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Not what I am experiencing at all. Linux is fat more aggressive at swapping out by default than windows making switching between different apps quite slow; also video playback is not as smooth (when did ati implement xv again?) my girlfriends laptop runs (1.6GHz centrino m/ ati x600) runs windows very smoothly but linux, and I have tried a few,  :wall:


Maybe it's your ATI card that is the problem, or moreover that the ATI Linux module is just crap compared to the Windows driver. NVidia on the other hand, have never been as problematic as ATI. Video playing fine on my systems, Intel and NVidia video. I don't buy ATI anymore, and never will because of all the problems I experienced previously with them.

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Try this:




OK, I know it says that it's for Ubuntu, but you can use powertop to help increase the life of your battery, as well as some other neat methods. My laptop lasts two hours regardless of whether it's Windows or Linux even before I tried these tips, and now it'll last a bit longer. Phoronix also had another review, about a Samsung Netbook, and they got six hours out of it with Linux.

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