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Using Meta Tags


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I'm trying to increase the visibility of a web site. I've read so much conflicting information regarding meta tags that I'm not sure what to believe. I went ahead and added them anyway and now I'm reading about using a Robot Meta Tag. Any advice? I've got to find someway for the search engines to find this site. Thanks!

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I found http://webtips.dan.info/titles.html a good site that talks about authoring websites and stuff. Quote: ", search engines don't make much use of these tags nowadays... ..Still, it does no harm to use them, and some of the indexers do still make use of them. However, Google is the leading search engine now, and it makes no observable use of META elements"


He mentions robot meta tags and he's got a ton of links that are probably useful

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You could try my Reverse Engineering method to help you out. For example, lets suppose we want to find a site for pictures of our favorite NBA team... The Spurs.


1) google this "photos spurs"


2) open up first site that was returned ( Should of been a page from Newsday.com ) and view page source.


3) take notes on how this page was set up and worked in google.


4) in this case, our keywords we googled for are not even listed in any meta tags. So it seems the page title had a much better impact on the result in this case and would help to prove the stories like sas just mentioned.

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