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  1. Hmmm... if I'm the only participant, does that mean that I automagically win?
  2. Thank you Mystified!! Finally someone's taking me serious :woops: B) :lol:
  3. True, if something isn't 100% the case, they should not suggest it is. A '1% lie' just does not exist. And this kind of behaviour can hurt one of the big strengths of Linux as well: credibility. Who is going to take it for serious any longer after they happened to experience such problems and received no warning - no, instead, comfort !? It's like you buy a warm blanket and when you toss it over you, the thorns on the inside rip your skin...
  4. Is that a serious request? Why, yes! I'm always serious, didn't you notice :P (but yes, it is)
  5. I would like the title 'half-geek'. I feel like one
  6. Yes, but: - does it allow everyone in the community (e.g. not only developers) to spawn ideas - is it possible for these ideas to 'live their own life', e.g. even if an idea is not very good from a practical point of view, it might give birth to other, better ideas. - do they keep archives, so valuable information on this will not get lost after some time? - one of my points is exactly that this 'think tank' shouldn't *have* an own agenda. I guess the 'I want to do a project, but what?'-question is already answered in these other 'Think tanks'. I'm also not disputing they are not necessary, I think there are very capable people out there. But wouldn't it be nice that, when you've run out of ideas or want to compare/confront them with other opinions, there would be 1 central (not meant in the sense of 'official') place you could go? And I would not underestimate the collective creativity of our community, developers or not. Another thought: perhaps an advantage of the think tanks you are talking about, is that these ideas are less easily 'hijacked' ?
  7. Well, I didn' really mean that... although it couldn't hurt B)
  8. Yes! That appears to be the case indeed.... Still didn't get to try that knoppix CD though, need a 700MB-CDR to write it to first... I shouldn't have wasted these last 3 700MB-CDR's on Red Hat 9.0 (with all respect to you Red-Hat users, it turned out to be of not much use to me, I wonder if I can make it useful somehow, like donate it or st.). Anyway, I'll be sure to report back.
  9. Kewl! always wanted to do that... now I have a reason to... has this anything to do with the LinuxPCOS ?? Edit: so this was the Christmas gift? Oh darn. Where's a delete post button when U need one? Please forgive me, I'm way too excited! Edited by anon
  10. It will come as no surprise to you when I say that Open Source/Linux software has grown at an incredible speed. Often born out of the desire to 'scratch what itches you', it still delivers software of very good quality and really 'understands' the users needs. Some have also suggested that the Open Source way of doing things might work for hardware design as well. I am not going to comment on that last statement, but it does lead me to my following question: Software: yes. Hardware: perhaps. And that leaves us with... ideas. Software needs ideas. Sure you have the 'I feel it ich here, so I am going to scratch there'-idea, but that only works in one direction. Furthermore, this process does not benefit from comments, suggestions and criticism from other people (+- peer review of your ideas). That is, unless you discuss it with your group of friends who are all Linux geeks at heart. I therefore wonder why a centralized repository for submitting ideas does not exist. For memory's sake, let's call it the 'Linux Think Tank', possibly in the form of a website. I see the following advantages to this: 1. Anyone with a creative idea can post it and let it be known to the community 2. Ideas can be commented upon, improved or mutated into other ideas. 3. The ideas can give substance to programmers looking for projects 4. 'Armed against patents': if a website holds all of the creative ideas the community has submitted, it will be easier to prove a certain idea or technology already existed. It will, of course, be very important to archive this then. 5. The pool of ideas may -hopefully- be able to lead to an ever wider range of 'innovative' software, getting close or surpassing the quality and speed of traditional R&D. [6. Allow for a place for non-developers to speak their wishes, maybe or not seperated from the 'main' ideas] There are two things in my mind that are important here: 1. There have to exist some simple rules about what can be submitted and how to submit it 2. The content must be continually archived and dated. These are just some musings without thouroughly thinking it over. I'm still adapting to the concepts of Linux and Open Source as well. Yet I would appreciate your opinions on why/not this could be a good idea and what other avenues exist. Darkelve
  11. Can we get that on the 'Mandrake infamous facts' page? Oh...wait... we don't have an 'Mandrake infamous facts' page. We need an infamous facts page.
  12. It stalls directly after I type 'rescue' and confirm with '<Enter>'. Another thought I had is that maybe the disk needs defragmentation. Under Dos, I ran scandisk to check for errors, but it didn't find any. It did look a bit like a jiggsaw puzzle, however. Maybe it can't install because the HD is too fragmented?? * 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2 all gave a similar result. I got further using 'text install' one time, when the installer warned me it could not resize the windows partition. I am curious if formatting the whole disk would solve the problem, but of course I need to rescue the data first... * Suse Live Eval. CD stalls at the line 'going into tempfs'. Anyway, I'll try with Knoppix today. Maybe I will have better luck with that. Darkelve
  13. I did move it, yes. Doesn't really matter now; I was just playing around with Wine/Crossover to see what I could get to run, and I thought this would be a good thing to know since I read windows often uses the registry. Sounds much to complicated for me though... the actual times I will play it (it's an adventure game after all, without a lot of replay value), I won't mind booting into Windows. I think I'll just leave it to that... for now ;)
  14. Wowowoooo... I found some info, but it all looks so confusing... I'll just keep booting Windoze whenever to play games (curiously, my XP box has now been degraded to a websurfing and Games-only box... probably will be Games-only soon; and then who cares if anything goes wrong with Windoze :P ). Seems like this is one thing Wine people are working on: http://www.winehq.com/site/todo_lists Wine 1.0 is going to be so awesome! Darkelve
  15. Strange, in this list: http://www.mandrakeuser.org/docs/hardware/...mlf_compaq.html it shows up as 'perfectly compatible', albeit with Mdk 8.0 Do different versions of the distro support different HWare ? I would've though the best would be to keep making progress with each release (more supported HW with each new version), but maybe that's just not the case.
  16. Hi, I am trying to run a windows adventure game consisting of 1 Exe file, a few data files (for music, graphics and save games) and 1 registry file ("game.reg"). When I try to start it with Wine, it always says 'incorrect registry information, please reinstall'. When installing it in Windows, I got the same error message, solution was to double-click the .reg-file - to load in into the registry I suppose. So how can I tell Wine to use this .reg-file ? Darkelve
  17. I tried again, this time with the 9.1 install CD's. It gave a a bit of a different message: -no init found, try to pass "init= " to the kernel. So I just type 'rescue init=3' ? Here is the error message I get with the Kernel panic: Compilation failed in ... Compilation failed in ... Compilation failed in ... ... Oops: 0002 *Some garbage I can't understand* (0) Kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root File System on 01:03 Darkelve
  18. I tried rescue mode, but when at one step it get ats: - exiting init, giving hand to rescue It just seems to hang in there... maybe this would take a long time? System has 128MB RAM and a couple of hunder of Mhz. Could there be a problem? Maybe I should specify some laptop-specific parameters, like -noapic or st. ?? [EDIT] Out of curiosity, I also tried the install. But at a certain point, it gives a 'Kernel Panic: attempt to kill Init!' I'm wondering is this is laptop-specific. I also think I saw something like 'unable to find root system' in the error output !? [/EDIT] [EDIT2] Now when I try to install from the CD (install from floppy), it says something like: gzip: stdin error ; invalid compressed data [/EDIT2] Darkelve
  19. Hi, My brother owns a Compaq Armada V300, with Win98 installad. Recently however, his windoze went into 'recovery mode', basically doing the same recovery operation over and over when booting. The partition is still accessible with a DOS boot disk, but there is nothing to write. We are talking about +100 MB of user data. The only medium big enough is 2 Medion USB Flash Disks (128MB). I just got it to work with Mandrake too! (actually, it just needed formatting, but figure that out if you're a n00b...) So I was thinking: if I can boot into Linux, then I could copy his data from his Windoze partition to the USB Flash Disk. I'm also wondering whether it is best to use an installation on hard disk (1 GB of free space on my bro's computer), or to get a CD like Knoppix (which will require another 700MB dowload...). With a Live CD, I won't have to install anything, but by installing Mandrake, I'm already familiar with it. What's your suggestion? Darkelve
  20. Dhracir, Ixthusdan already gave a link to that in his (second)-previous post: http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=9014# Darkelve
  21. This link *might* be your best bet: http://www.htmlref.com/reference/appc/standard.htm lots of info on the use of entities themselves, not a lot about the actual transformation in the browsers.
  22. Found a few more links, sorry I can't be of more help...: http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net/phpwiki/Ide...sformationRules http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/html-spec/html-sp...ec_3.html#SEC18 www.utoronto.ca/ian/books/html4ed/appa/appa.doc http://www.cookwood.com/html/extras/entities.html http://www.computertorture.com/xhtml/character.xhtml http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_entitiesref.asp http://www.itts.ttu.edu/documentation/html/html11.html Darkelve P.S. It seems like number; is NOT official Xhtml and that &word; should be used, sorry for that confusion!
  23. Thing is, you do not want to erase the Linux partitions, because that's where your system and user data are. The boot loader points to booting information on a particular location, be it the primary hard disk (MBR), floppy or somewhere else. You probably want to use a boot disk to be able to tell the computer where to look for your Linux system, but as for the partitions themselves, you keep them, cause that's where all your Linux stuff lives. So, once you installed Mandrake and made a working boot disk, you can remove Lilo. Afterwards, just use the boot disk whenever you want to boot into Linux. But I would make sure to keep several identical boot disks, as diskettes aren't exactly the most reliable devices for data storage. (You mentioned the 'More options' dialog for CD1, right? From there, you can also get into 'rescue' mode, in which there is also an option to uninstall the bootloader (reinstall windows bootloader). Darkelve P.S. I'm trying my best to help you, but I'm still kind of a beginner. I'm beginning to think perhaps other people can help you better. There will probably be a lot more activity at the board this evening.
  24. Well, I suppose for some reason it puts it on the MBR automatically (which I find very strange) and that you are getting a bootloader menu at startup time now. I'm sure you can install the boot information on a disk and afterwards just remove lilo (by replacing it with the Windows master boot record). You can use the Mandrake CD's 'rescue' mode to erase Lilo and bring back the windows boot information, but I do not know how to make a boot disk for your Linux system. Perpaps the only thing you need is a boot disk like the one you can make in the Mandrake Configuration Centre (MCC), or possibly you also have to copy a few configuration files. Maybe you can start with making a boot disk from the MCC, then see how that works. It's a start and it's always a good idea to have a boot disk handy anyway. Darkelve
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