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  1. That's what I thought. but I'm already in the process of installing so I'll have to do it next install. For now I'm working on a couple other issues. First I'm having a bugger of a time getting my sound settings to save on logout. Everytime I log in my settings revert to default which is very LOUD! Can't seem to get them to save. Also I'm working around the rpmdrake glitch. You can install once but then if you try again it complains about missing packages if you don't restart rpmdrake. Very annoying. But I'm working around this one.
  2. Thanks Dude. I'll look into that for acrobat. But as far as the second link. I did that before. Yeah it worked. But it doesn't solve my question. I want to be able to install it on a system without internet connection. basically I want to be able to install it on my main box and then take my downloaded stuff over to the kids box. I can install from the dvd but it is missing a few things. I can get them from online (Like Kaffeine) but need a way to get it to their box. Gonna go now and reinstall from live. BBL
  3. Doing some checking. Can't seem to find acrobat reader anywhere? Is there a repository where I can find it?
  4. OK guys I'm back in the fold. Debian testing was just too bunked up. There were too many holes and internet performance was poor. A big deal breaker for me. Even the live cd. So I'm back. But it's been a while so be patient with me. I'm figuring a bit out on my own. But got a basic question. I test installed with the 2010 live cd. This went fine. but I installed on the main box with the 2010 free dvd. (I downloaded and burned) So I'm trying to set up my urmpi repositories. As a background. I left Mandriva at the just after 2005le. So I never really got into urpmi. I tried using the easy urpmi links above and even the cli command listed on that page. I can get plf repositories loaded but not the main repositories. An example I'm trying to load Kaffeine from PLF but it's hitting unmet dependencies from the main repository which I can't load. It keeps saying mirrorlist not found Could not find a mirror for mirrorlist $MIRRORLIST I don't have the firewall enabled because i'm behind a router. Could this be the issue. Or should I just reinstall with the 2010 live cd. I remember way back that the live cd was the best way to install because of something like this. Is this still the case. But if so that brings me to a second issue I WILL hit. If I want to also install on a second computer that is not internet enabled (kid's box across the house) How can I make the install save the downloaded packages so I can burn them to a cd and take them into the kids room for an install? This is one thing that kept me in Debian with old apt-move. created a local mirror on my machine I could burn and use as install media. Trying to set something up like that. But first need to fix the issue with the repositories.
  5. OK OK, I have to capitulate to the penguin gods. I had a bad burn. Turns out the cd I was using was bad. I reburned and got the system up. I've got it test installed on a backup system. I have to admit that Mandriva is the only system I have KDe4 up on that works with any success. My old reliable Debian is piss poor. I know Squeeze is still in early testing but There are too many holes that need to be filled. And there are many programs that I rely on that just aren't included anymore. And Don't get me started with Kubuntu. I never liked the whole SUDO issue. I prefer a good root install. Especially with how finicky KDE4 is. But Mandriva 2010 is at least moderately usable. The biggest issue is that Mandriva is the ONLY distro I've seen with a working printer setup gui. And Debian won't even load on my old rage128 card. (my radeon crapped out 3 months ago). So I gotta say KDE4 in Mandriva is looking the most promising so far. I'm gonna do some more lurking here and see how others installs are going. if this is the future of Linux Debian is going to have to do some major fixes to keep me in the fold.
  6. Well hey guys haven't been here in a while. I migrated back to Debian after Driva 2006. I have kept a copy of driva 1 2008 as a test and emergency and show-off live cd. I've been hearing a lot about KDE 4.3 being stable now and nice so I wanted to give 2010 a look. I downloaded the live cd. Good download. MD5 sums are good and burned it twice to cd. Both get the same result. Just after setting up numlock it comes to gl_conf setup. It hangs there. I can sometimes ctrl-c past it if I hit it immediately. And sometimes it will log in. If I do nothing it simply sits at that point and hangs so hard I have to push the reset button. I tried this on two systems. one had an older ATI card. One had an nvidia tnt2 card. Both same results. Sorry guys. Can't say I'll be coming back for now. Getting Debian testing setup now.
  7. Hey brother. A possible idea. I have an older motherboard in my computer (big box but still) since it is older it doesn't use acpi which is default on in Mandriva. Instead I have to load the apm module and use acpi=off on boot. This way the system uses apm for power management issues, such as poweroff. maybe this is your issue too.
  8. Well, not sure if it's help. Plug-ins for 1.5 won't work in 2.0. And many of the favorites for 1.5 haven't been rebuilt for 2.0 yet.
  9. Gowater. I've always been more on the stability side than the bleeding edge. That's why I can handle Debian's older packages. If i need something recent I can find it and install it or upgrade it. But being on a lowly dailup it's painful to do a net install, or upgrade. And I'm not big on upgrades on my main system. I usually like to test distros out on my laptop (A toshiba 4080xcdt) with a backup hard drive. If it works on that it'll work on my other systems. So it works for me to have the acutal cd's. And I usually only go with stable cd's not testing. I didn't even get my Mandriva 2006 cd's until March. Aussie. I was wondering something. On my system irq 14 is reserved for the hard drive controller. If your irq 14 is being disabled could it be disabling your hard drive in the process? It could be a symptom of your firewire card but actually affecting the hd controller? I had an old sound card that did that in my 486 days.
  10. I agree with Gowater. This just seems to be an ongoing, continuing problem with Mandr..whatever. Now I have been a Mandrake evagelist since 7.0. My first. And I converted a couple people on different versions. But I feel 10.0 was the last version I trusted. Granted it had issues with the printer driver for my Laserjet 5 but I could work around it. And I'm not big on bleeding edge but even I thought the packages were getting old. I tried 10.1 and it gave me problems. 2006 gave me a new set of problems. Too many to ignore. I ended up getting my 10.0 system back installed. Now I was hoping 2007 would resolve the issues I had in 2006 but it seems to bring on a whole new set of problems I am not willing to address. Now I was using Debian Woody when it came out and Mandrake 10.0 brought me back. And when Sarge came out I bought a cd set was labeled as 3.1 but was actually rc1 (unstable branch of Sarge). So I din't jump on it. But I monkeyed with it enough and have only one small glitch I can get around. And it works a hell of a lot better than 2006. I'm now looking forward to Etch coming out. And some might not use it as a reason but I was a little cheesed to see the big brains at Mandriva sack the system's founder, Gael. This just reeks of when Mandrake tried to turn the company into an educational resource, or whatever. Loss of vision is my point. Though I'll still tout MDK for their hardware recognition I still think there are too many problems to ignore anymore and have given up again, and this time maybe permanently on Mandr....
  11. Yeah I know of all the issuse stated here. I read up on Ati not supporting the 9xxx series in their driver. I downloaded the previous version as they instructed. I know of the difference between 10.0 and 10.1 and up with regards to xfree86 and xorg. But this gives me a Microsoft feeling, that you need to upgrade your hardware to get similar performance. When I set my stuff up I use the same settings. I shouldn't have to downgrade my color settings to get the same performance. And what's the use of ATI putting out propriatory drivers if the performance goes in the toilet?
  12. Since I had so much problems with Mandriva 2006 I reverted back to 10.0. Now I still have to deal with 10.0's poor printer performance on my HP Laserjet. But that small hangup is short change compared to the problems that 2006 gave me. But one I am stumped on is my 3d performance. Using 10.0's standard setup using the fglrx driver with 3d accelleration on my Radeon 9000 I can get 894 fps. Now I've tried Debian by itself and it get's the same performance of Mandriva 2006, roughly 450 fps. About half what 10.0 gave me. And if I use ati's propriatory driver, I'm lucky to get 100 fps. WHAT Gives? I mean, you'd expect ati's driver to give the optimum performance. Nope, Even if I use the xf86config file originally from 10.0. I also noticed a similar reduction in performance from 10.0 to 2006 with my Rage 128 on the backup machine. I could get 400 fps with 10.0 and only around 150 fps in 2006. Seems like 10.0's base system was a better performer. Has anyone else running a Radeon 9000 seen anything similar and/or have a work around. On a side note I've been reading a lot on 2007's problems with 3d and I'm now leary of giving it a go. I'm keeping a keen eye on the erata and other bug reports before I decide to try it. Debian Sarge wasn't up to snuff either and I'm wondering if I'm going to have to try etch instead. But I'm concerned my 3d will never get the performance 10.0 gave it.
  13. Of course Doom and Doom 2 Pacman (I have an awesome clone on my pc) Then there's Myst,Riven and Exile (Totally addicted) and Starcraft and Brood War. And to an extent Warcraft II but not as much as starcraft. And back to the old days with Good old LodeRunner
  14. I have the same card running on 10.0. I have no problems. Can you see the card in harddrake? During boot up do you use the verbose boot and can you see it initializing eth0? I simply use the network setup tool in MCC to setup the nic. Maybe put it in another pci slot?
  15. As I've said I've tried all kinds of options. I've got plenty of space (7g) in /tmp and (4.5g) in /home/cage/tmp. That's not the problem. As far as 2007. I'm looking forward to it. But being on a lowly dialup, upgrading over the internet is painful. Not only that I ususally like to test a new distro on my backup system before I commit it to the main box. I don't like to upgrade my main system until I know the new os is working (which is why I never put debian sarge on it). So there is no fix to the problem in 2006? no update of just k3b or anyone fixing it?
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