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  1. Since there are some long time Opera users here I ask it in this topic: are there any good adblocking software for Opera? Also is there any way for spell checking?
  2. I also had some problems with Opera in the past namely flash plug in didn't work right if I clicked another tab while it was playing, when I clicked back there was a grey block instead of the video. plus mplayer plug-in didn't work whatever I tried to do. So I decided to give it a try and I was glad I did it. First of all the installation. The guys made a Mandriva package so it was effortless. Just chose Mandriva from the list gave the root password and wait a few minutes. When the installation was finished it was right in the Internet menu. The first thing to notice is the new look. I like it. I1m sure there are hundreds more but I like the default. Now lets start with the problems. First page to visit is youtube.com. Flash player works. I start another tab with another video from Google video. I switch between the two tabs a few times, no grey block. Second plug in test. Visit java.com. Java plug-in works. Now let's see if mplayerplug-in works. So let's go to apple.com/trailers. Unfortunately mplayerplug-in seems to have a problem with playing Quicktime 7 videos. But finally I found one which wasn't in that format and it worked right in Opera too. So it looks to me the Opera developers worked for their money this time. Of course I can only find some problems with longer usage but the first impression is positive.
  3. An official date for Download Day: June 17th
  4. OpenOffice.org 2.4.1 has been released. Read about the new features here. It also fixes a security bug.
  5. dexter11

    3 Major Issues

    For problem one: please post your /boot/grub/device.map and /boot/grub/menu.lst file here. For problem two: you don't have to install it from source. I'm sure Pidgin is in the Mandriva repositories. Visit http://easyurpmi.zarb.org Follow the steps there and then use your software installer utility to install software.
  6. Here's a short video about some of the new features of Firefox 3.
  7. KDE community ships fifth translation and service release of the 4.0 Free Desktop, containing numerous bugfixes, performance improvements and translation updates. Read more...
  8. Big Buck Bunny (code-named Peach) is a short animated film by the Blender Institute, part of the Blender Foundation. Like the foundation's previous film Elephants Dream, the film was made using free software. Work began in October, 2007 and the film was released in an April 10th, 2008 premiere in Amsterdam. The online release date was 28th of May. The film can be downloaded freely in multiple formats.
  9. That's the problem. Use online sources too. There are way more packages in the ftp mirrors than in the installation media(s). Click on the easyurpmi link on the top of this page and follow instructions.
  10. dexter11


    Finally I've found something in my docs which could be useful to you. Beware in contains some command line magic.
  11. dexter11


    AFAIK Kerry and beagle searches for files. A package which has kde4 in its name does not necessarily contains files with kde4 in their name. Search for packages in the package manager.
  12. dexter11


    Urpmi.recover is not installed by default. Here's what rpmdrake writes about it: It's 9KB so it shouldn't be a problem to install even on low bandwidth systems.
  13. dexter11


    Unfortunately uninstalling such a complex software like KDE is not straight forward. So I'd like to encourage everyone to use urpmi.recover before installing KDE4 or any other big piece of software. Your life will be much easier. As for uninstalling it now There is topic about just that somewhere in the club forum but I just can't find it. It includes some command line magic.
  14. Compiz-fusion is Compiz + Beryl together. They call it fusion because the two projects merged a couple of months ago. Beryl is not developed anymore as a standalone project. Mandriva has a backports repo for both main and contrib. If you need a newer version from a software try looking in them first. There is no real advantage using 3rd party repos like SOS anymore IMHO.
  15. There have been rumors since last year that Valve may be serious about porting Source games to Linux after Valve Software began seeking a senior software engineer with the responsibility of porting Windows-based games to the Linux platform. Valve Software has yet to officially announce Linux clients for any of its software, but Phoronix have received information confirming that Valve is indeed porting its very popular Source engine to the Linux platform. The rest of the article is here.
  16. If anyone is interested in multiplatform OpenGL development here then there is a new live CD aimed to do just that called myOSX11-GL. It's basically a stripped down Mandriva 2008. More info and the download is here. The original announcement in the Mandriva forum is here.
  17. Time to throw my 2 cents in though some of my thoughts were already mentioned by others. I tend to agree with Iphitus in a lot of things. My experience tells me that distro specific forums give better support since you can get better skills by learning one distro than learning multiple distros even if there are a lot of the same problems among distros. The official Mandriva support forum IS a good place for support especially since Adam arrived there. Though this forum may have lost from its user base the official forum has an increasing number of users. Mandriva may be not the first distro anymore but it's not going down. (Btw I proposed a few times in the official forum to use MUB as THE official Mandriva forum but the powers that might be decided against it). A lot of you mentioned an idea which would make distrostop.org different from other forums. I think this is the most important thing and I still fail to see that idea. Without it you have a bigger chance to fail than not. Just like making a movie starts (or should start) with a good script. If you don't have that your movie will most likely suck. So before doing anything I suggest you to find that idea. About splitting up the user base. I don't care if fewer newbies come here. But I do care if old time users like you Mysti or Paul have less time to visit this board. Old time users are the ones who keep this board alive. But since you seem to be determined to keep distrostop I wish you the best of luck.
  18. Though openOffice.org is still months away you can take a look some of its new features here.
  19. No Mandriva uses meta packages which are basically empty packages with a lot of dependencies. They are used in cases like this e.g. to install full KDE or Gnome etc desktops. The KDE 4 metapackage should be called something like task-kde4. There can be more than one. One for minimal and one for full KDE 4 installation.
  20. There is no big file (hdlist.cz) anymore. Mandriva is using a new XML based file format in 2008 Spring which is a way smaller than hdlist was. There should be an option in the GUI which sets up whether to download the info or not. When I saw this new feature in one of the betas it only downloaded the extra info when I clicked on "file list" or "description" etc drop-down lists. You have to ask for enhancements in Bugzilla just when you choose severity choose enhancement.
  21. I wouldn't use those packages if I were you. Those are from the very first release of KDE 4 known to be buggy and unstable. Since then KDE 4.0.2 is out with hundreds of bugfixes.
  22. The forum engine will let you attach only a certain type of files. Add txt extension to the filename and you can add it to your post. I am thinking about maybe you shouldn't add anything, maybe you should remove something. From the two package list the obvious choice is LinDVD. I have no explanation why a video player should affect mounting though so it's just a guess. Mandriva is using the point release cycle meaning you'll only get bugfixes and security fixes after the released a version of the distro. Among the fixes are updated (but newer version) kernel packages too. But if you still want newer version packages then use the backports repos. To be fair, by releasing the Powerpack to a magazine they have already insulted those that paid full price. No they didn't. First of all there is a lifcycle to every product. E.g. I can get a Pentium4 computer for much cheaper when it was released. Do computer manufacturers insult the users who bought it right after they were released? I don't think so. Second if Mandriva PP is released in a magazine that means that the magazine is paying for the printing of DVDs. So they can further reduce the price.
  23. For details, read the Release Notes.
  24. You can also find them at their official club topic. Plus they have their own IRC channel. On their homepage you can find their email address. See you only have to know how to find them.
  25. You have to change the login manager to have reboot and shutdown choices in Gnome. Change KDM to GDM in the Mandriva control center. Unfortunately if you do that you loose your reboot and shutdown choice in KDE.
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