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DSL modem recommendation for 2008


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Well my networking knowledge is limited. I checked my modem and I do not have NAT enabled either. I did not see any Quality of Service or IGMP multicast items in my GUI.


Can you verify that your GUI indicates a DNS server has been specified?


Is there an option to "restore defaults" This might get you going.

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Yes, the GUI says that there is both a primary and secondary DNS server specified. I do have a button in the back of the modem to restore defaults, but since I have changed nothing, I am pretty certain that it is in default mode.....


Perhaps I should open a new post in a different category more relevant to this issue??


Regards -- Roger

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The MTU should be correct for the type of connection you have. Standard ethernet uses an MTU of 1500. If 1492, then this is obviously for a DSL connection, and in Mandriva, this should be configurable through the network configuration wizard in MCC (Configure Your Computer). Make sure the correct type of network connection is configured if PPPOE or PPPOA and set the MTU accordingly. you may need to go into advanced config settings, but I'm not sure I would have to check as I'm not on a Mandy system right now.

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Thanks, and shockingly enough it fixed the problem!! I gather that the max system MTU is 1500, and some sites tack on extra (for some purpose or another) which exceeds the 1500 limit and things bounce. Supposedly the 1492 allows 8 (bytes?) of tacked on info so that the 1500 limit is not exceeded. Need to talk to someone that knows what they are talking about to get a coherent description....


I read somewhere that this is addressed in 10.1?? But that is not my system....


Thanks and regards - I am up and running!!! Roger

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