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    KDE 4.2.2

    lol and to think kde4 was designed for embedded devices...now when you try and suggest to plasma devs to make it an *option* to remove some of this clutter...well better put on some asbestos underware.... this workaround removes some of the clutter: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/I...w?content=91009
  2. ffi


    I have the same card, it works okayish and better on cooker than it has worked on the stable releases (since 2008.1); I suggest you subscribe to the mandriva cooker mailing list: http://lists.mandriva.com/ Â and tell about your problem because people (spuk and eugeni) are working on fixing the bugs in the driver, net_applet, wpa_supplicant and dhclient and there might be some regressions
  3.  actually it would be better to store wine in boxes than in bottles, especially the ones with natural corks are bad, second best would be wine with screwtops. Over here (the netherlands) slowly quality wines are now switching from cork to screwtop and even a few to boxes. ;)
  4. try mdv cooker ;) btw: artwork for the free edition was indeed not so good imho but pwp and one was good...
  5. this is not a problem as only updates in /updates are reported in the update applet, not newer versions from other repos
  6. you rather have that security updates do not get installed?
  7. don't use the skip list, especially not for xulrunner, this is an important security update, wait a while untill the other packages, which depend on xulrunner, get uploaded...
  8. 2009.0 on my desktop and 2009.1 cooker on my laptop but I voted 2009.0. Interesting so many people stuck with 2008.1, I guess most of them must be kde users. Mdv2009.0 kde edition was indeed not very good, unlike the gnome and xcfe versions. Cooker KDE does look promissing however, even if it won't convince all kde3 users yet
  9. I think you would best file a bug and/or ask Anssi on irc, when he's not away for military service he's quite fast to respond and help fix things...
  10. if it is the laptop in your signature, I actually doubt it still has AGP but rather (mini)pci-e but still not 100%, laptops can be weird.... DKMS works here for me  (with all 180 series drivers) and I only have -devel installed. Maybe you have a bad burn? btw did you try the service dm restart thing?
  11. nvidia driver 180.41 is broken for AGP cards; dont know if you have one. Anyway there is another weird bug were you the x server won t start initially and you will see a black screen with a blinking cursor only. To get x started do service dm restart in a vt
  12. You seem to have done a one/dualarch or netinstall, if you would have installed from one(or powerpack) the nvidia drivers would have been set up by default from install. If you do do an install from free/dualarch or netinstall, then problems like this are very likely to happen on cooker but not stable, as the cooker repositories are in constant flux and it takes some time for them to sync. The released version will have binary kernel modules for the version of the video driver at release and all kernel updates...
  13. I am on cooker and there is no kde3 anymore so, can't compare but clean user default settings x86_64, 4GB kde4.2 vs xfce4.6: 350MB vs 300MB but kde4 starts up with a lot more programs by default and has to load gtk libraries to for net_applet and mdkonline, with a little bit of tweaking they are very much comparable
  14. better than the arch packages I would guess as kde4 has been pretty stable here on mdv, featureless and sometimes awkward, but stable :P
  15. initially all the package from the kdebase-runtime src rpm were missing but it has been fixed now
  16. ffi

    World of Goo

    OpenGL not available according to log, strange and I had even turned off compositing... and unfortunately driver 180.35 will not be available for mandriva we (the users and maintainer) decided it was to problematic with kde4.2
  17. ffi

    XFCE 4.6

    i have never used the xfce installer, only mdv packages, I believe exo is part of xfce
  18. ffi

    XFCE 4.6

    which program is this in the screenshot, is it the xfce installer?
  19. ffi

    World of Goo

    it doesn't work on my desktop nor laptop :( , just sound no image just a black screen or weird effects (both nvidia cards with 180.29 driver 6600gt and 9500m gs)
  20. ffi

    XFCE 4.6

    now if xfce had their onw (usable) fileselector instead of the default (unusable) gtk one... and actually I like xfwm4, it is quite efficient resourcewise and has many features such as compositing which just work unlike compiz or kwin sometimes
  21. ffi

    XFCE 4.6

    sorry my mistake, I thought stick would do it but apperently it does something else. It is in the window menu though
  22. no problems with dkms here on cooker (64 bit), for dkms you need kernel-,flavour>-devel-latest package
  23. ffi

    XFCE 4.6

    it has been there for ages, you just need to add it, you can do it from the window manager settings edit: although it doesn't seem to work...
  24. ffi

    XFCE 4.6

    working without any problems here on cooker 64bit
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