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Lost package manager. Need help restoring it


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I am new to Linux so be gentle with me !


I was uninstalling a few games I don't want and when I clicked the "Apply" the package manger just vanished. It is also gone from my menu and the computer icon that was used to manage the system no longer functions. Says file not found.


It seems the package manager has trashed itself and I don't know how to get it back short of reinstalling which I really don't want to do AGAIN.


Any help is appreciated.


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I would say you probably removed rpmdrake perhaps. You should still have your console tools for installing packages. Open a terminal or console window, and then type:


su (enter root password when prompted)
urpmi rpmdrake


and then see if that gets you back to normal.

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Just to make sure you did that after using the "su" command, didn't you?

If that's the case then you have to download the urpmi package which mathches your distro release from a Mandriva mirror and install it with the "rpm" command.

Which Mandriva release are you using?

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I did run as su. Mandriva 2009 64 bit. But if rpm is broken how do I install an rpm?


Remember I am new to this. :unsure:


I assume it is on the install disk if I had a clue what it is called and where to find it.

Urpmi is broken. I assume rpm is still intact. Urpmi is using rpm.

So you have the install DVD. In the x86_64/media/main directory there is urpmi. Install the package which just has urpmi in its name. Not urpmi-parallel or urpmi-ldap.

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Do I type that exactly as you show or do I need to figure out the path to the packages...which I have no clue where they are.


No, of course not.

"foo" has to be replaced by the actual package name, and "%PATH/TO/RPMS%" with "/home/Paulkruger/rpms/" or whatever that bloody path is.

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After a total wipe and reinstall all was going rosy until I used the package manager to un-install gzine only to see it start to wipe out "drake" etc. Now I cannot even log in to the very different looking login screen. It does not say my login failed...it just does nothing then displays the login again. I have a backup this time but can't start drakebackup to restore it?


This is becoming more trouble than it's worth and I am afraid I will remain stuck with Windows forever !!!


Why in the %^$# would the package manager kill itself and two days of setting up when the only thing I marked for removal was gxine media player ?


How do I restore my saved backup?


I am lost and about to give up on Linux !!! HELP

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The simplest thing would not have been to remove the gxine package or whatever else it was you were removing. Since it obviously removed dependencies you would have seen a list of packages to remove before you actually clicked yes to accept it. I'm assuming that you didn't read these before clicking?


So, install it and stop messing around removing packages you are unsure of and if you really must remove them, check the list of packages before you accept and start removing them. Because after that, it's too late which you've found out more than once now ;)


The fault is not Linux or Mandriva.

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I saw the list but they were greek to me. I assumed that nothing unrelated to a media player would be removed, expecially such things as the package manager and Gnome itself?


There was no warning of any kind telling me that anything being removed would destroy my system. I was trying to get a DVD player to function and had new packages with codecs for xine and was instructed to first remove the old version before installing the new...that is ALL I marked for renewal, gxine...?


Why would it remove drake, my financial software and the package manager itself ??? That is just dumb ??


I can't put it back because I can't even log in...that was also destroyed.

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gxine is not a dependency to ANY other package- that is for sure. Removing it should remove NO-OTHER-PACKAGE.

Quite obviously you were trying to remove other things in parallel.

BTW all that is also Greek to me... :P

Anyway, packages named "gzine" and "drake" do not exist at all. If you want help, you must give accurate failure reports. Else, noone will be able (or care) to help.

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It was impossible to create any kind of report after the system was wiped out...I just reinstalled and made a partition image with Clonezilla just in case. I just ment the generic set of "drake" utilities such as XFdrake, drakebackup etc were all wiped out when I uninstalled gzine packages.

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