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  1. Can I use it paralell with the 3.4.x version? Or do I have to get rid of that first?
  2. If you a heavy downloader meaning you want to download more things in the same time you better use Azureus. This is probably the most popular torrent client.
  3. Oops sorry I forgot to write but I'm using hungarian encoding.
  4. Use the official java instead from java.sun.com. I don't know why do you want to use Limewire but I recommend to not use it. The manufacturer of Limewire made an agreement with the record companies so it downloads files with licenses only. If you want DRM free stuff and Limewire use/search for Frostwire instead. It has only a beta yet so don't expect to much. Otherwise you can still use some other filesharing system.
  5. No sec updates won't be terminated. That would be a suicide.
  6. Strange my first expression was when I saw it that it's synaptic. Never heard a bad word about synaptic before.
  7. I haven't read through this topic so I assume you are talking about the CPU overload caused by kat. You can switch it off or uninstall it. The other CPU overload bug is caused by acpid logrotate, whatever it means and is affected only those machines that run 24 hrs a day. There's an easy solution to that also. The IMHO most serious bug is caused by the new x server, and no official fix for that.
  8. Edit /etc/urpmi/urpmi.cfg as root. This file contains the description of each installation media source. But what AussieJohn wrote in this case is true. You have to do it again everytime you make a clean install, well until Mandriva is using urpmi as the default software manager. But it takes about 2 minutes so it's not that scary.
  9. Can you change to console (Ctrl+Alt+F1) ?
  10. The new Xorg in 2006 has issues with the opensource video drivers on some machines. Read the Errata and the Release notes. A solution can be if you use the propietary drivers.
  11. Works for me. All I can think that it's related to the encoding.
  12. Because smart will be the future package manager of Mandriva. At least it looks it will. About adding mirrors: easyurpmi already supports smart.
  13. Are you using the official ATI driver?
  14. dexter11

    Problem with GIMP

    GIMP 2.8? Even 2.4 hasn't been released. For the problem, try to start GIMP from terminal and see if it gives some error messages when it crashes.
  15. If you want to find unofficial Mandriva repos try seerofsouls instead.
  16. dexter11

    File Structure

    One more thing the version you are using is really old and is not even supported anymore. The time it was created Firefox probably didn't exist. 9.2 used Mozilla as default browser. I mean that you likely won't find Firefox with urpmi unless you find some unofficial repository. Lot of things chaged since 9.2 times like the distro's name. The new name is Mandriva. The latest release is Mandriva Linux 2006, it would be 11.0 if they'd still use version numbers I think.
  17. Alternatively you can add cdrom through MCC if you prefer GUI.
  18. A quick guide to urpmi –parallel by Adam Williamson here.
  19. Path is a set of directories stored in a variable. You can watch yours by issuing echo $PATH in the CLI. If you launch a program e.g. GIMP or anything else, the system will look for that program in those dirs, and if it's not there then you will meet the famous "No such file or directory" message. About Sunbird, if you still want to install it I think you should install some mozilla package as well, I think it depends on them. See the error message I have posted before.
  20. Yes with the mount command (man mount). The format should be something like this: mount <TheDriveYouWantToMount> <TheDirYouWantToMountItTo> If there is no dir then make one. Oh before using CLI try to mount it in the MCC I'm sure somehow it can be done there too.
  21. There are several methods. The easiest is to download the ISOs burn them and the installer will ask you if you want to do a clean install or just upgrade. The other is using the package manager (urpmi). Broadband connection requiered. 1. Delete your old media sources by urpmi.removemedia -a 2. Get new media sources. Visit easyurpmi 3. Install upgrades by urpmi --auto-select --auto
  22. It means you already tried the alternate configurations in KDM (Menu/Sytem/Configuration/KDE/System/KDM)
  23. AFAIk it means there's no official support for it, only sec and bugfixes.
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