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Slow writing to SD card


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Hi there,


When I insert an SD card into my USB card reader it get`s automatically mounted in mandriva 2009.1, only problem is that it is really slow whilst writing files to it, especially if the files are large, eg greater than 50MB.


If I unmount the SD card and manually mount it myself, I get fast speed as it should be.

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see if the mount options are different when you mount it vs. when Mandriva mounts it automatically.


Type 'mount' in a console while it's mounted, do it once after Mandriva mounted it and once after you manually mounted it and compare the line that refers to the sd-card (maybe post the output of 'mount' for each attempt here).

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Guest vnvnvn2000

I have this problem too! Please, if someone knows anything about this, tell us!


My RX3715 has been behaving this way since the first day:

If you record video to the main memory, it's inmediate (like Zire72 on SD)

If you record to the SecureDigital, it's a dissaster.


I have tried two cards, but the results are the same.


Thank you for your help

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