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  1. Hi, The same thing happens when using kernel-devel - ie completely unreadable text when installing the nvidia driver - if i didn't know the nvidia installer I would never have been able to install the driver. i.e I choose the options - i.e 32 bit support from memory - It should work if i've compiled my own kernel or not - this only occurs on amd64 version not i586 mandriva one 2009 Also official driver is so slow on both mandriva 2009 versions - there has to be certain pre-existing config files thats effecting the driver - the same driver version works fine on gentoo, ubuntu, opensuse and arch linux.... I have tried on madriva 2009 free - which had no nvidia driver installed... Its completely unusable I have also had the following issues - to install from mandriva 2009 i586 the livecd just came up with black screen - i had to ctrl+alt+F1 login as root drakxconf - choose nv (so as not to confuse driver,...) /etc/init.d/dm restart - this was just to make livecd boot - also on amd64 kde4 seems to crash (generally kicker) all the time - opengl desktop effects still hard lock my nvidia card - this is not a madriva issue - happens with all kde4 versions..- i.e windows style crash.... Years ago the first distro i use was mandriva - if I had been a newbie and this had been my first linux experience I wouldn't be coming back........
  2. HI. I am quite accustomed to getting my Nvidia driver working in many distros - I nearly always compile my kernel from source in gentoo, opensuse, ubuntu,, etc. However on mandriva (like opensuse) I would usually -download make gcc kernel-source then install the driver from Nvidia.com . This didn't work - complained about missing files in kernel source (I couldn't really see as the screen in console mode screwed up when starting to install the driver - all the text goes into one paragraph and overwrites itself - I have attached screen shot. After compiling my own kernel from the mandriva kernel source package I managed to install driver - the text was still screwed (see sreenshot) Btw - I took the screen shot in KDE (hence the message (you cant really see)) - howver it was the same in a console windows - i.e ctrl + alt + F1 - init3 - Note that the general text is o.k in console its just when I start the nvidia driver install... - it installed by was really slow - much slower than normal / mandriva driver. - copied same xorg.conf ... - May this possible be due to KDE4 settings the mandriva driver initiates ? My question is - what is the correct procedure to install nvidia driver (i.e to stop Mandriva trying to install the (BETA) nvidia driver it comes with. I don't want to use the RPM version - I perfer to use the official nviida one - that way when the next one comes out you dont have to wait for your distro package maintainer - i.e like now - on opensuse / ubuntu I installed normally........... Mandriva 2009 - amd64 Athon X2 64 nvidia geforce 8500 - just realised - theres no image upload in this forum...........
  3. Hi. Check you urpmi sources add added correctly for PLF and contrib - i have changed the links in the post now so there are the full URL. possibly remove your urpmi sources then re-add them, also check to see if you can download other PLF packages. Also my guide is writen for Mandriva 2007 Free OSS - not the live CD which already has the nvidia drivers on the CD. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi. I habve just put a howto here - https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtop...606&hl=2007
  5. Hi. I have just checked out Mandriva 2007 - It is really quite nice, however you cannot setup XGL on nvidia card with the 2007 Free version unless you download the nvidia drivers from the PLF (the offical drivers from Nvidia.com do not work with the 3D desktop setting in the control centre - it may be possible to manually edit config files!) Here are the steps i used to get it working from a fresh install :- 1. Add urpmi media using easy urpmi - i.e urpmi.addmedia main ftp://ftp.belnet.be/linux/mandrake/offici...586/media/main/ with media_info/hdlist.cz urpmi.addmedia contrib ftp://ftp.u-strasbg.fr/pub/linux/distribu...6/media/contrib with media_info/hdlist.cz urpmi.addmedia plf-free ftp://ftp.free.fr/pub/Distributions_Linux...ree/2007.0/i586 with hdlist.cz urpmi.addmedia plf-nonfree ftp://ftp.free.fr/pub/Distributions_Linux...ree/2007.0/i586 with hdlist.cz 2. Install nvidia driver -you can use the mandriva control centre to choose the packages nvidia-8774-plf dpms-nvidia-8774 3. setup nvidia driver After drivers are installed you can install them by typing (as root) XFdrake - now select your card - this should be done automatically but please check. - save settings and reboot - you may not need to but sometimes the nvidia module doesn't load until a reboot. 4. Check nvidia 3d is working Test the 3D by trying to run a game/screensaver 5. Enable XGL - login to MCC - choose hardware - configure 3D desktop effects you should be able to choose XGL - reboot and you should have a shiny 3D desktop It is very speedy on my Card - Geforce 4200 - however i was unable to play certain 3D games , I have solved this issue in Gentoo by using AIGLX and the latest nvidia drivers - see http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_nVidia_GL_Desktop_Effects - This may also work with ATI (download the ATI driver instead of Nvidia) - let me know if i have made any errors in this and I shall edit it, Cheers
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