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  1. yelp is the GNOME help system epiphany is the GNOME internet browser. There's a chance that you have to reinstall the whole GNOME desktop but SoS has a newer one isn't it?
  2. ZIP file? Where did you get it? It should be an ISO file. Look into the ZIP file. What's in there?
  3. Use the df command to know about free space on your HDs.
  4. Getting a Forbidden You don't have permission to access /00001/page03/Blue_Flower_1600.jpg on this server.. It's in this page. 4th from the bottom.
  5. 2007 is not even beta yet. It was released as Live CD because it's easier to test it. So if you like to play with your system go ahead and try to use it in as many ways as possible and report bugs at qa.mandriva.com. But if not download the 2006 One and use that.
  6. dexter11

    Video woes

    So it's a cooker system? If you have an nvidia card why do you have ati drivers installed? Maybe they are conflicting with the nvidia driver. Since ATI driver is using dri it seems likely to me. Remove ATi driver first (if it's for the video card and not for the MoBo chipset).
  7. It won't fix the bad\missing signature problems since the problem is in the packages not on your system, well at least with the signatures part. The 2006 release had and it looks like still has a ton of badly signed packages. You can avoid signature checking with the --no-verify-rpm switch e.g. urpmi --no-verify-rpm cups
  8. How about typing vlc? What did you do in the remove software utility?
  9. Never tried the paying version but ATI drivers should install automatically. But before trying to install 2006 note that when it came out had some very serious bugs so before installing download the Core updates CD and start the installation with that and not the with the paying version. The core updates CD is club member only but with buying a Power Pack you'll get 1 month silver membership AFAIK so you can download it. Or instead of buying a Power Pack you can buy 1 year of club membership and download the December club release where all the showstopper bugs has been fixed.
  10. I didn't feel old.. until now.
  11. You can look in the software uninstaller utility for installed packages. If you switch to detailed view and scroll down in the description window you can see the files which were installed by that package. Now a few posts before me and scarecrow wrote that executables go to /usr/bin. So if you see in the filelist something like /usr/bin/prgstart then you know that by typing prgstart in the command prompt you can launch that program.
  12. In Linux or in any Unix variants files are stored in the directory structure according to their role e.g. binary executables are stored in /usr/bin , config files in /etc , documentation in /usr/share/doc etc. Search for the file system hyerarchy standard in Google if you want more details.
  13. Usernames and passwords are the same if you login in console or in a GUI.
  14. On Mandriva One the login for normal users is guest, password is also guest. For admins login as root with the password root.
  15. Do thac and Ze compile for 2005LE too? Aioshin if you choose to upgrade to 2006 I suggest to use the SoS repo instead of mde. It has more stable packages IMHO. KDE 3.5.3 for 2006 is here: http://www.seerofsouls.com/rpms.php?type=r.../i586/KDE-3.5.3
  16. I beleive you know what you are talking about but I also believe they don't have graphic designers judging by the quality how Mandriva looked like until 2006. So I think a developer with a little spare time made a wallpaper and that was the graphic design. I also believe that a web developer knows how to code in perl so they can help develop the Mandriva tools if needed. Or I can say the guy who knows the most about java can package OpenOffice and develop xwiki. Testing was just an example. I also know from Adam's posts that the club page is developed when they got men assigned to it. So I think what you wrote is how it should work not how it's working at least not at Mandriva.
  17. First I don't think the people will always stay in the same departments e.g. if the new release needs testing then the almost everybody is testing web designer or not because a stable distro is more important than a misleading webpage. Second I wrote they are in financial trouble again meaning not just Gael was fired and less people has to do the same amount of job. Third I don't think they webteam is only there to design webpages. they have to take care of the club page corporate club page Kiosk etc.
  18. I'd say it's plain lazyness, nothing else. :P I'd say a third version : they didn't get to it. They are in financial trouble again and they have to please the club members with a new club release, develop the club page both of them are long delayed things. Plus they have to develop the new release and I didn't even mention the corporate customers yet. And you call them a liar or lazy. They are hard working people with limited time and resources and both hands full of work and a webpage probably doesn't have the top priority when they have to fix things like the Xorg, Kat, logrotate bug etc. Anyway they finally got to it this is the new download page I think.
  19. What extra packages? If you mean the dev packages then yes. In fact almost every package is on the ftp servers the only exceptions are the propietary packages. But they are available from plf. If you find unofficial ISOs somewhere on the net then it's possible. Btw there are there are websites which are selling ISOs cheaply like cheapbytes but there are others. You can save some money if you order from those guys. But of course Mandriva won't get anything from that money. Last time I heard Mandriva had 13000 packages in its repos I don't think they will make ISOs from all the packages.
  20. OFF AFAIK the repo is available, only the ISOs are released month later. /OFF
  21. It is surely possible because it's open source. But I seriously doubt Mandriva will spend valuable resources on these things. As I wrote earlier Mandriva is packaging software and not writing it. Second It's a GTK open file dialog not a GNOME open file dialog. GNOME is using GTK so you can see this open file dialog in GNOME too but it comes with GTK. I never saw an application which is using two different widget sets. By your idea under KDE FF and all the other applications should use QT which is the widget set used by KDE. Ther's no point to use one and then the other under a different DE. My NVu is dated 20050630. It's more than a year old. It seems to me the the mozilla guys have stopped using their widget set for whatever reason. And they have chosen to use another widely used widget set which they don't have to develop so they can focus on wring just a browser, mail client etc. Finally open file dialog and file managers are two different things. The first is used to choose which file(s) to open/save the latter is used to copy/rename/move/use etc files. If you use one name for the other it's confusing.
  22. Here's the theme contest club forum topic.
  23. OK I think I got it. I checked Firefox, Thunderbird and Nvu. FF and TB are using the standard GTK open file dialog while Nvu is still using the old Mozilla open file dialog window. I think the problem, if it's a problem, is related to using different widget sets. Though this changes nothing on that it's not Mandriva's job to rewrite applications. FF and TB developers felt a need for change, only they know why, and they did it. If you want them to use the old widget set you should ask them and not Mandriva.
  24. Contest rules are available in English now: http://club.mandriva.com/xwiki/bin/Main/Co...006?language=en
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