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Open Compiz Config Settings manager. Make sure you have 'Window Decorations' checked. Open it, there is a Command field. Enter 'emerald --replace' there. You may have to restart the x-server. Ctrl + Alt + backspace. Log in and see it that allows the theme to load.

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First of all Ctrl + Alt + backspace maybe doesn't work depending which edition he uses, second it's not a good idea to give an advice like this without stating what will happen if it works.


So rusik if Ctrl + Alt + backspace works then it kills the X server meaning all your opened applications will be killed, any new data which was changed in the files in those applications will likely be lost, depending on the application. So it's better to just log out and restart x server there.

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alt+ctrl+backspace does not work by default with xorg 1.6.0

To make it working again (with the newest versions of xorg) see here:


(and yes, it applies for pretty much any distribution with the latest xorg).

IMHO this new policy is just ridiculous: why kill one of the most useful features of xorg because an Ubuntu noob may press alt+ctrl+backspace by accident?

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