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Using windows drivers under Linux?


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I don't like the idea.  It means we will be running some unoptimized winBlows driver BUT...I have to try it on my 802.11g CARD !!!!


Oh if I wasn't such a hypocrite!!!  


Will report back!!!


Um... let's call it a 'temporary disconvenience' shall we?


(I'm not saying it's the greatest thing, but for people who already bought such a device?)

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My opinion on this subject si the same os other people opinion on WineX. With WineX, many people argue that it discourages companies from releaseing native linux ports. I of course think that is a bunch of phooey, because linux is a baby in the gaming world.


However, networking and printing are linux staples. THe vast majority of both classes of devices work natively, but new devices and standards come out all the time, and if linux fails to keep up on these criticle fronts, then linux WILL DIE. I don';t want to see that happen and I certainly think that this is a very bad sign of things to come.


I don't want to emulate windows, I want to kick the crap out of windows.

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I agree VeeDub BUT .. Linux faces some critical decisions!!!


How do we handle native linux drivers which aren't open source????


These fall into two categories...

Basically those like say NVIDIA who want to protect their graphics card and those where an open source driver would be illegal in the US.


The latter, consist of cryptographic and WiFi drivers but I guess you can include dvdcss.


The latter is particualrly thorny ... I can get a .deb to make my laptop Wifi work BUT

1) Its going to taint the kernel becuase it isn't GPL (and legally can't be in the states)

2) If I download it I go against the wishes of the guy who's web site it is who asks those outside of the US NOT to download it and make HIM a criminal.


Hopefully the former will take care of itself.... over time.

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I think that you're realy cementing my point. As for drivers like nvidia that taint the kernel, who cares?? My nvidia card works great with no ill effects, who gives a flying you know what if my kernel is technicaly tainted??? I certainly don't.


I do see you're point about dvd, but that's realy my point too. Linux is in a precarious place between open source and real life, and sometimes, yes, we do make compromises, but every time we do, we put a nail in the linux coffin.


nvidia is a thumb tach in the linux coffin, but I prybar under the lid for what it adds.

css is a the same way. It's a small consession for a very big gain.


these windows drivers on the other hand, in my opinion gain the linux community as a whole very litle in return for a very big rail-road spike hammered into our coffin. I realize that for selected individuals, it may be a big gain, but as a community, given the huge number of supported net cards and printers, the gain is small.

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One of the cards that this "driver" works with is in my dell laptop. It's a truemobile 1300, which currently does not have any linux drivers. Debating weither to give it a try with this windows' drivers thingy... Then again, my netgear wg511 works np natively in linux... So there's no real use.

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