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Pidgin User Satisfaction Survey


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Pidgin has over 3 million users! It's impossible to get one-on-one feedback from everyone, hence we're asking as many people as possible to fill out this survey.

This should take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Know other Pidgin users? Tell them to take this survey too!

Take the survey here.



[moved from Portal News by Greg2]

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why did you move it? :mellow:

It's a request to take a survey. I don't see any other surveys in Portal News, so I didn't think it was the place for a survey. If anyone else thinks it belongs in the News, please let us know and I'll move it. :)

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I wanted it to bee seen on a front page, so as many people as possible will take the survey. It isn't some commercial and no one will benefit from it, except from Pidgin users.


But never mind, forget it, I'm cool. Just wanted an explanation.

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