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  1. perhaps, but maybe we can make them listen to their own minds and hearts... :? (goes all mellow)
  2. Great point! As a Mandrake support site, shouldn't we report this to Mandrake? It just feels wrong, plus it may harm their reputation (I know I was disappointed). Darkelve
  3. well, it's a wireless network, but my wireless network (card) device doesn't work with Mandrake, so I have to bring out the old cable, and that will mean all the other computers at home would be without an internet connection. I've thought of buying another router/access device for my PC to solve this problem, but it's kind of expensive. Maybe I will try 9.2; they say it has extra support for USB 2.0 (which is just what I need for some of my external devices) and support for *some* wireless network devices (if my Intel pro/wireless 2011 USB device is included, I'd be in heaven, not holding my hopes up though). Darkelve
  4. Does anybody know about this: - They advertise on following page that mandrake windows can run on the same computer, but include a screenshot of Mandrake running VMware. http://www.mandrakesoft.com/products/92/discovery I think this creates the false illusion VMware comes with the Discovery Edition. While judging from following page, it clearly does not: http://www.mandrakesoft.com/products/92/comparison (also, I suspect they are just demos of VMware and Win4Lin in the powerpack, not the "real stuff"). I'm not saying they should throw such an expensive product like VMware almost for free into their distro (although it would be really cool), but it's not good to create false expectations either. (or am I just making too much fuss about it?) What do you think?
  5. How would I go about this? I can't find any RPM's (only bunches of files) and I currently don't have an internet connection with Mandrake (could do it, but it's really inconvenient cause of the other computers on our little home network) Darkelve
  6. Well, it certainly feels that way 8) Darkelve [Edit: Here's a link to a screenshot: http://my.opera.com/forums/showthread.php?...25&pagenumber=7 ]
  7. I don't think you should bother if you're only interested in the newer version of [enter your favorite app here]. Much more sensible to install/upgrade it. I find that, when you play around with it a long time, and found your perfect settings, got it all configured, you really don't want to do that all over again. When you're comfortable, you don't want to leave that comfort. Once people reach this point, the road back to Windoze suddenly seems really long and exhausting. Darkelve
  8. Hi, Ezroller, thx for the reply ...1024*768 is perfect for my purposes... it's also reassuring to know I can use some of my fav. Linux apps, such as Gaim, OpenOffice and Mplayer. other question: we've installed a small wireless network (wireless access point: Intel Pro/Wireless 2011b), and I'm curious if it works with the apple airport card (wich is, I suppose, like a wireless PC card). I'm having doubts between the i-book and the G4 (both 12'' models), cause I want to be budget sensitive. I wrote down the specs for my needs below. How come the Ibook I composed has about the same specs, but 640 RAM and is still cheaper !? Does the processor make such a big difference? Sorry to bother you with all this, but I want to make an informed and thought-out decision. Darkelve 1. Ibook 12'' --------------- Apple Mouse: € 45,45 iBook 900-MHz: € 1.498,00 (ibook: DVD/CD-RW; Keyboard & Mac OS; 40GB Ultra ATA; Airport Card; 640MB SDRAM - 2 SO DIMMs) Total + Vat: € 1.867,57 *************** 2. PowerBook G4 12inch DVD ----------------------------------- Apple Mouse: € 45,45 PowerBook G4 12inch DVD: 1.788,00 (Powerbook: 512MB DDR266 SDRAM - 2 SO-DIMMs; AirPort Extreme Card; DVD/CD-RW; Keyboard & Mac OS; 1GHz PowerPC G4; 40GB Ultra ATA drive) Total + VAT: € 2.218,47
  9. I've been considering buying an i-book or powerbook (most interested in Powerbook G4 12'' or 15 '') for quite some time now. Few questions I have: - How big is a 12'' apple screen actually, say compared to a compaq presario 1200 (1300?) - How smooth do things run - would this work for a family computer (e.g. my mom, dad, bro' and sis?) - Can I run some Linux apps from them, e.g. OpenOffice, Gaim, Mplayer? - Is 2000$ for a G4 15'' (a bit boosted up e.g. 256 Ram) a lot of money? Thanks, I said it in my prev post, but these macs (check out OSx Panther, there's a good article on their site) *really* got me drooling... sigh Thanx for any insights. Darkelve
  10. Well, it does say: "It has the potential to get pupils in contact across the world and generate greater international understanding." ... (greater understanding of *ME*, MUHAHAHAHA ) Btw, your link doesn't appear to work Darkelve
  11. Most people seem to thinks b2b is the answer. Maybe it *is* the question ;) Main question is: "b2b, please tell me, can you see, what to put on CD, for a fee so our customers can flee from the CVS tree" (Or, in other words: How can we fill those 3 blank CD's in a way that's actually useful to our customers? )
  12. Wow... you guys spot *anything*, don't you? I mean... WE guys... : 8)
  13. If it's anything like my experience in 9.0, this will mostly be demo products to enable you to 'check them out'. Personally I would think a well-composed 'contributions' CD (containing e.g., Rox-Filer, The Zinf, Totem, wallpapers and skins for different DE's and apps, ...) would be far more valuable to a single 'home desktop user'. Here's what I found on the website about my 9.0 PowerPack: http://www.mandrakesoft.com/products/90/applications */ Begin Rant /* With Suse 8.1, you got a *fully owned* copy of Acronis OS Selector. That product alone is worth half of the price of the distro. I say Mandrake should make a good deal with Codeweavers and include Crossover Office and/or Plugin in the 9.2 PowerPack ;) ... even if it makes the powerpack a bit more expensive. Just some thoughts... sometimes I don't get the commercial reasoning behind the inclusion, availability or absence of certain software. MandrakeClub, however, seems like an excellent deal for both users and company. */ End Rant /* Darkelve
  14. Darn, got broadband access a year to early in my area... How about "No access to high school girls"? Would that entitle me to a cd or maybe a visit? :roll:
  15. yeah, go ahead and brag about it ezroller, see if I care. Ha! ... Drool...
  16. ... you can say about Robertson what you want, but apparently, he ain't stupid!
  17. Sure, but "Illegitimately acquired MENTAL property?? Sure you must mean intellectual property? Darkelve
  18. Hey thanks! Don't notice too much difference on the KDE though!?
  19. Anyone got screenshots of Mandrake 9.2RC1? Or isn't that any different from 9.1? Darkelve
  20. ...must say I agree: the blue star in the background is very annoying when reading the black text. By the way, nice use of style sheets! Darkelve
  21. Hmmm, maybe this old machine would be good for bug testing 9.2 ?? Darkelve
  22. Seems I'll be able to install Linux anyway on this machine. My grandparents want to go into digital video, bought a digital video camera... and *a whole new pc!!!*. Guess that 10GB HD wasn't quite enough for their plans ;) Downside is... this new machine will have Windoze.... if they went video editing, I'd have recommended a nice Apple computer... my grandparents never tell me anything :P Upside: - I can now 'free' an old PC from the horrors of MS, do a full disk format and install Linux on it as a single OS. Gonna see if my sis' likes it, if I let her play around with it and she does, she can take it to school (students home). This machine (PIII, I believe / 333Mhz, 128 RAM) sure beats an upgraded 486DX2 / 200Mhz, 32(!) RAM. - Camera is a Panasonic VT-something camera, for which type of camera I think I've seen quite a lot of drivers on the Gphoto website. So I've got good hopes of getting it to work on my home system. Darkelve
  23. Oh, I sense a religious war coming up! Maybe I'll try to prove it factually. Hey, with its record and tracks left, it should be possbile, no? After all, a 200-pound disabled monster should leave tracks somewhere ;)
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