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  1. You can try to ask the MIB guys. MIB is the only working unofficial repo I know of besides mandrivauser.de or mandrivaclub.nl. They build packages even for 2007 Spring though I don't know if they build complex ones too.
  2. You could probably just recompile the src.rpm after you changed the macros in the spec file. This means that there are new macros for kde3 in 2009 which has the same name like the old ones except they have kde3_ before the name. Afetr that you can try to rebuild it.
  3. Before uploading it to a random place where very few people could find it try submitting it to an unofficial repo: http://mib.pianetalinux.org/ This is currently the only working one I know of. Besides Mandriva does take packages from any user if they meet all the guidelines and\or you maintain that package not just make it and then forget about it.
  4. It's in contrib. You added the official repos too, didn't you? If yes then maybe the mirror you are using is not synced try update your sources. You can find it in the File menu of rpmdrake (the software installer).
  5. If a package is not in the official repos then look around in the unofficial ones. Look around in PLF (use easyurpmi on the top of this page to add it) or google for Mandriva Italia Backports.
  6. The AMD Catalystâ„¢ 8.12 Proprietary Linux x86/x86_64 Display driver is released. Read the release notes (pdf) or the FAQ; and download.
  7. Yo! Frankie which once was codenamed Project Apricot by the Blender foundation is ready and free to download now. The game is based on the Big Buck Bunny movie and characters. a video.
  8. I don't know how to retrieve GRUB error messages. I guess there is a way to start it in debugging mode. Anyway if you can't boot Mandriva to reinstall GRUB then you have to use a different media e.g. a live CD to boot then chroot to the Mandriva / partition and then reinstall Grub.
  9. Dropping the old KDE is not just the decision of Mandriva. If the KDE krew decides to drop it then supporting it would take extra effort and resources, and this is something Mandriva just can't afford. Not to mention that supporting both KDE 4 and 3.5 didn't make any good for Mandriva 2009 too. Instead of one stable KDE release now we have two mixtures: KDE 3.5 with KDE 4 apps or the opposite. None of them working perfectly.
  10. Use the old Amarok. The new one packaged with 2009 was unusable for me.
  11. I don't know if they fixed this bug or not but the "update complete, reboot" message was showed when it wasn't suppose to ahow up. So try urpmi --auto-update and see if it's trying to update some more packages. If yes then the upgrade process was interupted.
  12. Actually there are more KDE 4 applications blended in 2009 KDE 3 like Gwenview, Ktorrent and Krusader. Somebody made a package of Gwenview on the official forum (look for a topic called KDE 3). There is an Amarok package in the official repo which works, except theming, unlike the new Amarok. I thought about rebuilding the KDE 3 packages of Ktorrent and Krusader but one of them needs 100 M in dependencies just to build, the other one needs 300 M. So I wait until I become really desperate or somebody makes a package of them. BTW both SoS and MDE seem to be stopped. Anyone have some news about them?
  13. There is an install fest after every release.
  14. No it's not spam. CodeWeavers decided to release Crossover Pro and Crossover Games for Linux and Mac for free but only today. You can download it here and get a serial number here.
  15. openOffice 3 has been released. The Release announcement is here. You can read about what's new here. And you can download it here. P.S. Currently all the pages are slashdotted.
  16. It can be an amazing technology and it can bring amazing speed but how much does it cost? AFAIK fibre is very expensive. What's the fastest I could get now? I think it's about 10 Mbit. I had 3 Mbit at one time and it was more than enough. So why would I want a fibre channel? Why would most of the people? To get 1 wire for TV, phone, internet etc ? Truth is I don't care how many wires they use to get me those services. They are already there and they are working well. I don't wanna pay more for the "one cable for all" solution. And I doubt most people want.
  17. I had a gig free space so I didn't meet the first one. But the second... I restarted upgrade 3 times because urpmi couldn't find some packages. Isn't this what Aria2 should handle? Or is it working in 2009 only?
  18. I have some problem with KDE 3.5.10. Should I report them or KDE 3.5 is completele out of support now?
  19. I don't have fibre channel and I don't think I'll ever have one. All new realistic internet providing technologies focus on using already existing cables like phone or power lines or not using wires at all. So I say this one sounds good but nothing will come out of it for us.
  20. Interesting... but nothing more. At least not for common people.
  21. NVIDIA 177.80 Display Driver has been released. You can read some details about it on Phoronix.com. You can download it from here.
  22. Here's the LWN article about this. What I don't understand is this: WTF? Every start X starts to compile? My keyboard mapping didn't change since.. I don't know.. it never changed. What's the point of this?
  23. If you wanna judge a distro's reputation you should get info from more sources. I see new users on the official forum frequently. Read about several new fan sites opening. And they had some very good releases, Mandriva 2008 Spring is probably one of the best they ever made. Community support and the reputation has dramatically changed positively since Adam Williamson arrived. All the decisions of the company were community friendly lately. Hardly the signs of declining. IMHO that's an old article and should be rewritten. The only valid point there is the website. It's still chaotic but as I read in the forum the curent club website will be phased out. I proposed several times to use this forum as an official forum but it didn't happen for reasons unknown to me and likely won't happen. As for distrowatch ranking, I can't really remember the last time Mandriva was first there. Probably it was still Mandrake. Ever since Mandriva was around the 7th place. Some times better sometimes worse. It tends to go up whenever a new release is out. And it tends to go down slowly afterwards.
  24. A new bugfix and maintenance release for the KDE 4.x series codenamed "Codename" has been released. The most important changes from the announcement: Deleting files got a nice 32 times speedup. Many bugfixes and improvements in KHTML and its new JavaScript bytecode interpreter Frostbyte. "Stop animations" is back in Konqueror. The Kopete Instant Messenger team fixed crashes in the ICQ, Yahoo and Gadu-Gadu protocols. Comicbook backend fixes in the document viewer Okular Fixes in Gwenview's thumbnailing, Various crash fixes in KGpg, the PGP security utility.
  25. Well then here's one: Awesome. It's not really flashy, I didn't try it myself, but I read some users praising it. Some screenies before install: http://tamilinux.wordpress.com/2008/05/07/...y-in-the-panel/
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