was just a beryl thing but I think it's the new nvidia drivers
  14. Bobbert


    There are three missing packages from the cooker mirrors. I built them so that you don't have to. This is for beryl 0.1.0 which is an upgrade from compiz-quinnstorm 0.0.13. Enjoy! I just found out the makefile is not working right and it only semi-works, sorry
  15. That's because this topic was from april :)
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