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  1. Thanks ian for he quick reply gconf-editor is the one i remember
  2. There is sda1 on my desktop and i ask you how to unmount that I have read howto do it a long time ago but after searching these forums a long time can't find it as i remember it is something do with opening up nautilus through the terminal and un-ticking a box
  3. http://www.zenwalk.org/ http://manual.zenwalk.org/ http://support.zenwalk.org/ :D I put these links in the sticky distro thread at the top here for you to take at look in your own time. I have not been in these Mandy forums for a couple of years, tried Suse, Ubuntu (current), Fedora and Arch but mainly Mandriva since it was the first one.
  4. http://www.zenwalk.org/ http://manual.zenwalk.org/ http://support.zenwalk.org/
  5. :D thanks tyme, checking them out now.
  6. thanks for your reply I don't understand when you put gdm selected, i go to System/Configuration/Boot/GDM phot setup and select a picture but then it does not show up on login screen.
  7. :D Do you know if it's possible to have a photo with the users name at the login for gnome, were by one just has to click on the image and not type your name in it? thanks for your time
  8. Like it....Like it very much! Theme? Ah, well i thought the snowish icons work perfect with the theme and its stuck with me, the theme
  9. johnz

    GIMP it!

    Modification :D nice doggy
  10. :D If you tried one and it did not work then that's discounted.
  11. same as ever, just a fresh wallpaper. http://xs.to/xs.php?f=orinoco.png&h=xs75&d=06141
  12. What was your very first Linux distrobution?
  13. :D here's mine, not much to say. http://xs.to/xs.php?h=xs74&d=06133&f=Sc.png
  14. :P nice is that a default theme arctic? I'm offline for a while, this be last screenshot for this month. http://xs.to/xs.php?h=xs73&d=06121&f=Screenz.png
  15. screenshot http://xs.to/xs.php?f=Screenz.png&h=xs72&d=06110
  16. GDM is running with XDM as the optional manager (unchecked),
  17. This isn't Gnome, or KDE, or anything specific. KDM, GDM, XDM, name-it-here, are login managers and nothing more than that. The issue above is just bad packaging and not a KDE issue. I understand you, even though i can't find gdmrc to edit, looked everywhere in the Gconfig-editor with no sign and the Boot-init
  18. :D 9°C http://xs.to/xs.php?h=xs71&d=06103&f=Screens.png
  19. :D Does anybody know if this is possible with gnome, because the above are kde files?
  20. A random screenshot, in middle of downloading some music files. http://xs.to/xs.php?h=xs70&d=06096&f=Sc.png
  21. http://xs.to/xs.php?h=xs70&d=06094&f=scrst.png btw It's march :D
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