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  1. How about Gobliiins I and II? free download at HOTU (home of the underdogs)! 1. http://www.the-underdogs.info/game.php?name=Gobliiins+1 2. http://www.the-underdogs.info/game.php?id=463 Anyone else play this? Also, I loved Alleycat and Beast, my first 2 games I ever played...
  2. Is that "Cyberia" or "Syberia"? Cause both exist.
  3. I'm looking for a program that allows you to jot down and organize unstructured thoughts, before you actually structure them. A bit like mind-mapping I guess, but not quite. Some app that helps you to 'brainstorm' that's another way to explain it. Nice-to-haves are the possibility to link between different entries, availability of some simple drawing tools and the possibility to create some simple table structures.
  4. For me Linux is getting to the point where it's actually much easier to do something I want to do in Linux compared to Windows... File management... KDE/Konqueror beats the crap out of Windows Explorer. I created a 'fake' newspaper for my girfriend in Scribus, I recorded a song for her and encoded it as mp3 with Audacity&Lame. No program in Windows beats Amarok. It can even import&export to my iPod Nano. I've been retagging my entire music collection with Kid3. I watch my videos with Mplayer (both Windows and Linux). Evolution gets all my web-based e-mail (Pop3 - although I prefer using the webbased interfaces e.g. gmail). I don't need to install drivers when connecting my digital camera and downloading pictures with Digikam. In Windows, it asks me for the WinXP CD, but I have to walk pretty far to fetch it, so I don't bother and just boot up in Linux to download them. And the retouching features of the latest Digikam version are superb (Red Eye Reduction, Unsharp Mask, Color Correction, ...). And I use Windows... for games. Although I did get Dreamfall running under Wine.
  5. Well, I don't know what the impact of this all will be, but I guess now at least everyone can get back to the work they enjoy most instead of arguing over the best approach...
  6. "Where, Valdez?" Not sure, it was a reservate for Flamingo's I believe... could be Chile, but I don't think so... if I remember correctly, this was somewhere North of Argentina, right after I passed the border from Chile (from San Pedro de Atacama).
  7. Okay... here's mine... pretty happy with it, although I still haven't found an iconset I like 100% ... I like the background... I took the picture myself when in Argentina :)
  8. Tinkerbell Linux: the very first dog-unfriendly Linux distro! :P
  9. Now you've run out of one more excuse: http://www.rockbox.org/ :P don't know about .ogg support for iTunes though? Edit: or *do* I? http://www.xiph.org/quicktime/about.html http://www.illadvised.com/~jordy/ http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...021103065300430
  10. Pretty funny :D I don't think she's all that 'hot' though... :huh:
  11. I thought it would be useful to post this: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=12608 This has been said before, but I will say it again: By converting a lossy file (e.g. mp3) into another lossy file (e.g. mp3), the file will LOOSE quality So one possible approach to counter this, is for example: - use FLAC when ripping files from a CD for storage on hard disk. FLAC is a compressed, but LOSLESS format, meaning that you will always have the best quality if you start FROM a FLAC file - convert the FLAC files to mp3 or ogg files to take with you on your portable mp3/media player Linux can recognize most mp3 players as '(USB) mass storage' devices. Functionality for iPods is provided in the music programs Banshee and Amarok.
  12. Yes, they are both Desktop Environments (hence the 'DE' in their names).... they take care of all the stuff that has to be done so you have a usable 'environment' to work in: drawing desktop wallpaper, window borders and buttons, notifications through system sounds, ... Most distributions come with either KDE or Gnome pre-installed, some with both, and a lot of them allow you to easily install the other one during installation or later with a package manager. If I got it right then: - At the lowest level, X11/X.Org is the thing that allows your Linux computer to draw things on the screen || \/ - KDE and Gnome are the things that make use of that to give you a workspace for your programs to work in, and make sure everything works well together (for example, moving and resizing windows) || \/ - your programs run inside that desktop environment But in short, yes KDE and/or Gnome are grahical desktops, which come with almost all popular distributions. In fact, first time you login to your desktop, there's a very big chance that you just arrived into either KDE or Gnome 'land'...
  13. I don't know... Steve Jobs said in his keynote there was some 'Top Secret' stuff that's yet to be reveiled... don't know if I should just take his word for it though...
  14. The screen doing that is normal. Amarok crashing isn't. Maybe you could try updating Amarok? I've used it a couple of times now, and it works great... but I'm running the latest version of Amarok, updated with Smart. Also, before you disconnect it, go to 'My Computer', right-click on the entry 'ipod' and choose 'safely remove'. You might also give Banshee a try, it works with ipods too. Will also tell you if the crash is specific to amarok. Not 100% sure, but I think Banshee also synchs automatically. I prefer the way it's done in amaroK since my entire music collection would NEVER fit on my 1GB ipod nano... so I can selectively copy and delete songs to and from the ipod.
  15. Not sure... in Konqueror, there's a feature called "file size view" though... right next to where you'd normally choose 'detailed view/icon view' ... the icon right next to it should have an item called 'file size view'.
  16. I got Dreamfall running on Linux. There are some visual problems, (due to wine’s 3D implementation still being very much in the works) and it’s not very stable yet… but it’s definitely playable… playable, but a bit buggy. Most things work (pixel shaders, volumetric fog, special kind of lighting, e.g. 'halo' effect for lamps), except for certain lighting effects. The most serious bug is that the in-game videos don't work, which means you might miss out on some crucial parts in the story. Oh, and anti-aliasing doesn't work... :| But still, to be able to actually play this recent title on Linux! Amazing... I'm at chapter 4 ATM and didn't encounter any real problems yet... Needed to run it: - Wine version 0.9.19 - Copy 2 dll’s from your Windows XP system directory into your wine’s fake_windows directory, as explained here: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=217780 - start winecfg and check the box ‘enable pixel shaders’ (or something like that) under the ‘Graphics’ tab. - run the game: wine dreamfall.exe (dreamfall.exe being an, erm 'modified' exe ... attention! This may or may not be legal in your country, check your local laws before trying this!) Wine FTW! B)
  17. Does RockBox support Ogg? I heard that it's the 'safer' project of the two... though you can't make your Nano play videos with that... :) neither does mine...though i imagine if i installed ipodlinux it would...
  18. I only got your 1st one... but I sent a follow-up question to you 1 or 2 days ago...
  19. Let me guess... enlarged from a really small source file so that the 'big' version now is looking really crappy? That's how it is done at my job...
  20. Hmmm... did you get my PM with some additional questionses? i second that...
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