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Local Network Install [solved]


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Hi all. I've just got hold of a Mandriva 2010 DVD and installed to my desktop system, and all is good.


I have a Acer Aspire One, currently running the original XP install and UNR (Ubuntu Netbook Remix). I wish to install Mandy 2010 on it, but I do not have an external drive or a usb drive over 4gb for a usb modified DVD install.


Unfortunately the Aspire One cannot boot off SD card either (BIOS issue).


Can I get a boot image on a flash drive and then network to my desktop to do the install?

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One easy way is to mount the dvd ISO on your machine that is up and running and ensure an ftp server is running. Then from inside the DVD ISO, you should find a boot.iso that you can start a system from CD and then do a network install from an ftp server, and do the install across the network to the machine running the ftp server with the iso mounted. I do this all the time for server installs with Xen, but I've also used it to install on a machine that only had a CD-ROM drive, when I only had the DVD image downloaded :)


If for example you use vsftpd, all you need to do is ensure that in /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf (or wherever it exists) has a line that anonymous access is enabled, and then add a line that says something like this:


anon_root = /mnt/iso


then restart vsftpd. Then do this:


mkdir /mnt/iso
mount -o loop /wherever/you/saved/it/mandriva_dvd.iso /mnt/iso


then it'll be accessible from the ftp server. Now check in /mnt/iso and there will be a directory in here that has a boot.iso in it (i586/install/images - checked on Mandy 2010). Burn this to a CD, and start the other machine from the CD. When prompted for the ftp server, give the ip address of your machine where vsftpd was installed, and then ensure you connect with anonymous access and it should hopefully start OK.

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Thanks guys.


I found the boot.iso on the dvd and used:


dd if=path_to/boot.iso of=/dev/sdh


Where sdh is my flash drive.


My acer wont boot off this, it goes straight back to the normal grub menu. In dolphin all the flash drive has is an isolinux folder and a version text file. Is this correct?


Edit: I used the all.img file and can now boot the acer. Just trying to connect it.

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Ok, I got it to boot off the all.img file. Got to the ftp start, took a little while to figure out that I needed to specify /i586 as the mandriva directory. I'm going through the hoops with my partition layout. Nothing I can't sort out I hope. so far so good.

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